30 Best Horror Movies on Amazon Prime

Rom-coms are great. But you know what is better? Thrilling slashers that keep you on the edge of your seat and terror tales that make you jump off it. Something suspenseful that keeps you engaged and entertained until the end. Therefore, if you’re looking for heart-pounding fright and spine-chilling stories, we have carefully curated a list of the best horror movies on Amazon Prime right now.

The Lighthouse

While it may not feature a full-blown scarefest, The Lighthouse tells a brutal and bizarre tale of two men’s descent into madness. How do two lighthouse keepers battle loneliness while being stranded at a remote little island? With nothing to occupy them but crashing waves, howling storm, haunting foghorn, and superstitions, the isolation throws the two men into insanity. Hallucinations and disturbing visions haunt them as they plunge deeper into the hell that is the island. This psychological horror drama is the second film of Robert Eggers as director and a masterpiece at that. 

A Quiet Place

This suspenseful horror-thriller doesn’t need much dialog for the audience to spiral into anxiety as they follow a family’s struggle to survive in a world overrun by aliens. Despite being blind, the creatures can instantly tear into pieces anything they sense nearby, thanks to their immaculate hearing. Amidst this harrowing apocalyptic situation, how can a family with small children survive? If you are a fan of alien invasion movies with suspense, horror, and emotion thrown into the mix, this movie a must-watch.


Overlord is a heart-pumping combination of war sequence and apocalyptic terror. The story takes place in the WWII era as American paratroopers are being dropped into Nazi-occupied territory to destroy a transmitter. After landing, the soldiers stumble upon a sinister experiment, and the genre shifts from war drama to full-blown hair-raising horror. Mayhem ensues with monsters in the background. How will our heroes overcome the zombie soldiers? Find out in this sci-fi insanity injected with terror.

Cabin in the Woods

Like all horror flicks, Cabin in the Woods starts with a stereotypical bunch of college kids cheerfully driving off to a retreat in a remote forest cabin. While we’re presented with all the clichés leading to horror, the story takes a smart turn. Instead of the ghoulish, flesh-eating zombies that we expect at this point, the cabin is plagued by supernatural forces unleashed by a sinister organization that torments and toys with the group just for amusement. Incredibly engrossing and utterly suspense-driven, this movie takes you on a roller-coaster ride laden with horror.

The Return of the Living Dead

This classic comedy-horror film finds a perfect balance between blood-soaked terror and crackling dark humor. It is also the first film to single-handedly challenge the genre and start the movie troupe about brain-eating zombies. The story opens up with Frank and Freddy, a clumsy pair of employees at a medical supply warehouse who accidentally release a gas that causes the bodies to arise from the dead and go on a brain-hunting rampage. Together with their boss and a mortician, they must survive this new epidemic. Hilarious, frightening, and sadistically chilling, The Return of The Living Dead is the rite of passage for every horror enthusiast.


Ari Aster’s debut film as a director, Hereditary, is a bottomless pit of terror and torment. After the death of their matriarch, the Graham family unearths horrifying secrets. The nonconforming lifestyle and unnerving past of her dead mother come to haunt Annie Graham and her children in the most twisted ways possible. Struck with a mix of fright, helplessness, and sorrow, the family must face the inescapable fate they’ve inherited.  


Sinister and unsettling in its bleakness, this German Expressionist horror film is an unmissable cult classic. Even without a single dialogue, Nosferatu is eerily powerful and more terror-inducing than many modern movies with CGI. The film revolves around a young estate agent Thomas Hutter and his unfortunate encounter with the vile vampire Count Orlok. Trapped in the Count’s castle in the mountains, Hutter struggles to escape and be reunited with his wife.

Night of the Living Dead (1968)

This attention-grabbing horror-shocker is one of the original zombie movies that depict realistic gore and disturbing cannibalism. As the film begins with Johnny and Barbara, a pair of siblings being attacked by a horde of bloodthirsty ghouls in a graveyard, we know that we’re in for a promising ride. Barbara manages to escape to a remote farmhouse where with the help of Ben and a few other refugees, she tries to fortify the place against the zombies. Death and horror ensue as an apocalypse befalls upon the world. This highly influential masterpiece should be next on your watch-list if you are a true horror movie buff.


Unlike the cliché spooky ghouls and ghastly creatures, Resolution induces terror through mind-bending psychological mayhem. The story follows Michael who travels to a remote cabin to help his friend Chris out of his self-destructive meth addiction. Michael restrains him with a resolution of forcing him to withdraw over the course of a week. The plan seems to be working until unsettling developments start taking shape. Books, records, and old films find their way to the cabin and lead to some major foreshadowing, creeping dread, and agonizing suspense. The movie is tied together with The Endless,which serves as a partial sequel.

Friday the 13th

Can you really call yourself a horror fan if you haven’t watched Friday the 13th? This iconic slasher franchise has become an ultimate pop culture phenomenon in the horror genre. While the franchise comprises of 12 thrilling movies, the OG movie is still the creepiest and scariest one. When the owner Steve Christie reopens a summer camp after years, one tragic accident gradually leads to a sinful bloodbath. All counselors are getting murdered one by one and there’s no stopping the slasher. Offering a good mix of gore, scares, and suspense, this cult classic is worth a spot on your next movie-marathon.


