50 Best Movies on Disney Plus

The long-awaited streaming service Disney+ has an extensive catalog of movies and TV shows that will have you entertained for hours at a time. More specifically, Disney+ has a plethora of movies including a unique spread of Disney classics as well as popular new releases. From classic Disney animations to nostalgic franchises and action-packed superhero series, we have rounded up the 50 best movies on Disney Plus that you can enjoy with your family and friends.


Packing a decade-long history of MCU, Avengers: Endgame serves as a spellbinding and enthralling cinematic experience. When Thanos destroys half of every living being across the universe, the Avengers find themselves divided and the universe itself in shambles. Will they once again find the courage to assemble one last time and stop the menace that took everything from them? Join Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor as they challenge impossible odds in an effort to bring balance back into their world. An adventure that took 11 years in the making, this is the destination where all roads lead to.


What happens when toys come to life? Toy Story opens up with a seemingly unsuspecting pull-string cowboy doll Woody that six-year-old Andy absolutely dotes on. However, all of Andy’s toys, including Woody, spring to life when no one is watching. Everything is going smoothly until a new astronaut action figure Buzz Lightyear enters the household and threatens Woody’s position as Andy’s most cherished toy. The two rivals must join hands to achieve a common goal. Hailed as one of the best-animated movies of the ‘90s, Toy Story still enjoys the resounding success it made back when it was released in 1995.


Star Wars submerges the audience into a deep and rich fictional universe that has become one of the biggest pop culture extravaganzas. Star Wars: The Last Jedi is the second film in the Star Wars sequel trilogy and follows Rey, a young hopeful member of the Resistance, as she requests Luke Skywalker to teach her the ways of the Jedi. An immensely engaging and fascinating story unfolds as General Hux led First Order hatches an evil plan to oust Leia and the Resistance for supremacy of the galaxy.


Black Panther is the eighteenthand one of the most absorbing films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The story originates in Wakanda, a technologically super-advanced nation disguised as a third-world country. From weaponry to medical facilities, everything in Wakanda transcends what the rest of the world has ever seen. After the unfortunate death of the king T’Chaka, his son T’Challa returns to take his place as the next rightful king only to be greeted by the evil workings of an old enemy. He must unleash the power of Black Panther and safeguard the interests of his nation.


Unforgettable characters, spectacular animation, epic music, and an entertaining story are all the attributes that summarize Disney’s most creative and imaginative animation The Lion King. The film follows a  young lion Simba who is to become the king of the Pride Lands after his father Mufasa. Simba’s life takes a saddening turn when his avaricious paternal uncle Scar gets Mufasa killed and subjects Simba to exile. After spending years in the wilderness, he must go back to get what is rightfully his.


An incredibly imaginative sci-fi film, Avatar transports the audience into an extraordinary alien world called Pandora inhabited by highly evolved blue-skinned Na’vi beings and brimming with natural resources that earth is severely lacking. Pandora’s atmosphere is, however, lethal for humans. As a solution for that problem, humans plant Na’vi-human hybrids called ‘avatars’ in Pandora to explore its biosphere for a valuable mineral that could pull earth out of its energy crisis. Avatars have their bodies linked to the minds of genetically matched humans who control their movements and actions. One such avatar has the consciousness of a paralyzed former Marine Jake Sully, who’s recruited to operate in Pandora. But fate has other plans for Jake. In the new world, he meets a Na’vi woman called Neytiri and gets accepted into her tribe. As he falls deeper in love with her, his loyalties are called into question.


The Avengers is the first step of the Marvel Universe in getting our favorite superheroes together for an epic adventure. The box-office smashing story unfolds in an ambitious movie arc that goes on to make cinema history. Join Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, The Hulk, Scarlet Widow, and Hawkeye as they team up under the Avengers Initiative, the brainchild of Nick Fury. The Avengers must band together to defend Earth from Loki’s cunning scheme to take over the world. Delivering a brilliant action sequence and a sparkling script, our iconic heroes set new standards.


Embark on an epic journey with Andy’s toys for a sequel that’s better than the original. Filled with laughter, joy, and sadness, this delightful animated film delivers on excellent storytelling. After Woody gets kidnapped, it’s up to his group of friends led by Buzz Lightyear to rescue him and ensure his safe return to Andy. This animated family movie is a heartwarming tale that explores friendship, family, loss, and love and is an engaging film that is enjoyable for people of all ages.


Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back is the second part of the original Star Wars trilogy, widely regarded as the best Star Wars film of all time. In the overall chronology, it’s the fifth and the darkest Episode of Star Wars, where our heroes are at their lowest with the odds stacked heavily against them. The Galactic Empire led by merciless Darth Vader is hunting for the rebels across the universe. Vader seeks to convert Luke Skywalker to the dark side of the force. Upon a deadly confrontation, an earth-shattering truth is revealed, and now Luke must face his destiny. 


Meet Peter Quill, an intergalactic thief and his bunch of misfit criminals. When they steal a powerful artifact, the evil Ronan and his dark forces must pursue them and retrieve the artifact. Little does Ronan know, this group of opposites becomes a powerful team of heroes on a mission to save the galaxy from the evil that pursues them. Directed by veteran James Gunn, join the Guardians as they find friendship and family in each other in an adventure across the galaxy.


Based on William Goldman’s novel of the same name, this film tells a heartwarming tale of romance and adventure while preaching that true love triumphs all that might come in its way. The story revolves around a beautiful young woman and her tumultuous journey through the magical kingdom of Florin to be with her one true love. While it may be too corny or cheesy for some, it is an unmissable classic worth your time.


Star Wars: A New Hope is the first installment of the original Star Wars trilogy. It’s the movie that started a worldwide cultural phenomenon and is the fourth episode in chronological order. Join Luke Skywalker, Han Solo and Obi Wan Kenobi as they rescue Princess Leia from the clutches of the evil Empire led by Sith Lord Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader. Together they must thwart the Empire’s secret weapon that is the strongest weapon ever developed in the universe.


Finding Nemo packs humor and horror into a memorable masterpiece that leaves a lasting impact on the audience. The story follows Marlin, a timid clownfish who together with a fearless but forgetful fish Dory goes on an epic adventure to find his son Nemo taken away by scuba divers. While navigating the perilous ocean and surviving several close calls, the trio’s epic journey takes them through madness, laughter, and danger. One minute you’re horror-stricken with tingles all over your body and the next minute find yourself chuckling at the adorable silliness of Dory.  


How often an old Italian woodworker wishes for a puppet to come to life? And when that wish actually comes true, we are taken on an adventure that swings high and never misses. Directed by expert Disney duo Ben Sharpsteen and Hamilton Luske, Pinocchio is a story of a little wooden puppet who dreams to become a real boy one day. In order to become one, he must prove to be brave, truthful, and selfless. Expertly penciled and colored, this animated Disney feature is one for every little kid who dares to dream big.


Toy buddies Woody and Buzz return to take us on a uniquely heartfelt coming of age story wrapped in the fun and trouble the toy gang always finds itself in. This time the toys are mistakenly sent to a day-care center and must return to their home before Andy, their owner, leaves for college. But it’s a decision made difficult for them when a cuddly teddy bear insists they stay for the greater good? Or is it so? You will be taken to a ride like none other with your favorite toys back at it again in this family adventure about courage and friendship.


Inside Out is a journey into the mind of 11-year-old Riley who had to abandon her Midwestern life and adapt into a tumultuous hustle-bustle of the big city. Seen through the perspective of her five basic emotions – Joy, Sadness, Fear, Disgust, and Anger – we explore the intricate workings of the human mind. Equally hilarious and heartwarming and enjoyable for children and adults alike, Inside Out is mandatory viewing for people of all ages as it helps us understand and navigate our emotions in a unique and visually stunning way.


This Christmas classic does much more than warming your heart and putting you in the festive spirit. While Christmas spirit is at the heart of this touching story, Miracle on 34th Street also explores deeper aspects including parenting, mental health, and the greed-induced business politics. After assuming the role of Santa at a Manhattan store, Kris Kringle channels in his actions the real meaning of Christmas and takes it upon himself to spread joy. His claims of being the real Santa, however, lands him in the courtroom where his sanity is called into question.  


A detective story like no other, Zootopia imagines a world populated by animals of all kinds coexisting in harmony. When that harmony is tested upon some animals gone missing, Rookie cop rabbit Judy and con-artist fox Nick must join hands in uncovering a conspiracy that could change the balance in which the animals cohabit in peace. With a unique blend of humor and mystery, this brilliantly animated detective story is a one of a kind family adventure that hasn’t been done before in a Disney feature.


Who is the fairest one of all? A question that spawned one of the most beloved tales in the history of cinema. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is a story of love, patience, and bravery in the face of treacherous evil. When faced with the perils of exile from her wicked step-mother, Snow White finds hope in love and friendship. Experience this wonderful journey all over again with your loved ones and relive the masterpiece.


