30 Best Action Movies on Amazon Prime

If you have Amazon Prime, then you have access to a plethora of movies on Prime Video for free. However, with hundreds of movies and series to choose from, searching the catalogue can be overwhelming. So if you want to spend your free time watching some of the best action movies on Amazon, but don’t know where to start, simply log into your streaming account and lose yourself in the slew of action thrillers we’ve picked for you. From superhero adventures and dystopian thrillers to epic war dramas and everything in between, we have cherry-picked 30 best action movies on Amazon Prime for you to watch.

Mission Impossible: Fallout

If Tom Cruise’s charm doesn’t do much for you (quite impossible), his flawless action sequence surely will. Mission: Impossible — Fallout, is the sixth film in the franchise and easily the best one. It seamlessly blends eye-popping stunts, suspenseful storyline, and toe-tapping music, all of which are anchored by powerful performances. When a group of terrorists threatens to attack different cities with three plutonium cores, Ethan Hunt and his IMF team buckle up to thwart all their plans. Get wrapped up in elaborate action and heavy twists as the film moves in a way no other action movie does.

The Boondock Saints

An intelligent and unusual indie thriller, The Boondock Saints packs action of its own kind. Instead of briskly car chases or overbearing explosions, it focuses on meticulously choreographed shooting sprees. There’s blood, bodies, and a whole lot of gore which makes everything all the more believable. The narrative takes an exciting shape as a set of blue-collar fraternity twins pledge to cleanse their town of gangsters. While they’re hailed as vigilante heroes by the local community, an eccentric FBI agent is at their heels. Does being brutal against the evil makes you brute? How far is too far? Answering all these questions, this cult sensation will take you on an oft-hilarious but always thrilling ride.

True Grit

True Grit is an impeccable adaptation of Charles Portis’ novel of the same name. Starring Hailee Steinfeld, Jeff Bridges, Matt Damon, Josh Brolin, and Barry Pepper, the film packs exciting suspense, graphic violence, and an absorbing plot. It is a story of a 14-year-old daring girl, Mattie who teams up an aging U.S. marshal Rooster Cogburn and a lawman LaBoeuf to hunt the killers of her father. A tumultuous journey ensues as they follow the gang’s trail and face the grit. To all the western aficionados out there, this is a movie you must not miss.

Fist of Fury

A story about injustice and revenge, Fist of Fury, is an iconic classic that introduces Bruce Lee as Chen Zhen, a young martial arts student who swears vengeance on the murderers of his beloved master. Well-paced, realistic, and evenly distributed fight sequences are backed up by a fantastic revenge plot. Between all the confident and cocksure power punching, the movie also gives Lee space to prove his acting. Even after more than 30 years of release, Fist of Fury still maintains its status as one of the most acclaimed action movies.

Bone Tomahawk

What happens when you pour gruesome slasher influences into gun-slinging western action? You get Bone Tomahawk. This terrifically enjoyable horror thriller with impressive dialog and interesting characters takes you on a journey deep into the darkness. The story gallops into an air of mystery as a posse comprising of the town sheriff, his deputy, a cowboy, and a gunslinger, set out to rescue townsfolk from a tribe of Troglodytes. There’s carnage, cannibalistic violence, suspense, action, and horror; all rolled into this cinematic masterpiece.

A Bridge Too Far

This cult classic is by far one of the most acclaimed cinematic portrayals of historical events. The star-studded cast consists of Sean Connery, Anthony Hopkins, and Michael Caine, who play Allied military personnel leading a daring plan to take key bridges of Germany. A scheme of this magnitude and intricacy demands an epic execution, and the film delivers exactly that. However, everything goes awry as mayhem ensues in the area of Arnhem.

The Man from Nowhere

An inventive and intriguing take on action, The Man from Nowhere is a South Korean action thriller that reels us in a violent yet touching story. What does a man do when the person most precious to him is taken away? You guessed it. He sets out on a bloody rampage tearing anything and everything apart that comes in his way. While the plot may not be the most novel concept out there, the execution is done with astonishing vigor. You just cannot move on without leaving a stellar review.