Based on Jeff VanderMeer’s novel of the same name, Annihilation is a wondrous and maddening journey that takes you to a world fueled by unexplained phenomenon. A biologist and former soldier, Lena leads a mission to discover the mysteries of a quarantined territory known as Area X. The territory is driven by a force called the shimmer that has bent the rules of nature and morphed it into mutated landscapes and biological perversion that are as alluring as they’re terrifying. As the team progresses through the area, both their lives and sanity are put into danger. Will they find the answers they were looking for? More importantly, how will they escape that trippy, mind-boggling world?


Based on Clive Barker’s novella The Hellbound Heart, this iconic horror franchise consists of 10 terror-inducing films. From atrocious reanimated corpses to gore and a gripping storyline, the disturbingly entertaining directional debut of Barker has everything to keep your hooked. A sinister story takes shape when a couple lands into chaotic trouble after they move to an old house. Skinless Cenobites, gruesome monsters, and sickening dread must be all the bits that hell is made of.

Deep Red

A masterful shocker, Deep Red paints a dark, bloody picture as a jazz musician sets out to unravel the mysteries of a murder. Marcus Daly’s peaceful life gets interrupted when he witnesses a brutal hatchet murder of his psychic neighbor. Fueled by curiosity and an urge to solve the case, he becomes obsessed with the gory crime details. His investigation leads him to clues that result in a further bloodbath.

Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon

This mockumentary-style dark slasher centers on an obsessive fan of horror movie villains and his unwavering desire to be one himself. Drawing inspiration from famous serial killers like Michael Myers, Jason Voorhees, and Freddy Krueger who exist in movie’s reality, Leslie Vernon plans to carve his own legacy as a gruesome killer. After thorough and careful planning, he gives a documentary crew full access to his life as he transforms from a charming and sweet lad into a real slasher.


Although entirely shot by an iPhone camera, this psychological horror thriller directed by Steven Soderbergh has the capacity to crawl deep under your skin with its anxiety-inducing plot. Unsane follows a troubled woman who relocates to get away from an obsessive stalker. Even after the move, she senses the shadow of her stalker lurking around her and unknowingly ends up at an asylum. Things get weirder when she lashes out upon realizing that her stalker is one of the staff members. While the institution is hell-bent on extending her stay to milk more money and calling into question her sanity, she must escape the clutches of the nightmare that’s about to ensue. 

The Crazies

The Crazies is based on George Romero‘s 1973 film of the same name. While most horror remakes turn out to be jaded, less impactful versions of the originals and spark outrage among the fans, The Crazies is a surprising exception. The horror-thriller follows Sheriff David Dutton and his wife Judy, peacefully residing in a small Midwestern town until bizarre events unfold. A mysterious virus in the water supply causes the town’s residents to turn into psychopathic killers. A pack of survivors must fight to escape the insanity.


Inventive, compelling, and more than a remake, Suspiria is an intelligent expansion of the 1977 Dario Argento’s horror classic. Art, violence, magic, mystery, and movement come alive in this powerful phantasmagoria that feels eerily close to a spellbinding ancient ritual. When Susie Bannion secures the role of the lead dancer at Helena Markos Dance Co, the emotional breakdown of the dancer she replaced leads to the discovery of the studio’s dark secrets.

Child’s Play

This 1988 horror film gave birth to Chucky, the iconic slasher with a dark comic personality. While many soulless remakes have surfaced, the original still remains the creepiest yet the most cheerfully energetic horror film of the franchise. An unsuspecting mother buys her son Andy his dream toy for birthday. While Andy is ecstatic to have the doll, things take a frightful turn when he realizes that the soul of a serial killer possesses it.

The Reef

The Reef is a frightening, nail-biting cinematic experience written and directed by Andrew Traucki. The horror-thriller follows Luke and his friends on what was supposed to be a peaceful sailing trip to Indonesia from Australia. To the group’s horror, the journey instead morphs into a frenzied struggle to survive after their boat capsizes in shark-infested waters. They must swim to safety to a nearby island but with a shark trailing them, would that be possible?

Anna and the Apocalypse

Shaun of the Dead meets La La Land in this Zombie-Christmas musical that provides us with a refreshing take on the zombie genre that is equal parts engaging, entertaining, and creative. The cheerfully silly premise follows Anna and her band of friends on their quest to survive a chaotic zombie outbreak, as the world continues to fall apart. The idea of delightful musical performances in the middle of an apocalypse is so silly that it’s almost endearing. A mash-up of multiple genres, this movie delivers on all fronts.


After Hereditary, Ari Aster brings us another incredibly well-crafted film that masterfully achieves daylight horror. Midsommar is an unnerving experience that is highly recommended for all horror enthusiasts. The movie features a couple that decides to travel to Sweden along with their friends to visit a communal festival that’s held every 90 years. Unfortunately, the peaceful retreat is merely a façade for a violent cult that puts forth a series of bizarre, challenging competitions the group must endure.


