50 Best Comedies on Amazon Prime (Movies and Shows)

Amazon Prime Video has a plethora of comedy movies and series to choose from. The problem is that some of those movies and series are not included free with your prime membership. Therefore, in this article, we have included the best comedies on Amazon Prime that are available to watch for free with your prime membership. We have included 50 of the funniest movies and series that are sure to produce a smile if not outright laughter.

Comedy Movies On Amazon Prime

Logan Lucky

Logan Lucky does justice to the comedy-heist genre and qualifies as one of the best movies in recent years. The film follows brothers Jimmy and Clyde as they hatch an insane idea to rob the Charlotte Motor Speedway. They start recruiting a team for the elaborate heist, and the movie kicks off a non-stop ridiculously entertaining ride from start to finish. The star-studded cast includes Channing Tatum, Adam Driver, Daniel Craig, Seth Macfarlane, and Katie Holmes.

Eighth Grade

While most teen comedies are about the mainstream theme of kids going rouge, Eighth Grade is a simple and authentic struggle of a teenage girl trying to find herself. It follows Kayla, a teenager who secretly struggles with low self-esteem and anxiety. To gain social acceptance from those around her, she posts videos on YouTube about motivation and self-confidence, exactly the quality that she herself falls short on. After realizing that she’s not what she pretends to be, Kayla vows to overcome her fears.

The Farewell

The Farewell is a comedy-drama film written and directed by Lulu Wang. The protagonist Billi is a Chinese-American who gets informed by her family that her beloved grandmother Nai Nai has terminal lung cancer. However, the family decides to keep it a secret from Nai Nai herself and plans to hold a fake wedding as a premise to get the entire family together to spend time with Nai Nai. Billi is told not to come since they suspect that she won’t be able to keep the secret from her grandmother. However, not one to be left out, Billi arrives for the ‘fake wedding’ to spend time with Nai Nai. The Farewell is a deeply moving tale filled with wholesome laughter, hugs, memories, and regrets.

The Big Sick

A tasteful blend of comedy, drama, and romance, The Big Sick revolves around Pakistan-born comedian Kumail Nanjiani who develops feelings for a grad student Emily. As they fall deeper in love, Kumail realizes their cultural differences and the potential clashes the relationship could cause with his family. However, when Emily becomes terribly ill, he is compelled to cast out all doubts and reveals his relationship to his parents. Watch the movie to see how love triumphs through tribulations and some comic trials.

The Kings of Summer

Comedy gets even more engaging when meaningful emotion is also added to the mix, and The Kings of Summer is a remarkable example. Three teenage boys bring a sense of nostalgia to the audience as they leave their dysfunctional family to build a home in the woods. There are buddy moments, hilarious situations, and a taste of freedom in the air but the truth is you can’t always run from your blood relations. A story of independence, friendship, and family, the film boasts palpable chemistry between characters that we grow to love.

Fighting with My Family

Inspired by the true story of professional wrestler Saraya-Jade Bevis better known by her ring name Paige, Fighting with My Family is a comedy-drama with tender moments scattered throughout. Carrying a passion for wrestling in the WWE, Paige and her brother Zack are over the moon when they finally get the opportunity. But the thought of leaving her family behind to move away for the competitive training program cripples her with anxiety. However, with hard work and determination, she sets on the journey to prove herself to the world.

Seven Psychopaths

Dark, gory, and uproariously funny, Seven Psychopaths is brilliant enough to gain the status of a cult classic. The film follows a struggling writer Marty who is passionately working on his dream screenplay, Seven Psychopaths. The chaotic madness of his fictional work comes to life when he gets embroiled in the dangerous affairs of an underworld gang after his odd friend kidnaps a merciless gangster’s pet. A relentless cat-and-mouse chase ensues, and it only gets hysterical. From the plot and cast to acting and dialog, everything about this film will color you impressed and rolling in laughter.