Practicing his musical skills in secret, Miguel dreams of a time when he can explore his love for the rhythm without the disapproval of his family. Desperate to investigate his mysterious family history leading to the great musician Ernesto de la Cruz, Miguel’s search leads him into the fascinating and picturesque Land of the Dead, where he is accompanied by the trickster Héctor, and a wide array of charming characters who help Miguel discover the truth behind who he is and who he is destined to be.


In his directorial debut, Director Josh Cooley brings Woody and the toys back to life one last time in a story which is as much about friendship and love as it is about parenthood. When Bonnie, their new owner, creates Forky, a new toy for the gang, Woody, Buzz and the rest of the toys embark on a road trip to bring Forky back to Bonnie when it gets lost. Hidden in this simple premise is a fun, thrilling journey that will test the toys in fantastic scenarios and bring the courage out in them they didn’t know they had.


This action-packed and heart-pumping animated film revolves around a family of superheroes.  Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl are forced to assume a subdued suburban life as Bob and Helen Parr after the government gets tired of the collateral damage they leave behind on their rescues. Mr. Incredible yearns to go back to his life of adventure and falls for a mysterious invitation that promises him some action. One thing leads to another and soon he finds himself in a situation that only his family can save him from.


An engaging and rather funny sequence comes to play when Thor is parted with his mighty hammer Mjolnir and banished to the other side of the universe. Once reckless and always thunder-striking demigod reveals the hilarious and charming side of his personality. Away from his home in the ordinary world of extraordinary technology, Thor grows into a character that’s worth rooting for. However, he must escape here and save Asgard from the clutches of Hela, the goddess of death.


Ratatouille is a heartwarming story about chasing one’s dreams even when nobody believes in them. The film follows Remy, a smart and enthusiastic rat who dreams of becoming a chef, a notion that his friends and family don’t think much of. After unexpectedly finding his way into the kitchen of a restaurant in Paris, Remy has the opportunity to put his culinary skills to the test. Does he have what it takes to be a star chef? Stick with Remy to find out as he navigates the busy restaurant life and challenges that come with it.


The countless remakes made are no match for the original 1950 animation. This classic story of Cinderella emphasizes that love sprouts in unexpected places and the good that goes around always comes around. The mistreated and downtrodden young Cinderella lives as a maid in her own chateau at the mercy of her stepmother. When her cruel stepsisters squash her dreams of attending the Royal Ball, Cinderella receives a fortuitous favor from her Fairy Godmother and sets on the journey to a brighter future.


Disney brings this Middle-Eastern folk tale to life with a magical and mystical animated movie. In the fictional city of Agrabah, the Royal Vizier, Jafar desires to become the all-powerful Sultan and seeks a mysterious lamp. A street urchin Aladdin falls in love with Princess Jasmine but later gets captured by Jafar to retrieve the lamp. Aladdin manages to escape together with the lamp, a flying carpet, and his pet monkey, Abu. But all is not well yet. Aladdin must face and fight Jafar before he’s reunited with Jasmine.


A refreshing take on animated adventures, Moana boasts stunning visuals, catchy music, powerful performances, and an empowering storyline. The brave and wilful daughter of the Polynesian head chief sets out on an epic journey to return a mystic relic stolen from a diety. Breaking all stereotypes of the previous Disney classics, Moana is a movie with no prince and focuses on a heroic girl who carves out her own path.


What if cartoon characters were living breathing creatures walking alongside humans? This comedy classic imagines the same and blends animation and live-action into a witty, suspenseful, and emotional rollercoaster ride of a story. In the ‘40s Hollywood, one of the biggest toon stars, Roger Rabbit is accused of murder and seeks the help of private detective Eddie Valiant. Will his name be cleared even when all fingers point to him? You will find that out after countless amusing twists and hilarious surprises.


Clever, funny, and wholesome in the end, Monsters, Inc. follows two monsters Sulley and Mike diligently working at the scream-processing factory that relies on screams of little children to power the town. On one of his nightly duties as the top scarer, Sulley encounters a rather fearless toddler Boo and accidentally lets her in the monster world. All hell breaks loose when the little human is exposed and the two monsters are exiled. Will they be able to return the girl safely? Will they ever be allowed back in their world? Find out in this refreshing animation that reiterates that fear of the unknown might simply be an irrational feeling.   


An incredibly sweet, heartwarming, and subtly romantic animation film, WALL-E tugs at your heartstrings with its adorable characters. A robotic trash compactor left on abandoned earth gets fascinated by an unmanned probe EVE as he shows her a collection of his findings including a living seedling. Carrying the seedling, the duo travels to mothership Axiom where humans have now succumbed to laziness and rely completely on machines. The seedling brings new hope and a sign for sustenance on earth but the robotic lieutenant AUTO who is also responsible for flying the ship has other plans.


