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With the release of the PlayStation 5, numerous accessories have become available for the console. However, not all of those PS5 accessories are required or adequate for you to enjoy and enhance your gaming experience. Therefore, we have carefully curated the comprehensive guide exploring the best PS5 accessories that will make your gaming experience more immersive and exciting than ever before.

The PS5 is powered by AMD’s third generation of Ryzen technology and it supports features such as ray tracing as well as 4k resolutions. This is exciting news because the new console will be able to deliver high-quality visuals. But to fully enjoy PS5 games, there are several accessories that can vastly improve and amplify your gaming experience. Some of them are offered by Sony and others are third-party products that will extend the PS5s existing features and capabilities.

The following accessories aren’t mandatory, but depending on your personal preferences, some of them will be nice to have. Keep in mind that one of them, namely the DualSense wireless controller will be included in the PS5 package, but you might want to get a second one in case you want to play together with someone or if you want to have a spare one, fully charged.

Furthermore, the list isn’t definitive, since other third-party accessories will surely be developed over time, so make sure to keep an eye out for anything interesting. With that being said, let’s start exploring the best PS5 accessories.

Best PS5 Accessories

1. DualSense Wireless Controller

With the PlayStation 5, Sony introduces their new DualSense controller which is different from the traditional DualShock controllers we grew accustomed to. Sporting a futuristic black and white design, the controller comes with new and improved features that, according to Sony, will give gamers a new experience.

The DualSense comes equipped with adaptive triggers that will help the player experience a physical connection with the game’s environment. Simply put, we’ll be able to feel resistance and force when interacting with an item. For example, when drawing a bow’s string, the tension becomes more and more powerful the further we draw. In other cases, the trigger can lock itself altogether to simulate a weapon jam.

Another improvement is the use of haptic feedback to physically experience the actions you take in-game. The dynamic vibrations are enabled by the new dual actuators that replace the old motors we’ve been used to with the DualShock controllers. With this new feature, we’ll be able to feel weapon recoil and various environmental effects.

Besides these exciting features, the DualSense controller will also be equipped with a built-in mic as well as a 3.5mm headset jack.

2. Pulse 3D Wireless Headset

Sony’s new successor to the Platinum Wireless Headset, the Pulse 3D, stands out thanks to the newly implemented 3D audio technology that’s part of the console itself. The minimalistic yet satisfying black and white design complements the PS5 and its controller, but its main feature seems to make it invaluable for gamers.

The new Pulse 3D wireless headset offers 12 hours’ worth of playtime before requiring a recharge and its noise-canceling mic will make your friends grateful during those long gaming sessions. Furthermore, the 3D audio tech is going to deliver high-quality immersive sound. It relies on a series of algorithms that analyze and determine how the sound should be delivered for an optimal experience. Players will experience rich sounds coming from multiple sources at the same time because this headset can keep track of them continuously.

Overall, the Pulse 3D headset is hard to beat, especially when Sony says it will cost only $99.

3. DualSense Charging Station

Sony is offering a convenient way of charging your new DualSense controllers by using the new PS5 controller charging station. We all hate it when we have to stop playing because the controller is dying out on us, but with the charging station, we can charge two controllers at the same time and always be ready to keep playing. This aspect is even more important if you’re going to play with friends or work colleagues often.

In addition, the charging station is going to be as efficient as when you charge your controllers directly through the console’s USB ports. But this way, you’ll have more free ports for other accessories and hardware.

4. SteelSeries Arctis 9 Wireless Gaming Headset

SteelSeries has successfully launched its new PS5-ready Arctis 9 headset. One of the first things you’ll notice is that the Arctis 9 comes with Bluetooth connectivity. This isn’t an ordinary feature, but with phones losing their 3.5mm jacks, Bluetooth becomes necessary to take calls or to listen to music while playing. But don’t worry, the Arctis 9 doesn’t require a Bluetooth dongle since this feature is already integrated into the headset.

The Arctis 9 can be connected wirelessly to the PS5 as well as PS4, PS4, and a variety of mobile devices. It can also be connected to the Xbox one and older hardware by using the 3.5mm jack. The compatibility alone makes this a worthy headset, especially if you plan to listen to music or play PC games as well.

SteelSeries used its creativity to come up with a comfortable yet beautiful design. But the Arctis 9 isn’t all about looks. It offers good-quality bass and highs in-game and the mic allows clean communication. However, in its price range, we’ll probably find headsets with better sound, but that’s because we’re also paying for the Bluetooth connectivity.

All in all, the Arctis 9 is a good headset, but if you don’t need or want Bluetooth functionality, you should look to spend the same amount of money on a headset with a heavier focus on sound quality.

5. WD Black 5TB P10 Game Drive

With all the accessories that are launched together with the PS5 and the overwhelming features, some may forget to ask themselves the question regarding storage space. Fortunately, we can have all the storage we want before the console arrives by grabbing a P10 Game Drive from the WD Blackline.

The P10 comes in three storage variants, 2TB, 4TB, and 5TB. We’re going to focus on the 5TB version for long-term use since so many games are starting to balloon when it comes to the size of their assets and files.

When it comes to the design, the P10 is a safe choice because its structure is built from a combination of durable plastic and metal. It’s almost as solid as an internal hard drive. As an added bonus, its visual aspect is also modern and it fits the PS5’s design. Regarding the speed, it manages a higher than average 130 MB/s data transfer, which is better than most typical hard drives on the market, even though it’s not an SSD. So, we’ll be able to run all PS4 games on the PS5 from the P10 Game Drive.