Brittany Runs a Marathon

After a visit to the doctor who reveals how unhealthy she is, a hard-partying woman, Brittany, decides to get her act together and change her lifestyle. Since the gym is not an affordable option, she turns to the road and starts running. Following Brittany’s inspiring pursuit, the film perfectly balances comedy and drama and highlights the struggles of friendships, breakups, and self-esteem.

Bull Durham

Bull Durham is a brilliant comedy movie with a lot to offer. Humor finds itself entwined with romance, and the characters do a marvelous job of cementing the effect. The story unfolds as Crash Davis, a veteran catcher in basketball, assumes a coaching role for Ebby Calvin, a rookie pitcher. On their coaching sessions, they meet a basketball groupie Annie who is committed to flirting one player every season. While she romances both the men, she finds herself surprisingly drawn to Crash.

Instant Family

Instant Family is what you get when you mix a healthy dose of comedy with heartfelt drama. Initially reluctant to adopt a teen, Pete and Ellie Wagner are pleasantly impressed when they meet 15-year-old Lizzy. However, things get a little more challenging when they come to know that Lizzy also has two other siblings. Now fostering three children, the couple faces funny endeavors and experiences that make us all live the moment with them.

Don’t Worry, He Won’t Get Far on Foot

Intelligent and inspiring with just the right amount of humor, Don’t Worry, He Won’t Get Far on Foot is based on John Callahan’s memoir of the same name. An alcoholic cartoonist John Callahan miraculously gets a second chance at life after a near-fatal accident. On the insistence of his girlfriend Annu, he registers himself in a treatment program. During this time of healing and self-reflection, he discovers the joy he finds in art. After quitting his habitual drinking, John attempts to get his life together and begins drawing oft-controversial but always hilarious newspaper cartoons that earn him a dedicated following.

The Cable Guy

What happens when a child grows up watching too much TV? With pop culture as your only guide, you get a false perception of relationships and life in general. Chip is one such person who has practically turned into a sociopath. When Steven needs his cable hooked up, Chip is at his service right away but ends up being a little too clingy. Showing up uninvited and forcing Steven into a trip to see the cable satellite soon pushes Steven to outright reject his friendship. Mentally disturbed and lonely, Chip doesn’t take it too well. What follows is side-splitting havoc.

Ghost Town

Ghost Town follows Bertram Pincus, a dentist who detests socializing. He vehemently avoids all social gatherings but loves his job only because he doesn’t have to speak to the patients. After he has a near-death experience, his worst nightmare comes true. He can now see and communicate with ghosts who don’t seem to leave him alone. Every one of them has unfinished business and needs his assistance in settling it. Ghost Town is a refreshing take on comedy with a slew of hilarious and heartfelt moments.

Jeff Who Lives at Home

Jeff Who Lives at Home delivers a delightfully positive message wrapped in humor. Jeff is unmarried and unemployed and lives in his mother’s basement. He strongly believes in signs and the notion that everything is connected. A wrong number triggers a series of misadventures, and Jeff embarks on a journey of finding the key to his destiny. Although the film is marketed as a comedy, there is a deeper meaning hidden under the quirks and comic moments that you’d definitely enjoy.

Some Like It Hot

Some Like It Hot is a classic black and white comedy that brilliantly combines heart and humor. Two musicians Joe and Jerry, play at a club owned by a gangster named Spats. When they accidentally witness a massacre exacted by Spats, they have no choice but to run out of town. In a desperate attempt to escape, they disguise themselves as women and join an all-girls band as Josephine and Daphne. What follows is an amusing set of complications and uproariously hilarious situations. Decades after its release, the film still enjoys the status of a legendary comic masterpiece.

Late Night

Late Night is as inspirational as it’s funny. The story follows a formidable and ill-tempered late-night show host Katherine Newbury who faces a threat of getting fired due to her show’s declining popularity. In an attempt to prove her worth, Newbury hires a female writer Molly Patel. Molly is talented and radiates happiness but struggles in the middle of resentful colleagues. Will she be able to rise above the shade thrown at her? Can she really help revitalize a show gone stale? Although sometimes predictable, the movie still packs a lot of fun. It also weaves into the narrative the sensitive topics of racism, gender disparity, and ageism in a way that makes you fist pump and nod your head in agreement.

