10 Best PS5 Charging Cables of 2021

If you’re getting Sony’s new console, you probably want a cable (or five) that can charge your DualSense controllers. Considering you have a few options to work with, choosing the best PS5 charging cables isn’t all that easy. You have connections, charging speeds, transfer rates, etc., which might make things confusing. And while we’ll get to what differentiates PS5 charging cords from one another later on, let’s take a look at a few options.

Below we have reviewed the best PS5 charging cables, from cheaper, to more expensive options. We included braided, non-braided, long, short, one-packs, multi-packs, pretty much everything. Let’s not waste any more time and take a look at the best PS5 charging cables.

1Anker Powerline USB 3.0

Cable Type: Type-C to USB-A | Length: 3 feet | Data Transfer Rate: Up to 5Gbps | Compatibility: Consoles, phones, laptops, tablets

Anker has been at the top of the value cable game for a good while now, and their Powerline series constantly get you excellent value and performance. This white cable comes at a 3 feet length, and with Type-C on one end and USB-A on the other, it’s a great cable for charging your controller.

On the outside, the cable is actually pretty thick. It has aramid fiber reinforcement, so even though it’s not braided, you still get a durable cable that won’t get damaged easily. It also looks really nice, too, thanks to the PVC exterior.

Performance is great as well, with USB 3.0 transfer speeds of up to 5Gbps, and what’s even more important, fast charging, so you can get back to gaming as quickly as possible. While it’s not the cheapest cable out there, when it comes to getting an excellent performer for your money, the Anker Powerline is hard to beat.

2AmazonBasics USB-C 3.1 Gen2 to USB-A

Cable Type: Type-C to USB-A | Length: 3 feet | Data Transfer Rate: Up to 10Gbps | Compatibility: Consoles, phones, laptops, tablets

AmazonBasics’ cables always try to offer the best value, and that’s no exception with this model. It comes with USB Type-A on one end, and USB-C on the other, so you can charge your controller from the console, a wall outlet, or even a computer.

It comes at a length of 3 feet, which should be enough to route from the charger to your controller, and also supports fast-charging up to 15W. To make things even better, since it’s a 3.1 Gen2 cable, it also supports data transfer at up to 10Gbps, which is neat.

It’s been tested to bend at 95 degrees 5,000 times, so you can say the cable is durable. A great choice if you don’t want to spend too much.


Cable Type: Type-C to Type-C | Length: 3 feet/6 feet | Data Transfer Rate: Up to 480Mbps | Compatibility: Consoles, phones, laptops, tablets

UGREEN is a brand that quickly became the go-to choice for cheap cables that last a good while and perform admirably in a variety of situations. This is their USB-C to USB-C cable, so you can charge your controller from the PS5’s USB-C port, or a compatible wall outlet with USB-C.

You can choose between 3 and 6 feet in terms of length, and with both,you’re getting a braided cable that’s very durable and won’t get damaged easily. It’s been tested up to 10,000 bends, which is impressive.

Now, while you won’t get fast data transfer speeds, you will get up to 100W power delivery charging. If you want a value cable for your controller that has fast charging, go for it.

4AmazonBasics USB-C 3.1 Gen1 to USB-C

Cable Type: Type-C to Type-C | Length: 3 feet/6 feet | Data Transfer Rate: Up to 5Gbps | Compatibility: Consoles, phones, laptops, tablets

AmazonBasics may not get you braided cables all the time, but if you’re after a basic USB-C to USB-C cable that can fast charge your PS5 controller, this is one of the best PS5 charging cables out there. You get a two-pack for a reasonable price, so you can charge two controllers at once.

The all-black design looks nice, and Amazon claims this has been tested to bend 95 degrees 5,000 times. This means the cables are very durable, and won’t get damaged easily, which is neat. With supported data transfer rates of up to 5Gbps and up to 15W fast charging, you should be covered for your controller.

5JSAUX USB Type-C Cable (2 pack)

Cable Type: Type-C to USB-A | Length: 3.3 feet (x1), 10 feet (x1) | Data Transfer Rate: Up to 480Mbps | Compatibility: Consoles, phones, laptops, tablets

If you’re looking to get a pair of cables, one longer and one shorter, to keep both your controllers charged up, this 2 pack by JSAUX is a great choice. One of the cables is 3.3 feet, while the other is 10 feet, so you can even game while the controller is charging.

They’re made pretty well, with nylon braiding and durable connectors to make sure they don’t get damaged easily. And while the data transfer rates top out at 480Mbps, you will actually get fast charging for your controllers, so you don’t wait for them to charge for hours.

All things considered, if you want a value 2 pack, this is a great choice that gets you two different lengths and excellent cables.

6Foamy Lizard Split USB-C Cable

Cable Type: DualType-C to USB-A | Length: 10 feet | Data Transfer Rate: No Data Transmission | Compatibility: Consoles, phones, laptops, tablets

Sometimes you only have one USB-A port at your disposal, and two controllers to charge. If that’s the case, this split cable by Foamy Lizard is just perfect for you. It comes with USB-A on one end, but it splits into two Type-C connectors on the other. This lets you charge both controlers at once, using the one available port on the PlayStation 5.