Once Upon a Time in the West

Sergio Leone’s masterpiece, Once Upon a Time in the West brings back the bravado deeply embedded in western drama. The film boasts not one but two thrilling plots intertwined to take this horseback epic to new heights. We are introduced to the chaotic western world when railroad baron Morton sends the evil incarnate henchman Frank to scare the owner of a prime railroad land into moving off it. Frank, however, kills the owner and his family in cold blood and pins it on a known bandit, Cheyenne. The dead owner’s new bride Jill returns to the town and claims to inherit the land. Cheyenne and a mysterious harmonica-playing gunslinger take it upon themselves to protect the widow and defeat Frank. Alliances transform into betrayals and unexpected twists arise. 

Internal Affairs

A crime thriller with little to no imperfections, Internal Affairs, explores the notorious theme of police corruption. A seemingly respected LAPD patrolman Dennis Peck is also the dirtiest cop on the force. With his charismatic personality and clever manipulation, he ruthlessly uses his fellow officers as pawns to feed his own interests without a shred of remorse. Dennis is on his usual spree of unabashedly shooting innocent people, planting false evidence, and bending cases until an investigator from the Internal Affair’s division catches a whiff of his nefarious endeavors and hatches a plan to apprehend him.  

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan

Based on the popular TV franchise Star Trek, the second feature film in the series, Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, is touted as the best Star Trek film of all time. We are reunited with the beloved Admiral Kirk as he commandeers the ‘Enterprise’ to save Regula I and spoil Khan’s evil plans of attaining the Genesis device. Fifteen years ago, Khan was exiled and now blames Kirk for the death of his wife. The stakes have never been higher as Kirk is joined by his old friend Spock in his fight to save the galaxy.

Lost City of Z

An Amazon Studios production, Lost City of Z, takes you to the actual Amazon jungles. Emotionally powerful and adventure-rich, it wows the audience with its cinematic excellence. There’s drama, emotion, and action all weaved into an entrancing plot. The story begins as an ambitious British explorer Percy Fawcett discovers the signs of an unknown ancient civilization in the jungles of Amazon. To prove his case to the scientific establishment, he sets out on an obsessive search for a lost city.

Escape from New York

Step inside a world where all of Manhattan has been transformed into a large maximum prison facility surrounded by walls and mines. Unfortunately, the president of the United States of America ends up crashing inside Manhattan and is taken prisoner by Duke, a ruthless crime boss. A former disgraced Special Forces soldier Snake Plissken is recruited to rescue the president by Commissioner Bob Hauk, in exchange for a presidential pardon. The movie is an explosive, action-packed adventure that will reside within your mind with its creative premise and execution.


Gut-wrenching and emotional, Warrior is a heartfelt journey of two estranged brothers. The compelling, action-packed drama begins to unfold when former marine Tommy returns home to get his father’s help in training him to fight in “Sparta”, an MMA tournament. In a twisted turn of fate, he unknowingly ends up facing his brother Brendan. The two brothers are forced to confront themselves both in and off the ring. The movie comes to life with powerful performances by Tom Hardy (Tommy) and Joel Edgerton (Brendan). Warrior is probably one of the rarest action movies that will have you in tears.


Follow the immortal Scottish warriors Connor Macleod and Ramirez (played by Christopher Lambert and Sean Connery respectively) on their journey that dates back to the Highlands of Scotland in 1518, and reaches its crescendo in modern-day New York in the 1980s. Connor must confront other immortal swordsmen like himself and thwart their evil, barbaric plan to attain the elusive folk-legend “Prize” at the “Gathering.” The action-adventure film is cheesy but just the right amount for an entertaining experience.