Troop Zero

Troop Zero is an underdog story sprinkled with light-hearted humor and heartwarming moments. A quirky little girl Christmas Flint dreams of outer space. She wants nothing more than a chance to be recorded on NASA’s Golden Record initiative that would collect sounds and images for any extraterrestrial life form that may be out there. Even when the troop in her neighborhood rejects her, she’s determined to make her way through by enlisting a team of oddball outsiders. While the main characters are children, this emotionally-driven comedy is thoroughly entertaining for people of all ages.

His Girl Friday

His Girl Friday is a classic screwball-comedy with razor-sharp dialog and brilliant performances that never miss a beat. When Hildy Johnson, a star reporter decides to settle down and chuck away her promise journalism career to marry a sweet and secure insurance agent Bruce Baldwin, her ex and newspaper editor Walter tricks her into staying by convincing her to write one last story. While she does agree to the job, her conscience ends up questioning what she really wants.


Slapstick humor and juvenile jokes are the specialties of this goofy ’80s comedy. When an unemployed daydreamer, George, loses all hopes of keeping a job, his uncle hands him the opportunity to manage a local TV station. To revive the barely afloat channel, George creates whacky programs that reflect his own outrageous and hyperactive personality. The channel ratings soar only to inflame the owner of a rival station who now wants to destroy George. But George is a fighter who doesn’t go down easy. The movie was ahead of its time in celebrating the unusual and eccentric oddballs in the world of tiring conformity. It’s a thoroughly entertaining experience that wouldn’t bore you in the slightest.

Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey

A sequel to Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, this one is probably one of the most underrated comedies that actually pack a lot of fun. Life couldn’t be any better for two teenagers, Bill and Ted, who now have a spot on a wildly popular singing competition. However, things go awry when an evil tyrant from the future sends android doubles of the duo to sabotage their utopian dream. The look-alike robots kill the real Bill and Ted who set on an unusual journey through hell to fulfill their destinies.

24 Hour Party People

Intelligent and witty, 24 Hour Party People is a pulsating tale of independence and success surrounding the Manchester music scene. Tony Wilson works at a network as an ordinary news reporter. Despite being brilliantly talented and ambitious, he struggles for a career breakthrough. He convinces the network to cover a band’s exhilarating performance that he recently witnessed. Seeing his skill and passion, more music groups start gathering to have him as their manager. Soon Tony becomes a force behind many renowned music bands.

Hot Rod

If you are a fan of brazen silliness and slapstick humor, Hot Rod would exactly be your cup of tea. The story follows a slacker, Rod Kimble, who inspires to be a successful stuntman. While he would love his family’s support, his stepfather, Frank makes it a mission to make his life a living hell by mocking his dreams and regularly shoving him around. Before Rod gets a chance to prove his worth to Frank, he learns that Frank urgently needs surgery that the family won’t be able to afford. That’s when he decides to set a school-bus-jumping record to raise the money and finally win against his stepfather.

Wayne’s World 2

A goofy sequel to the 1992 Wayne’s world, Wayne’s World 2 elicits genuine laughs with its hilarious one-liners and catchphrases. Things seem to be going great for the rock and roll fans Wayne Campbell and Garth Algar as they host their own TV show “Wayne’s World.” After Wayne dreams of Jim Morrison, he is convinced that he’s destined to organize a rock music festival and must do everything in his power to make that happen.


Kingpin offers abrasive and entertaining comedy that’s much more than a few gags. The story follows Roy Munson, a rising star in Pennsylvania bowling leagues whose promising career is cut short when a rival lures him into a con game that mangles his bowling hand. Decades later, Roy meets an Amish boy with exceptional talent. Roy takes him under his wing, and together, they take the road to bowling success.


Based on real events, Bernie offers an eclectic mix of dark humor and drama. A small-town mortician is loved by the community thanks to his charm and relentlessly helpful nature. His mild-mannerism attracts the attention of a wealthy and recently widowed woman, Marjorie Nugent. The pair strikes a friendship but soon her sour attitude and controlling behavior turn Bernie’s life upside down. He longs for the time when he wasn’t being suffocated in Marjorie’s grasp and takes an extreme measure to separate himself.

