Best Boom Arms for Shure SM7B

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Boom arms for Shure SM7B Microphone

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With the growth of streaming and podcasting in recent years, microphones and boom arms have become one of the more sought-after products for both seasoned and new content creators. More specifically, many professional streamers, podcasters, and other types of content creators utilize Shure SM7B Microphone.

Therefore, if you are in the market for a good boom arm for the Shure SM7B, it is imperative that the boom arm is of good build quality, can support the weight of the Shure SM7B, and has all the necessary features for your setup. As a result, we have created this comprehensive list of the best boom arms for Shure SM7B

But, there are a few factors you must consider before choosing the best mic arm for the Shure SM7B. Therefore, we have included a handy guide that covers some of the main factors that make for a good boom arm, as well as a few models that pair nicely with the SM7B Microphone.

What to look for when buying a boom arm for the Shure SM7B

The Shure SM7B is a high-quality professional microphone, therefore it needs to be paired with a boom arm of good quality as well. So before moving on to the recommended boom arms for the Shure SM7B, let’s discuss what features you should look for when buying a boom arm for such a microphone.

Sturdy Clamps

A good foundation is a must so the clamps of a Shure SM7B boom arm need to be very sturdy and of high quality to ensure the boom arm stays firmly planted to your desk regardless of movement and other disturbances.

Not only does this ensures the safety of your microphone from falling, but it also allows for less vibration to be picked up by the microphone allowing for smoother more consistent audio. The bigger the clamping surface area the better.

Mobility and Flexibility

The mobility and flexibility of a boom arm are also very important when it comes to finding the ideal mic position. There a boom arm should have at least 3 joints with the base being rotatable 360 degrees. The will allow for ample adjustability regardless of your microphone positioning preferences.

Spring System & Tension

The spring system is the mechanical part of a boom arm. This is why it’s so important for the springs to be built out of quality materials. You don’t want any squeaking while you are adjusting the tension on the springs.

Microphones, especially good ones are quite sensitive to noise from movement. Minimizing these types of movements will ensure you get the best possible quality recordings.


The reach of most boom arms varies in length. Longer reach allows you to maneuver the mic and easily place it in the desired position. Therefore, before buying a boom arm for the Shure SM7B, you should make sure that it has enough reach in terms of length as to the specific measurements of your desk.

Durability & Build Quality

The build quality is hands down one of the more important things you need to look for. Heavy-duty materials such as a thicker metal build and a high-quality spring system help with the overall stabilization and sturdiness of the boom arm. But more importantly, they help with the longevity of your boom arm and should allow it to last for years.

Best Boom Arms for Shure SM7B

Gator Frameworks Deluxe Desk-Mounted Broadcast Microphone Boom Arm


  • Study and Stiff
  • Premium build quality
  • Excellent cable management


  • XLR cable exposed to bends
  • Pricier

If you are looking to spend a little bit more for a premium boom arm for the Shure SM7B, the Gator Frameworks 3000 series boom arm is definitely one of the better-looking boom arms in the bunch. It features a sleek modern design made with premium materials that give the boom arm a sturdy feel.

The spring-loaded articulating arm has three bending points. Paired with the 32” reach, you can get the microphone in almost any desired position. It supports a weight capacity of about 4.4 lbs, which is more than enough to handle any average microphone with some additional equipment attached to it.

Adjusting the boom arm doesn’t cause that much noise. Everything is sturdy and stiff, there are no moving parts which makes the boom arm very quiet to adjust. Gator Frameworks include both a clamping and mounting base attachment mechanism to best suit your setup and the base of the arm swivels a full 360-degrees.

There’s an integrated 10′ XLR cable & 70mm mic threads inside the body of the arm, so you won’t have trouble with cable management. Overall, the Gate Frameworks 3000 series boom arm is worth considering.

RODE PSA 1 Swivel Mount Studio Microphone Boom Arm


  • Springs are capable of handling heavier loads
  • Premium build quality


  • Poor cable management

The Rode PSA 1 is an industry giant. Paving the way for the rest of the competition, this boom arm is certainly one of the best you can get right now for the Shure SM7B.

Starting things off, the PSA 1allows you to place the suspension boom scissor arm in any position you wish to have it in. Even if the boom arm is extended in its full 33” reach, the springs are more than capable of handling the weight of a microphone like the Shure SM7B, and then some with the 4.4lbs weight capacity.