Is it a trick or a treat? The audience finds itself asking the same question as the Pumpkin King Jack Skellington of the Halloween town stumbles upon the Christmas Town and becomes fascinated with its cheer and festive spirit. His obsession sees him rounding up his friends to abduct Santa Claus, a scheme to secure his position as the king that ends up in a disaster. A spectacular story, some dark humor, and remarkable music are all packed into this delightfully ghoulish stop-motion animation.


Cheerful and touching, Finding Dory is a great sequel to a box-office smash. Amidst teaching about friends, family, and love, this visual gem by Pixar also beautifully explores the sensitive topic of coping with disabilities. To find her parents, Dory who is suffering from amnesia sets out on a journey that takes a rather sad turn when she’s captured and sent to an aquarium. Her friends Marlin and Nemo must devise a plan to help her escape. The spirited and determined nature of Dory helps her navigate the conservatory she’s held at and find her parents.


This timeless classic has seen many remakes but none matches the brilliance and musical sophistication of the original Beauty and the Beast. The story follows small-town Belle peacefully living her life until the worrying disappearance of her father. Fate takes her to an enchanted castle where an awful truth awaits her. Under the layers of the charismatic characters and captivating storyline lies a universal message of kindness and tenderness without judgment.


The Marvel Cinematic Universe shines in all its glory with Doctor Strange. From stunning visuals and quirky dialogs to spiritual themes and fantastic character development, the fourteenth film in MCU chronology is a masterpiece to be cherished for ages. A neurosurgeon, after losing the ability to use his hands travels to far off lands in search of a healer. The mystic Ancient One trains him to be a powerful sorcerer.


With spectacular graphics, witty script, and powerful performances, Iron Man is easily one of the most popular and treasured superhero films in the MCU. Packing decades worth of comics into an introductory film that offers depth without being too overwhelming is a feat that Marvel pulled off with flying colors. The story unfolds as an arrogant and ambitious Tony Stark finds himself captured and forced to build a deadly military weapon. He uses his genius to build a high-tech suit of armor instead and escapes. After discovering the underlying sinister plan, he pledges to save the world as Iron Man.


This action-packed and emotional rollercoaster is the nineteenth film in the MCU and a cinematic masterpiece at that. What began with the first Iron Man film and journeyed through several films across the Marvel Universe now trickles down to what the audience had been waiting for. With superheroes united against a villain who’s agenda is more complex than mere world domination, we witness an epic adventure with dramatic surprises and unexpected twists. Will our favorite superheroes be able to prevent Thanos from wiping half of the universe? Or will Thanos triumph?


An exceptional thriller laden with conspiracy and adventure, the ninth film in the MCU follows our astute and insightful superhero Captain America as he finds himself on the murkier side and uncovers the hidden secrets within SHIELD. The awful truth is shocking enough to shake even the most resilient avenger but he must prevail to prevent the dark forces infiltrating SHIELD. The brilliant character development, gritty action, and the distinctive ‘70s conspiracy style make this film worth remembering.


This comedic masterpiece revolves around a spoiled, stubborn, and selfish emperor who is not your regular Disney hero. As Kuzco continues to lavish around in his riches without caring about his citizens, a sad fate befalls him. His royal advisor Yzma has long desired the throne and plans on poisoning him. Her henchman, however, happens to be too simple and slow-witted for her grand schemes and ends up swapping the poison with transforming potion. The emperor now turned into a llama is forced to face the harsh realities of life.


This witty and sophisticated comedy follows a pair of identical twins in their innocent and adorable yet intelligent efforts to bring their parents back together. After getting separated at the time of birth owing to their parent’s divorce, the fate sees the twins united at a summer camp years later. They devise a smart plan of switching places and go on to live with each parent while working on their scheme. Watching this family-oriented, warm classic today is a great trip back in time.


Mulan is a story about bravery, family values, and ancient traditions. Taking place in a Chinese civilization of the olden days, this adventurous animated film follows Mulan, a smart and strong woman who disguises herself as a man to fight in place of her aging father in the war. Together with her dragon Mushu, Mulan gives her best to fight an impending invasion and falls in love with a captain along the way. While this empowering tale talks about old traditions, it is still relevant in the modern age and resonates with some cultures.