Comedy Series On Amazon Prime


How many of you have ever tried to bury sadness under self-deprecating humor? Anyone? Fleabag is a story of one such bright and beautiful woman who is savagely witty, wildly spontaneous, and charming beyond measure. But tucked under the layers of seemingly unwavering self-confidence and sexual empowerment is a sad and bleak reality. She’s sassy, smart, and chatty, but we gradually get to know her truth that lingers like a dull ache. Between moments of hilarity, social awkwardness, and a whole lot of family drama, there’s no chance you’d be bored in the slightest.

Parks and Recreation

If you ever feel the need to submerge yourself into something hilarious, wholesome, and uplifting, just start streaming Parks and Recreation. One of the funniest shows on television, Parks and Recreation follows the idiosyncrasies of an Indiana town’s public officials as they work (or not) towards livening up the town. Leslie Knope is an ever-positive and extraordinarily optimistic mid-level bureaucrat. But even a force like her can be bogged down by red-tapism and sometimes her not as active colleagues. But come what may, the joyful, goofy, eccentric, and endearing band of workers always manage to pull through and make us fall in love with them.

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

We have all been fed period dramas with themes of crime, politics, and overall serious undertones. It’s about time we had a refreshing new period piece laced with comedic genius, and no one does it better than The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. Set in the fashion-conscious New York of the late 1950s, the story follows Miriam “Midge” Maisel, a young and beautiful mother of two whose life falls apart after her husband’s infidelity. While struggling with this new reality, she discovers her hidden talent that she actually finds joy in. Without hesitation she leaves her cushy lifestyle and begins her climb up the comedy ladder.


Transparent offers a perfect mix of poignancy and humor. Drama and secrets begun to unfold as the patriarch of the Pfefferman family reveals a truth about himself. His three self-centered children, previously maintaining their abrasive personality, suddenly start spilling beans of their own. Bittersweet, heartwarming, and immensely hilarious, Transparent is a show you shouldn’t miss.

House of Lies

A crackling satire that pushes the boundaries with unpredictable humor and adult themes, House Of Lies centers on the highly successful and unapologetically ruthless management consultant Marty Kaan who goes to extreme lengths to close the deal. In addition to keeping his firm at the top, Marty also has to handle his personal life and navigate relationships with his ex-wife, retired father, and a rather flamboyant son. The show delivers cutting-edge comedy that’s both smart and insightful. Be sure to jot this one down to your must-watch list.

The Tick

In the sea of mainstream cape crusaders invading our TV screens, a superhero satire that refuses to take itself too seriously feels like a breath of fresh air. The Tick is based on Ben Edlund’s comic of the same name and revolves around Arthur, a mellow accountant who becomes obsessed with finding the city’s secret. While people think he’s merely being paranoid, he finds a confidante in a big blue superhero The Tick. Together they discover that it’s wasn’t just Arthur’s paranoia and that a long-dead may really be causing trouble again.

30 Rock

A character-driven comedy, 30 Rock, is a perfect watch if you’re a fan of sharp snide social commentary. The satirical sitcom created by Tina Fey is based on her experience as a head writer for Saturday Night Live. We follow Liz Lemon’s hilarious journey as a writer and showrunner for a fictional NBC sketch comedy series. While it may sound fun, it’s not an easy job. Not only she has to deal with her arrogant boss, but she also has to handle the eccentricities of her cast. Parody, self-deprecating humor, and intelligent wit are at the core of this Emmy Award-winning show, exactly the kind of things that will make you fall in love with it.


Created by Greg Daniels, who also has the comedy mammoths The Office and Parks and Recreation to his credits, Upload is the newest show in town that has won everyone with its imaginative premise, lighthearted humor, and philosophical undertones. The show imagines a world where people can be uploaded into a virtual reality after their death to live on forever. When Nathan, a young developer dies, he is also uploaded to a luxurious haven owned and controlled by his still-living girlfriend’s wealthy family. While navigating his new life, he befriends his customer representative Nora. It’s an engaging and thought-provoking pursuit that you shouldn’t miss.