Harry Brown

This gritty and riveting movie is a must-watch. Unlike most thrillers that thrive on a bullet-dodging implausible action sequence, Harry Brown takes an older man’s sorrow and shapes it into a revenge tale that is as real as it gets. Michael Caine stars as Harry Brown, a retired Royal Marine recently widowed in the action-packed violent film that promises a thrilling cinematic experience. We witness Harry Brown’s boring retired life being torn asunder after he is forced to go on a vigilante themed killing spree to avenge the death of his friend Leonard Attwell from vicious drug dealers.

Iron Man 2

Packed with snarky humor and a healthy dose of action, Iron Man 2 is an exhilarating sequel to the first movie. Tony Stark is now more popular than ever and the world is at his heels to know his secret technology. As he deals with the demanding congressmen and his deteriorating health due to Palladium poisoning, somewhere in Russia, a vengeful physicist wants Tony destroyed. His son burns in the fire of revenge and becomes one of the major threats that Tony must face. Iron Man 2 delivers on all fronts with impeccable performances and a thoroughly engaging plot. 

The Great Train Robbery

The Great Train Robbery is all about thrill and action buzzing through the powerful performance of Sean Connery as Pierce and Donald Sutherland as Agar. Along with his charismatic cohort, Pierce plans to steal gold bars from a train traveling to transport aid to the British army. Watching them plot the intricate heist while adapting and adjusting the plan where needed is as exciting and satisfying as its complex yet brilliant execution. The film not only offers action, suspense, and humor but also gives an accurate impression of the Victorian era with surprising attention to detail regarding costumes, streets, dialog, characters, and mannerisms. If you love period films with daring adventures and escapades, this one is a must-watch.

The Avengers

The Avengers is the first step of the Marvel Universe in getting our favorite superheroes together for an epic adventure. The box-office smashing story unfolds in an ambitious movie arc that goes on to make cinema history. Join Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, The Hulk, Scarlet Widow, and Hawkeye as they team up under the Avengers Initiative, the brainchild of Nick Fury. The Avengers must band together to defend Earth from Loki’s cunning scheme to take over the world. Delivering a brilliant action sequence and a sparkling script, our iconic heroes set new standards.

The Next Three Days

We’ve all been subjected to action movies that follow a mindless plot with a series of unrealistic car chases and butt-kicking action. If you want an intriguing plot with real and raw emotions that fit perfectly within the thrilling narrative, jot down The Next Three Days on your must-watch list. The story unfolds with the Brennan family facing the unbelievable. Lara Brennan is wrongfully imprisoned for the murder of her boss. Her husband, John is a regular working man who abides by the rule and hopes in the system to serve justice. But his desperation grows when three years pass with no progress. That’s when he hatches a plan to do something he never imagined. Offering compelling performances and unpredictable plot, it’s one of those rare action movies that get you attached to and feel for the characters.

Captain America: The First Avenger

Captain America: The First Avenger flawlessly blends patriotism with the good old pulpy action. Set in 1942, when World War II is raging, the story follows a frail yet ambitious Steve Rogers who wants nothing more than to join the army to fight against the Nazis. After being rejected once, he has a chance encounter with Dr. Abraham Erskine at a technology exhibition who helps him get recruited. Rogers then undergoes an experiment where a special serum transforms him into Captain America. Now brawny and basically a superhuman, he gets back into the thick of things and battles against a secret Nazi organization.

Minority Report

Steven Spielberg only delivers the best, and Minority Report is yet another example. This thought-provoking and thoroughly intriguing sci-fi action film features a great ensemble that includes Tom Cruise, Max von Sydow, Colin Farrell, Peter Stormare, Samantha Morton, and Tim Blake Nelson. In the near future of 2054, technology allows officials to foresee crimes before they even happen. The potential criminal is thus apprehended and the crime prevented. One such prediction turns John Anderton’s life upside when he is accused of a murder. He must prove his innocence before it’s too late.

Super 8

While it may not have the most innovative storyline, Super 8 is an interesting and entertaining take on sci-fi action. A group of six teenagers is busy filming a zombie movie for a film competition when a pickup truck rams into a passing train causing a massive accident. A series of strange events unfold, and a mysterious extraterrestrial being is feared to be terrorizing the town. A military crackdown ensues, and everyone must band together to overcome this new threat.

