About Tech Edged 

Our Goal 

Tech Edged is a website devoted to helping people sharpen their knowledge of technology. We cover everything computing and gaming related including PCs, consoles, mobile devices, peripherals, and much more. We believe that technology has and will continue to have a tremendous influence on society for better or worst. Therefore, our mission is to help people identify the technologies that best servers their goals and ambitions in life.

Our Team and Credentials

Our expert team of excellent and experienced individuals extensively research, test, and present carefully curated technology-related guides, products, and tips to provide maximum value to the visitors of this site. If we do not have a specific product on hand, we refer to other credible and reputable technologists and reviewers in the tech space who have also extensively researched and tested that product to provide additional value and accurate information to our readers.

Theo is the founder of Tech Edged. He is an experienced tech enthusiast with a Bachelor of Science in Information Systems. From the time he was a child, he has been enamored with many forms of technology though computers are his true love. He is knowledgeable about the many aspects of computers, has built numerous gaming PCs, and has owned several of the top gaming laptops and phones. He is also knowledgeable about smart homes. More specifically, using smart home devices to automate and make home life easier.
Paul is an avid hardware enthusiast who loves to tinker with technology, even bricking his first smartphone in an attempt to find how it works. He is currently pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Physics and Computer Science. Apart from tweaking his PC build to achieve the best performance, Paul loves to build RC aircraft, bake and collect stamps.
Ever since he first held his first pair of SNES controllers in his hand, Ray Ian has fallen in love with video games, which later transitioned into dreams of getting into competitive gaming. Despite ultimately failing to achieve the pro ranks, he's since found a stable career as a self-taught PC enthusiast and builder while writing about anything on video games and PC hardware on the side.