A simple romantic comedy with a realistic and honest approach, Catastrophe brims with hilarity. The tribulations of love, anger, attraction, pregnancy, and sex are shared between Sharon and Rob when they give their relationship a try after Sharon becomes pregnant. Outrageously funny and razor-sharp dialog lift this comedy show up. If you want a brutally honest portrayal of marriage with snarky jokes added to the mix, this is it.


What was supposed to be a harmless ski trip to spice things up between June and Oscar turns into an otherworldly situation that makes them question their love and commitment. Forever is the kind of sweet comedy that slowly reels you in and doesn’t let go until you’ve gobbled up all of it. Conceptually deep and visually stunning, this show has so much more to offer than subtle humor. Longing, compassion, silliness, self-discovery, and soul-crushing sentiments of Forever will leave a lasting impression on you.

Good Omens

We all have witnessed the good against evil, but this uniquely entertaining and delightfully funny show sees the good and the bad banding together to defeat a bigger evil. The demon Crowley and the angel Aziraphale are quite happy with their life on earth. However, their peaceful retreat is threatened by the imminent Armageddon. Together they set on a riotous adventure to stop the doom. Dark humor, witty absurdity, and captivating storyline of the show will have you addicted.

Red Oaks

Red Oaks is that mellow comedy that leaves you smiling ear to ear. An NYU student David secures a job at the Red Oaks Country Club in the summer of 1985. While working as the assistant tennis pro, he rubs elbows with the rich clientele and tries to figure his own future out. Between parental pressure, rivalries, hookups, and cluelessness, David reaches a crucial point in his life. The show brilliantly balances comedy with character development and heartfelt moments and deserves a lofty spot on your watch-list.

Mozart in the Jungle

Mozart in the Jungle is an Amazon Original that you shouldn’t miss on. This engaging comedy series follows the prodigal maestro Rodrigo who is selected to conduct the New York symphony and Hailey, the young oboist who’s out to make a name for herself. The show offers a glimpse into the inner life of New York’s classical music scene while regaling the viewers with Rodrigo’s over the top personality that stirs up drama. The Golden Globe winning series is an absolute delight that delivers on all fronts; comedy, drama, and romance.

One Mississippi

This hilarious and touching dark comedy is based on semi-autobiography of stand-up comic Tig Notaro as she maneuvers through life while struggling with pain and loss. Upon returning to her hometown, when her mother dies, she must handle her relationship with her dysfunctional family and face the unpleasant realities of life. The show is a humorous, joyful, and empathetic journey of accepting one’s true self no matter how scarred it may be.

Peep Show

This hilariously dark and laugh-out-loud British comedy show will have you hooked and leave you craving for more. The show follows the antics of two dysfunctional friends Mark and Jeremy. Life after studies doesn’t turn out as expected for either of them. Mark is financially successful but fails to form relationships due to his social ineptitude. On the other hand, Jeremy is confident and smooth in social situations but lacks talent and financial stability. Although both of them are polar opposites, they seem to be facing similar problems. What makes the show even more interesting is the point of view shooting approach that gives us a peep inside the character’s minds. With its overall hilarity, Peep Show has earned the status of a cult favorite.

Alpha House

Alpha House is a political satire drama that traverses the struggles of four Republican senators who share a house in Washington. A witty, innovative and addicting take on the self-serving and unethical political scene of the capital, the show offers subtle and tasteful humor as each of the four Republicans face unique challenges of their own. It lends a deeper understanding of the political world and reveals that those entrusted with power are also just humans trying to get through the day.


It’s not every day that you find intelligent comedy among the sea of thoughtless television shows. Psych is an original and refreshingly witty series with a slice of sarcasm. The story follows Shawn Spencer, whose sharp eye and equally sharp mind don’t skip any details of his surroundings, thanks to a habit instilled in him by his father. When he is wrongfully accused of a crime, this incredible power comes in handy and helps him solve the case. This event leads him to convince the police that he’s a psychic. Although still skeptical, the police let him continue to help with future cases, and hence, Shawn’s hilarious but always successful crime-solving commences.