You Were Never Really Here

You Were Never Really Here offers an experience much profound than what’s typically expected from most action movies. Tension, violence, suspense, and inner turmoil are intelligently weaved into a seemingly straight forward plot but by the time you finish it, you’re left with a feeling that tugs at your heart and make you think. The story follows Joe, a veteran who is traumatized by his past and now works as a law enforcer. Joe is assigned a mission of rescuing a teenage girl abducted by a gang. A brutal series of violence takes place, and he witnesses the injustice deeply rooted in the system while battling with his own suicidal thoughts.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

This 1966 action film is admittedly the greatest western experience you can ever get. Brutal, brilliant, and delivering the best acting performances, the story follows the adventures of three gunslingers looking for a treasure. A mysterious stranger and a Mexican outlaw, Tuco, come together to form an awkward alliance with both of them routinely going at each other’s throat. Regardless of their disputes, they reteam to get their hands on $200,000 in Confederate gold before a murderous and sadistic mercenary known as ‘Angel Eyes’ can claim it for himself. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly shows us a morality play between good and the bad while also portraying brutality, pointless deaths, and lawlessness of the old West.

Brawl in Cell Block 99

Brawl in Cell Block 99 is much more exciting and violent than its title. There are twists, turns, tension, and bone-crunching action to satisfy a movie buff. A former boxer Bradley who has seen enough blood and violence to be scared of it loses his current job as an auto mechanic. His life is falling apart and there seems no better option at the time than to be a drug courier. However, this new job lands him in a pit of trouble and eventually prison that soon turns into a cruel battlefield.

The Proposition

The Proposition is a blood-splattering tale of injustice, revenge, and loyalty. A notorious outlaw Charlie and his younger brother Mikey are captured by a lawman who makes a brutal proposition. Charlie must kill his older brother and a gang leader Arthur or else his younger brother will be executed. This impossibly difficult choice triggers a series of barbaric events that swallow everyone involved. In the face of blood and gore, the characters experience pain, grief, and helplessness that sticks with you long after you’ve finished the film.

Duck, You Sucker!

A blast of violence, crime, politics, and unflinching action that burns in the audience’s memory, Duck, You Sucker (also known as A Fistful of Dynamite and Once Upon a Time…the Revolution) might be Sergio Leone’s most underrated movie. And still it delivers a tale like no other. Amidst the Mexican Revolution, an outlaw, Juan Miranda forces an IRA explosives expert, John H. Mallory to join him in a national bank robbery with a band of revolutionaries. The bank, however, turns out to be a government cover for illegal pursuits, and the endeavor ends up making Miranda a revolutionary hero.

The Magnificent Seven

If you are a fan of western action, the original 1960 The Magnificent Seven is a must-watch movie. Churning out an impressive plot, incredibly well-done characters, and a satisfying climax, this thriller follows Chris Adams, a tough gunslinger who forms a group with six other men to free a village fallen into the hands of a merciless band of outlaws. Led by Calvera, the band will face the seven men, each of whom has his own plan.

Flying Tigers

Bursting with bravado, romance, and action, this ‘40s war film is no less than a historic landmark. Flying Tigers follows the exploits of the real-life American Volunteer Group of the same name and adds a pinch of drama to it. Hotheaded Woody Jason joins Flying Tigers that work for the Chinese government against the Japanese. After his negligence causes the death of a fellow pilot Hap Smith, he is shunned out and must devise a plan to redeem himself.


Gallipoli builds up as a conventional sports film but morphs into a full-blown war drama laden with loss, violence, and misery. The story reels you in as two sprinter friends enlist in the army and face the realities of a cold and cruel war. Between the struggle to survive and the rattling of machine guns, the audience gets to know these friends in intimate details before they are driven into a gut-wrenching climax. The violence feels bigger. The losses hit harder. And the movie leaves an impact forever etched into your memory.

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