Rode’s amazing build quality and durability can be found throughout the entirety of the boom arm. There are no loose parts, everything works perfectly and the unit feels quite sturdy. The arm body has two spring-loaded sections that are both quiet and flexible. You can adjust the mic arm just about in any position you’d like thanks to the 360-degree rotating base.

Installation is a breeze with the PSA 1 since it includes two ways of clamping/mounting. You have the traditional C-clamp for any desk and then there’s the dual-axis swivel mount. The cable management is a little bit underwhelming, but to help you keep your cables tidy, the box includes Velcro cable wraps. The mix between functionality and price and considering how versatile it is, the Rode PSA 1 is truly worth every penny.

Blue Compass Premium Tube-Style Broadcast Boom Arm


  • Great Price
  • Lightweight


  • Low load capacity

What you see is what you get. The incredibly simple design of the Blue Compass boom arm makes the boom arm actually look good on your desk.

It features a sleek internal spring design, hidden channel cable management, high–tightened friction hinges, and a 360-degree rotation swivel. Basically, it covers all of the essential features that make up a good mic arm, but with the unobstructed design, this boom arm is a great addition to your setup.

The arm is made from aluminum which makes the unit very lightweight, but this comes with sacrifices. Unlike our previous mentions with huge max capacity loads, the Blue Compass supports microphones that weigh 2.4 lbs. or less which is enough to support the Shure SM7B.

It features hidden cable management, quiet hinges, a mount adapter (for 3/8″ and 5/8″ threading), and a 32″ horizontal reach. And with that competitive price point, the Blue Compass Tuve-Styled Broadcast Boom Arm exceeds expectations.

TONOR Microphone Boom Arm with Pop Filter


  • Springs are capable of handling heavier loads
  • Great Price


  • Shorter reach
  • Poor cable management solution

Another great option to further enhance the quality of the Shure SM7B microphone is to pair it with the fairly inexpensive boom arm from Tonor. It covers all the essentials, plus there are a few useful features included that separate this boom arm from its competitors.

It features a heavy-duty construction capable of withstanding loads of up to 4lbs even when the boom arm is stretched out on its maximum reach of 27.6” reach. This is enabled by the high-grade steel rods, that give the boom arm a hefty feel.

There is 4 times larger contact area of the clamp, ensuring it is firmly fixed on the desk which helps reduce any unnecessary noise. Additionally, to help with the tidiness around your workspace, there’s an integrated hook for easy placement of your headphones.

Unlike the other models we’ve reviewed, the cable management is a little bit underwhelming. But considering the price. The Tonor microphone stand arm is still a great bargain!

InnoGear Microphone Boom Arm

InnoGear Microphone Arm Stand, Heavy Duty Mic Arm Microphone Stand Suspension Scissor Boom Stands with Mic Clip and Cable Ties for Blue Yeti Snowball Hyper X QuadCast SoloCast Fifine Gaming (Medium)


A highly portable boom arm that takes up just a few minutes to set up. The InnoGear functionality offers high-end performace while undercutting it’s competitors in price.


  • Portable
  • Great value for the money


  • Cable management isn’t built-in, only external cable ties

InnoGear is the only truly portable boom arm on our list. It’s super easy to carry around due to its foldable design. Even though there are a lot of moving parts, thanks to the excellent build quality adjusting the boom arm don’t make a lot of noise.

The maximum weight capacity of 3.5 lbs is enough to support most microphones such as the Shure SM7B with additional light gear attached to the boom arm itself.

Assembly is really easy thanks to the clamps which don’t require much work. It’s basically tightening a few screws here and there and the boom arm is ready for use.

Additionally, the InnoGear boom arm supports 360-degree rotation and the reach extends up to 27” vertically and horizontally, so if you find a good spot on your desk, it’s enough to easily find a position that suits you.

Final Thoughts

Thanks to the huge amount of boom arms available on the market, you can find a boom arm perfectly suitable for the Shure SM7B. We strongly encourage you to do your own research before making the final decision, but if you opt to go with one of the models we’ve mentioned for your Shure SM7B mic, you can rest assured you are getting a good quality boom arm. All of the models we’ve reviewed today are versatile enough to cover the basic to most advanced boom arm needs. You can’t go too wrong with any of them!

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