Immerse yourself in a world where fables and ancient myths come alive in a swashbuckling fantasy film about pirates, curses, and the high seas. The greatest story of the hit franchise follows the eccentric Capt Jack Sparrow and blacksmith Will Turner as they set on a journey to rescue the latter’s love, Elizabeth Swann. An action-packed adventure for survival against all odds takes them through highs, lows, and horror-struck surprises that they weren’t ready for.  


Lady and the Tramp is a Disney classic that’s brilliant in its simplicity and straightforward, sweet story. A well-groomed pet, American cocker spaniel Lady’s joyful life takes an unexpected turn when she feels neglected after a new baby comes into the house. On top of that, she is also being blamed for all the trouble caused by Aunt Sarah’s mischievous Siamese cats. Heartbroken and terrified, Lady flees the household and happens to meet ‘Tramp’, a stray schnauzer. Their paths collide and they embark on many adventures together.


Unlike most Disney princesses, Ariel doesn’t want to be rescued and likes to decide her own destiny. This whimsical tale follows a high-spirited mermaid who falls in love with a human prince and longs to be united with him. The sea witch Ursula carries a vendetta against King Triton and tricks his daughter Ariel into a deal. In exchange for her beautiful voice, Ariel is transformed into a human for three days and must win the prince over. Interrupted by an unexpected rival, she finds herself in trouble. Will the prince be hers? Will she be able to maintain her human form or dissolve into seafoam as narrated in the original fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen? This masterpiece is a must-watch to answer those questions.  


The gripping story of Big Hero 6 originates in the city of “San Fransokyo” (a clever imaginative mix between San Francisco and Tokyo). Our hero, Hiro is a prodigal robotics genius who with the help of Baymax (the adorable inflatable robot), GoGo Tomago, Wasabi, Honey Lemon, and Fred, save the city from evil and avenge his brother’s death. Together they form the ‘Big Hero 6’, an action-packed, comedy-adventure, and a touching tale for people of all ages.


101 Dalmatians is a timeless Disney classic. Dalmatians Pongo and Perdy give birth to 15 puppies, but they get dognapped along with every other dalmatian puppy in the city by Cruella De Vil (crazy evil lady) and her stooges Jasper and Horace. Pongo and Perdys along with their humans Anita and Roger, embark on a thrilling adventure to save the puppies from the evil maniac. The animated classic features fast-paced adventure, comedy, and a 101 cute, warm, and fuzzy dalmatians.


A whimsical Disney classic that’s heart-wrenching and tear-jerking at one point and ridiculously cute and joyful at the other. Amidst the circus troupe at the Winter Quarters in Florida, a baby elephant, Dumbo feels sad after getting mocked because of his large ears. A small mouse, Timothy comes to the rescues and pledges to make him a star. He cheers and motivates Dumbo until he is able to fly stunning everyone around. Behind the adorable characters and catchy tunes of the animation, Disney encourages the young audience to find confidence and rise above the haters.


A cheerful, cheeky, and feel-good adaptation of Roald Dahl’s novel of the same name, this film beautifully blends live-action with stop-motion animation. The surreal story transports the viewers into a world where the orphaned James befriends with human-sized talking insects. Together they set out to realize James’ dream of visiting New York City. Memorable songs, an imaginative plot, and the spooky spirit of the film leave a lasting impact.


This magical tale infused with wonderful animation, excellent music, and an unforgettable storyline preaches an impactful message of accepting one’s true nature and doing everything in one’s power to spread the good. After losing control of her magical powers and accidentally subjecting the kingdom of Arendelle to eternal winter, Elsa runs away to a far off place and goes into isolation. Her younger sister Anna must find Elsa and restore everything together with the help of an iceman Kristoff and his reindeer, Sven.


This beautifully illustrated, hilarious, and heartwarming rendition of the classic story of a princess stuck in a tower hits the marks on all levels. The audience is instantly drawn to the wit and humor of the kingdom’s most wanted thief Flynn Rider together with the silly hilarity of his sidekick horse Maximus and so is the sweet and funny Rapunzel. The two set out on a journey to feed the Rapunzel’s curiosity of the outside world, only to find out there’s much more to her story than she believed.


This epic tale is a comedy-adventure featuring Flik, an ant whose unconventional inventions lead him into trouble in the colony all the time. He must lead the ants against Hopper and his group of grasshoppers, who force the ants to collect food for them every year. Follow Flik on his journey as he searches for a group of warriors who can help the ants fight the grasshoppers but ends up hiring a circus troupe. This wild ride is a rollercoaster of emotions and proves that courage, love, empathy, and imagination can triumph evil.

These 50 best Dinsey+ new and classic movies are bound to make your day brighter as you revel in some nostalgic memories and make some new ones.

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