All in all, this WD Black P10 is durable, faster than average, can fit more than a hundred PS4 games, and it’s portable. Finally, it’s back up by a 3-year warranty, so you don’t have to worry about it failing you any time soon.

6. The PS5 Media Remote

With the launch of the PS5 comes a sleek media remote that will make you never leave your couch. This new accessory is going to let the user have full control over the console and its content. It allows us to start up the PS5, browse, change the volume, play or pause content, and more. It’s nothing revolutionary that will make us scream with enthusiasm because, at the end of the day, it’s a remote control. However, it’s very handy and useful to have, especially considering its advertised price of $29.99.

Furthermore, Sony’s media remote will also have pre-programmed buttons for YouTube, Spotify, Netflix, and Disney Plus. So, it’s more than just a way of firing your PlayStation without bending your back or standing up from your sofa.

7. Logitech G923 Trueforce Sim Racing Wheel

If you’re into Sim Racing, you’re going to need a high-quality steering wheel to go with your new PS5. Logitech has been known for making innovative steering wheels for the last twenty years, and the G923 is an affordable option that’s compatible with the next-generation consoles that are coming out.

The G923 sim racing wheel is a step up from its G920 predecessor, but it still features leather stitching on the steering wheel, metal foot pedals, realistic steering, force feedback, and a practical control layout. Setting up this driving system is also easy since it’s essentially a plug-and-play product that you just need to plug into a power adapter and connect to your PC through a USB port. Logitech also provides the user with the GHub app through which buttons can be customized.

In addition, the G923 brings a few new characteristics to the table. The most important one is the TRUEFORCE feedback system that turns in-game driving into a fairly realistic experience. This is all possible because of the G923 firmware that matches the inner wheel motors to the in-game driving physics. The G923 is fully compatible with the next-gen consoles we’re probably going to see new games being developed with TRUEFORCE in mind.

With that being said, the wheel and the pedals and solid and comfortable enough to keep you driving for hours without a break. That alone says a lot about this piece of gaming gear since price-wise it belongs in the middle tier of sim racing wheels. Furthermore, it allows the player to turn the wheel up to 900 degrees, which should be enough even for enthusiasts. As for the gear shifter, we can use the attachment that comes with the G920 because Logitech made them compatible with each other.

In conclusion, the G923 sim racing wheel is your best bet if you’re looking for a solid driving experience with pedals included, premium build quality, and next-gen console compatibility without having to commit bank robbery.

8. PS5 HD Camera

After already having an extended shopping list, you might ask yourself why would you need Sony’s PS5 HD camera. Simply put, it films you since it’s a camera, but if you like streaming your gameplay in a professional manner, then it becomes an indispensable accessory. Paired with the “Create” button on the DualSense controller, you can start streaming and even editing instantly.

The camera records at 1080p resolution and while that isn’t impressive anymore when we’re used to 4K, it comes with two wide-angle lenses. In other words, you can get a nice wide view even when the camera is really close to you. But more importantly, this provides you with a high-quality depth of field, making the shot look professional.

Finally, the camera has a neat feature of cropping around the subject and removing the background. This is a useful feature when you use a green screen behind you because then you can place yourself over the in-game frame without taking away from the action.

All in all, it’s a great purchase if you’re a video game streamer, otherwise, you can skip on this accessory and invest in other areas that peak your interests.

9. Anker Powerline III USB-C to USB-C

Both the PS5 console and the DualSense controller will come equipped with a USB-C port. The controller can be charged through its port if you aren’t using the wireless charging station mentioned earlier. In that case, having a fast-charging reliable USB-C to USB-C cable is vital.

Anker has a reputation for delivering some of the best charging cables and power banks in the world, so they’re a reliable company. This is why it’s worth mentioning their Powerline III USB-C cable. This 10ft long cable comes with an upgraded quadruple fiber core that makes it slimmer but more durable than its predecessors. The head of the cable has textured groves to prevent slipping and making it easier to plug or pull out. According to Anker, it can resist up to 25,000 bends. But what’s more important is its charging capability.

The Powerline III is advertised to fully charge a MacBook Pro within two and a half hours, delivering 60W of power, therefore it should definitely be able to charge a DualSense controller fairly quickly.

Finally, Anker offers a lifetime warranty for this product, so you shouldn’t worry about its long-term durability and quality.

10. The Atlas Universal Dual Game Controller Wall Mount

Tired of leaving your controllers all over the place and then wasting time trying to find them? Now that you’re getting a brand new PS5 with the DualSense controllers it’s time to change that and get organized. You can hang your controllers conveniently and keep them safe by using the Atlas universal game controller hanger.

This controller mount can hold two controllers securely attached to the wall and it looks stylish as a decoration. Even if you don’t plan to get two PS5 controllers, you can also use it to hold other controllers, such as the Steam controller or a PC Gamepad. You can fit a wide array of controllers due to its universal design.

The Atlas comes with 3M pre-applied tape so that you can securely attach the mount to any surface you want. You can install it on your desk, on a glass coffee table, on the back of a monitor, or on the wall. It sticks well and it can hold a maximum weight of 3.3 lbs (1.5 kg).

Final Thoughts

The PS5 is an exciting new console that has certainly turned gaming into a more immersive experience, but there’s a lot more to it than the sum of its parts. Sony designed a powerful but affordable console to unlock high-quality AAA games for everyone. However, there’s only so much they can fit in a tiny box.

Fortunately, there’s a series of accessories available whether you’re a hardcore gamer, sim racing fan, a streamer, or someone who wants to enhance your gaming experience. And what we have so far is only the beginning. Keep an eye out for more accessories that will eventually be released and take your gaming experience to the next level.

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