While not braided, the cable does look pretty well made. It won’t get damaged easily, and it should last you a good while. It does require that you use a 5V/2A power source to get sufficient power, and you should note that it doesn’t support data transmission. If you only need it for charging two controllers at once, that shouldn’t be a problem and you should definitely get it.

7UGREEN USB-C to USB-A Cable (2 pack)

Cable Type: Type-C to USB-A | Length: 6 feet/10 feet | Data Transfer Rate: Up to 480Mbps | Compatibility: Consoles, phones, laptops, tablets

UGREEN’s value pick is a two-pack of 6 feet cables (also available in 10 feet), which come with USB-C on one end and a USB-A connector on the other, and they do a really good job. With support for quick charging, your controller will charge as fast as your source can charge it.

The cables are built really well, with metal connectors and nylon braiding, so they’ll withstand a lot of daily use and abuse. The braiding also means they won’t tangle up, which is another neat thing if you aren’t too careful with your cables.

Unfortunately, you only get data transfer of up to 480Mbps, but if you only need a cable for charging, that won’t make any difference – go for it.

8AUKEY USB-C to USB-A Cable (5 pack, three lengths)

Cable Type: Type-C to Type-C | Length: 3.3 feet (x3), 6.6 feet (x1), 1 foot (x1) | Data Transfer Rate: Up to 5Gbps | Compatibility: Consoles, phones, laptops, tablets

AUKEY’s 5 pack of cables is that one pack you get when you have multiple USB-C devices you need to charge, like a couple of controllers. The pack comes with three 3.3 feet cables, one 6.6 feet, and one 1 foot cable, for maximum versatility.

You have data transfer rates of up to 5Gbps, as well as fast charging with supported devices. They’re also braided and use metal connectors, which makes them as durable as they can be, and at this price, they’re really a no-brainer if you want multiple cables.

9HNGLPOW DualSense Controller Charger (2 pack)

Cable Type: Type-C to USB-A | Length: 10 feet | Data Transfer Rate: Up to 480Mbps | Compatibility: Consoles, phones, laptops, tablets

It’s hard to beat the value you’re getting with the HNGLPOW DualSense Controller Charger cables, especially when you consider you’re getting two for the price. These are 10 feet long braided cables that are meant to last, with metal connectors on both sides.

In terms of performance, you’ll get quick charge support, so your controllers don’t charge for hours at end, but you will need a fast charge wall adapter for this. And while data transfer isn’t best, if you only need a good pair of cables for charging, this is an excellent budget choice.

10SIKAI Magnetic USB-C Cable

Cable Type: Type-C to Type-C (magnetic) | Length: 6 feet | Data Transfer Rate: Up to 480Mbps | Compatibility: Consoles, phones, laptops, tablets

SIKAI might not be the first brand that comes to mind when you want a high-quality cable, but if charging is your priority, this should be one of your options. It has a magnetic connector on one end, so you don’t damage your controller’s USB-C port, which is neat.

While it does limit data transfer to only 480Mbps, you do get up to 100W fast charging and power delivery. It also comes with all the necessary current protections, as well as a 2-year warranty, which is neat. When you consider the asking price, it’s actually a great way to get a high-speed charging cable at a reasonable price.

What to Look For in a PS5 Charging Cable

As you can see, there are a couple of big factors when it comes to buying one of the best PS5 charging cables. So, if you aren’t sure what you should buy, let’s take a look at the things you should look out for.


The first thing you should consider is the cable connectors. Now, Sony’s new PlayStation 5 comes with both a USB-A and a USB-C port at the front. The DualSense controller, however, comes with a USB-C port.If you’re going to be charging your controller straight from the console, you can either go with a USB-C to USB-C cable or get one that has USB-C to USB-A, the choice is yours.

If, however, you’re planning on charging your controllers from a wall adapter, you should consider the wall adapter’s port. In most cases, it’s going to be USB-A, but there are some newer and faster ones that have a USB-C port. In this regard, you can go with whatever is more convenient for you, but you do need one USB-C port for the controller.

While we’re at the ports, we should also mention that some cables will come with a magnetic connector on the USB-C end. While this might seem like a gimmick (and usually decreases the maximum data throughput), it’s a good thing about your controller. Instead of disconnecting and connecting your controller, damaging the port over time, you plug it in once and then use the magnetic connector.

Charging Speed

You should also consider the charging speed. While most of the cables we spoke about above do offer fast charging, that’s not the case with every cable out there. You may very well come across cables that slow down the charging, resulting in your controller taking hours to charge up fully. This is far from ideal, so try to get a fast charging cable.

Cable Braiding

Last but not least, you should note whether or not the cable is braided on the outside. A braided cable actually adds a surprising amount of durability, so always get one if you can.

Final thoughts

While choosing a PS5 charging cable is a fairly straight forward task, it is important that you get a good one that will help maintain your DualSense controller’s battery life. And the cables listed above are some of the best PS5 charging cables that will allow you to do just that.

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