Half-hour comedy shows are the best when they make you laugh until your stomach hurts. Although underrated, Workaholics is one of the most hilarious shows if you’re into juvenile humor. It follows the exploits of Blake, Adam and Anders, three best friends and college dropouts working a 9 – 5 telemarketing job. The more they try to stay out of trouble, the more trouble they get into with both their boss and colleagues. Well-acted, relatable, and constantly funny, Workaholics will keep your eyes glued to the screen.


Patriot is an intelligent and extremely well-written comedy show that follows special intelligence officer, John Tavner’s tumultuous journey as he risks everything to thwart Iran’s plans of getting nuclear weapons. The dark-comedy drama delivers a satire on American values with an excellent plotline and witty dialogs. As we follow John on this spy thriller, the show takes us through the complexities of life laced with dry humor, a mix of emotions, and brilliant character development.

The Thick of It

The Thick of It is one of the most popular political sitcoms that offer genuine laughs and witty originality. Some would call it a crossover between Veep and Yes Minister except, it’s darker, edgier, and meaner. This strangely addictive show follows the day to day lives of those working at the fictitious Department of Social Affairs and Citizenship. The department is headed by a blundering minister who tries hard to do his job right but always ends up facing the wrath of a ruthless enforcer. The situation gets even more hilarious when the political banter meets personal drama.

Dead Like Me

If you’re on the lookout for an unusual combination of comedy, clever storyline, and thought-provoking dialog, Deal Like Me would be right up your alley. The show imagines a world where people are offered the job of grim reaper when they die. An 18-year-old girl Georgia “George” Lass isn’t too happy with life. The universe obliges, and she dies after a bizarre accident. But much to her rude awakening, death does not mean the end of suffering. She must now escort the souls of dead people while witnessing her family drama unfold. The show touches the topics of death, spirituality, and the afterlife with a humorous approach that is interesting to watch and too unique to forget.


Awkward. is an entertaining and genuinely funny show that delivers on all fronts. The story follows Jenna, a regular teenager struggling to be accepted into social groups. An unfortunate accident, however, leads everyone around her to believe that she attempted suicide. While it leaves her thoroughly embarrassed and stuck in an annoying arm cast, attention pours in from all directions and she’s suddenly under the spotlight. What follows is another series of trials and tribulations that come with climbing the high school social ladder. Experience the teenage awkwardness with Jenna as she handles her newfound visibility, relationship, and a relentless nemesis.


A raunchy and hilarious insight into the Silicon Valley, Amazon’s Betas revolves around four geeky entrepreneurs struggling to launch their high-tech startup focused on a dating app. The show probes the busy lifestyle, nervous energy, and competitive culture that permeates the Silicon Valley while also exploring friendships and human connections. Between the emphasis on parties and drugs, Betas also reveals its characters to be experiencing love, loss and heartache while working tirelessly to make their app a success. If you’re a fan of technology and comedy, this show is for you.

Mad Dogs

The remake of a British show of the same name, Mad Dogs, is a tale of a holiday escape gone wrong. Four friends Cobi, Lex, Gus, and Joel, celebrate the retirement party of another classmate and decide to travel to Belize for a few fun-filled days. What was supposed to be a spirited vacation turns into a nightmare when they get embroiled into chaos after spilled secrets and murder. The manic hilarity, dark twists, and agonizing suspense of this show will have you addicted.


A mixture of mystery and comedy, Monk revolves around the subtle idiosyncrasies of a former police officer. Adrian Monk is brilliant at what he does, thanks to his photographic memory and exceptional ability to connect the clues. Life takes a sad when his wife dies and the phobias triggered by OCD cost him his job too. But Monk is not someone who backs down. He starts working as a private detective to solve cases with the help of his assistant Natalie Teeger. In doing so, he not only tries to convince his former boss to reinstate him but also uncovers the truth about his wife’s murder. 

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