Loosely based on a true story from France, Climax explores the hallucinatory, nightmarish journey of a talented dance troupe as they rehearse in a remote empty school building. The drug-induced hallucinations are caused by LSD laced sangria, which result in the group of talented club kids struggling to overcome and survive the night as paranoia creeps in. The iconic film stars the talented Sofia Boutella and is directed by the maverick genius Gasper Noé, the master provocateur who delivers a psychodrama that is peak stimulating cinema.

Children of the Corn

Based on Stephen King’s 1977 short story of the same name, Children of the Corn takes you on a thoroughly creepy and uniquely terrifying journey. The remote farming town of Gatlin, Nebraska, witnesses a great horror as a religious cult of kids slash and poison their parents to please a false god. Soon the town is wiped of all adults over the age of 18. Three years later, a couple stumbles upon the desolate town and discovers the secret in an unfortunate series of events. The threatening tribe of teenagers now want nothing more than the couple to follow the same fate as their parents. While the film may not offer a huge amount of shocks and shudders, it’s still a cult classic that you shouldn’t miss on.

Chopping Mall

If you’re looking for a film without the typical undead monsters and maniacs behind masks, Chopping Mall is a great watch. Contrary to what the title would have you believe, there is not a lot of gore and bodies being butchered. Instead, you’d be surprised with an endlessly entertaining premise with sprinkles of cheesy dialog and whacky moments. The story follows a group of teenagers locked at a local high-tech mall. Their plans to party come crashing down when a trio of malfunctioning robots are hell-bent on killing every one of them.

The Hole In The Ground

The Hole in The Ground delves into the mysteries and unsettling paranoia surrounding a single mother and her young son. After moving to an Irish countryside that already seems haunting from its looks, Sarah discovers a massive sinkhole in the woods and advises her son Chris not to go near it. Later on, Chris disappears at night throwing his mother into a worried frenzy. Luckily, he returns but his behavior turns from increasingly strange to downright disturbing. It’s not long before Sarah releases that her son might not be who she thinks he is. Chilling events unfold and Sarah’s confrontation with him marks a start of terrifying consequences. This nightmarish supernatural psychodrama will leave you with an intensely spooky and tense feeling like a horror film should.


While it may have a simple premise, the engaging storytelling and thrilling suspense of Crawl keeps you on the edge of your seat. The film follows an aspiring swimmer Haley who finds herself living a nightmare when a Category 5 hurricane hits their home town, trapping her father and herself in their house. The father and daughter duo do everything to escape the claustrophobic space, but to their horror, the rising floodwater is not the only threat. Two hungry alligators are on their trail too. In the face of a worsening hurricane, blood-thirsty monsters, sinking hopes, and a space that keeps getting narrower, they must persevere.

The Ring

With its menacing music, horror-stricken premise, and suspenseful pace, The Ring does an excellent job of instilling genuine fear in the pit of your stomach and making you hold your breath during the most mundane activities. It is a remake of the 1998 Japanese horror film Ring and follows a journalist who investigates a mysterious videotape believed to be causing deaths within seven days of watching it. She must discover the truth and solve the puzzle behind the tape or follow the same fate as previous victims. Haunting visuals, gloomy atmosphere, and chilling moments make this movie a must-watch.

The Uninvited

A remake of 2003 South Korean film A Tale of Two Sisters, The Uninvited is a psychological horror journey through terrifying pathos of a troubled young woman. Anna returns home after staying at a psychiatric institution due to her deteriorating mental health following her mother’s sudden death. While she hopes to grieve and overcome the loss, things take an ugly turn when her cruel stepmother enters the picture. To make matters worse, she now sees visions of her dead mother. Secrets resurface and terror ensues as Anna struggles to keep her sanity intact. The film packs suspense, scares, shocks, tension, and just the right amount of thrill to serve as a gratifying experience for any horror movie buff.

We Need to Talk About Kevin

We Need to Talk About Kevin is based on Lionel Shriver’s novel of the same name. While it may not have monsters and gore typical for horror movies, the real horror lies under the heinous acts of an unremittingly evil teenager and the consequential grief they bring to his detached mother. Eva, a travel writer never really seems to bond with her baby Kevin. As the incessantly crying toddler grows up into an antagonizing sociopath teen, Eva must come to terms with what he did and move on.

The Woman in Black

The Woman in Black delivers a perilous premise which is further cemented with convincing performances, gloomy atmosphere, and chilling themes. The film stars Daniel Radcliffe as Arthur, a lawyer who is asked to travel to the remote village of Crythin Gifford to examine a house and retrieve any documents left by its deceased owner. The story unfolds slowly and effectively as he discovers that the vengeful spirit of the woman that the house belonged to, is driving children of the village to their deaths. At times, it feels like a reminiscent of the 1992 Nosferatu with its old-fashioned spooky elements but that only confirms the fact that it’s a film worth watching

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