8 Best Pink Gaming Mice

Color coordinating is one of if not the most important aspect of a great looking PC setup. Theirs also definitely no shortage of those who think that a pink mouse is the right option to complement there their setup. Therefore, in this article we have reviewed the best pink gaming mice. Moreover, we have included various options from small to large and budget friendly to the more premium pink gaming mice.

1Razer Basilisk

The Basilisk is one of the newer mice that Razer offers, and in the Quartz Pink color, it looks stunning. It’s also one of the best overall gaming mice if you don’t mind going for a wired option, so let’s take a better look at it.

To begin with, the shape is obviously right-handed, with side buttons and a thumb shelf on the left side. That shelf makes for a very comfortable gaming experience, and the mouse is a pleasure to use even during extended gaming sessions. The rubberized side grips make sure that your fingers won’t slip, and you’ll have a good grip of the mouse regardless of what style grip you have.

The sensor inside is Razer’s high precision optical sensor that goes up to 16,000 DPI. You can cycle through DPI settings using the dedicated DPI buttons, which is a nice feature. Performance is stellar – the mouse is very precise and tracks brilliantly.

We shouldn’t forget that all the buttons are reprogrammable, and you’ll even get a scroll on the bottom that lets you adjust the resistance of the scroll wheel on the top. There’s also Chroma RGB lights that you can customize, and overall, make this an excellent option.

2Ajazz AJ52 Watcher RGB Gaming Mouse

The Ajazz AJ52 is another one of those budget brands that have been making a name for themselves by creating some pretty decent mice, and then selling them at more than reasonable prices. The AJ52 is one of their bestselling budget pink gaming mouse options that looks stunning.

First things first, you get a right-handed design that’s surprisingly comfortable. There are 7 programable buttons in total, which means two side buttons on the left side. The mouse is equally comfortable for palm, claw and fingertip style grips, so nobody is left behind in this regard. You have grooves or the pinky and ring finger, so you can grip it well and lift it easily if you’re playing at low sensitivity.

It contains a highly accurate optical sensor with DPI levels, which although a budget sensor, performs pretty well in gaming scenarios. The accuracy is excellent and the tracking is very respectable, too. When you consider everything, and especially when you consider the asking price for this pink mouse, you’re actually getting quite a lot of mouse for your money, making it a great budget pick.


ZOWIE’s S1 gaming mouse is one of the best no-frills options that the brand has, and as such, is a favorite for gamers all around the world. When you consider that you can get it in the DIVINA pink colorway, you will realize that if you don’t need fancy lights and hundreds of buttons, this might be the one for you.

The S1 comes with a pretty simple shape that looks really nice, and is catered to the right-handed user. You will find two side buttons on the left side which are white in color and sit at a very comfortable and reachable position. It’s great for claw and palm grips, but fingertip gamers might not love it that much.

The sensor inside is PixArt’s excellent 3360, which has been tried and tested, and is a favorite of many competitive gamers. With a maximum sensitivity of 3200 DPI, it might not sound like much, but is one of the most accurate sensors you can come across.

Last but not least, this is a plug and play mouse, which means you don’t need any drivers or additional software. If you’re looking for simplicity, you found it.

4Razer Lancehead Tournament Edition

At one point in time, Razer only had right-hand oriented mice, except for the left handed version of the DeathAdder. However, nowadays that’s changed and they have some really great ambidextrous mice, one of which is the Lancehead Tournament Edition. It’s a pricey mouse when you consider that it’s wired, but it still offers quite a lot.

First things first, the shape is very comfortable for both left and right handed users, and you get two side buttons on each side. They’re programmable, and so are the DPI buttons that you’ll find right beneath the scroll wheel, so there’s certainly no shortage of buttons you can customize.

The sensor is Razers’ 16,000 DPI optical sensor that works admirably in just about any situation, and you’re getting mechanical switches that last up to 50 million clicks. If you don’t change mice too often, this might be a great pick.

We shouldn’t forget the RGB lights with Chroma compatibility that you can set up and customize, nor the rubberized scroll wheel that feels really nice. It’s overall a great pick if you don’t mind the price, and you really get a lot of mouse for the money.

5ASUS ROG Gladius II Origin Pink

ASUS is a brand that didn’t get into the peripherals game until a couple of years ago, but some of their products are really good. A perfect example is the ROG Gladius II Origin mouse, which is a great gaming mouse that doesn’t do too many things, but the ones it does, it does them really well.

Take for example the shape. There’s nothing wild about it – it’s simple, with a pink color and side buttons on the left side, but it’s really comfortable. It’s made for right handed users, and has rubberized grips all over – the right side, the left side beneath the buttons, even the scroll wheel.

The sensor inside is PixArt’s PMW3360 – a tried and tested option that performs brilliantly in all conditions, and goes up to 12,000 DPI. The switches are made by Omron, and are rated at 50 million clicks. They’re also mounted on a push-fit socket, so you can swap them out easily.

Add to this the RGB lights that you can set up with ASUS Aura Sync, and you’re looking at a great mouse that not only works admirably, but looks the part, too.


The ECx-B series by ZOWIE is one of the brand’s best selling products of all times. It’s a simple mouse that really works well, with a shape that comes in three sizes, the EC2-B being the medium. The fact that you’re pairing a great sensor with an excellent shape, and you have it in the DIVINA pink colorway, makes for one of the best pink gaming mouse options out there.

The sensor inside is the PixArt 3360, a favorite among many competitive gamers. It goes up to 3200 DPI, which is still plenty unless you need a crazy 10,000 DPI+ sensor. However, you get unparalleled accuracy and excellent tracking, which is critical, especially for first person shooters.

With the EC2-B, you can adjust the DPI, as well as the polling rate, so you can set things up just right for you. And everything is done on the mouse itself, so you have no software to mess with – it’s all plug and play.

Overall, when you see everything you’re getting with the EC2-B, and factor in the more than reasonable price, you find that you have a brilliant pink mouse that’s going to last you a good while.

7XTRFY M4 Ultra-Light

While not a name that’s as popular as some of the big brands out there, XTRFY has been coming out with some really nice gaming mice in the past period. An excellent example of it is the M4, which is a very lightweight mouse that comes in a pink colorway and checks all the boxes as far as performance goes.

To begin with, the most impressive thing about the mouse is the design and the resulting weight. It’s a right handed design that’s got quite a bit of holes in the shell. They’re made in a way so that the structural rigidity is not compromised and they don’t take away from the comfort. And it weighs a total of 69 grams, making it one of the lightest mice out there.

Pair this with a PixArt 3389 sensor and two side buttons on the left side, and you’re looking at the best pink gaming mouse if you need a lightweight option that performs admirably. The sensor goes up to 16 000 DPI, which is impressive, and the mouse glides really well with the 100% PTFE glides. An excellent performer all around, and at a great price!

8Attoe X500

Not everyone who wants a nice pink gaming mouse can spend upwards of $50 for a big recognizable brand. If you’d rather keep the price down, you might want to take a look at the Attoe Gaming Mouse, a pink choice with decent performance and a very, very reasonable price.

To begin with, the shape does come with a few interesting design choices. It’s a symmetrical mouse, but not ambidextrous, because it only has side buttons on the left side. If you’re a left handed player, this might be a problem. The materials used are sweat resistant, and won’t be a fingerprint magnet like some other mice out there. One thing to note is that this is a mouse that’s best used with a claw grip, so if you’re a palm or fingertip gamer, it might not be the best option.

As far as the sensor goes, you’re looking at up to 3200 DPI and four levels that you can adjust on-the-fly. It might not be too much, but at this price, it performs rather well, and you shouldn’t be asking for more. All things considered, this isn’t a mouse for pro gaming, but for the casual gamer who wants to save a bit. It’s a nice choice.

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