12 Best PS5 Co-Op Games of 2021

Those who want to experience gaming at its finest in its most enjoyable state on the PS5 may seek to play co-op games with friends and family members. In retrospect, playing Solo adheres to some significant restrictions, including lack of support and sometimes outright boredom after a while. Solo gaming can also be challenging for those who are rather into combining their gaming skills and work with others.

While playing Solo has its merits, it cannot substitute the thrill of enjoying a co-op game with friends and family. This is especially true on the PlayStation 5. Hence, today, we will be shedding light on the best PS5 Co-op games. We have included both PS5 exclusive and non-exclusive co-op gaming titles. This includes ps5 split-screen games, ps5 couch co-ops, as well as so both online and local ps5 co-op options.

There will be no whatsoever biases toward any title, which means be it PVE, or PVP, the facts will be the only thing determining its ranking amongst the other competitive titles. These PS5 Co-Op games are simply incredible and most of them warrant several playthroughs.

Demon’s Souls

Release date: November 12, 2020 | Developer: Bluepoint Games and Japan Studio | ESRB Age Rating: Mature 17+ View on Amazon

Demon’s Souls is the first PS5 exclusive title on the list and features mesmerizing landscapes and lets you unravel the narrative while you spend timing grinding for materials. The game tests your patience and requires you to endlessly roam around areas teaming with beasts and monsters. You get to collect souls from the killed enemies and use them to upgrade essentials like weapons and skillsets. For what it’s worth, a single death means losing all the gathered souls. In order to retrieve them, you will have to grind all the way back to your corpse. The game’s notorious difficulty inspired numerous developers to create even more challenging games in the upcoming years.

Although the game is pretty great in a single-player, the whole experience is more enthralling when shared with others. All you need is a connecting password to let your friend join in, and then both of you can fight for the glory. Not to mention, the title has a unique narrative of corrupted worlds and gives you 100% freedom to choose your path and playstyle. But with every choice, there’s a consequence you need to face.

Sackboy: A Big Adventure

Release date: November 12, 2020 | Developer: Sumo Digital | ESRB Age Rating: Everyone View on Amazon

Are you a fan of Super Mario 3D world? Or 3D platformers? Then the Sackboy: A Big Adventure is a game for you. The title quickly became popular within the gaming community and it is especially enjoyable when played with peers and friends. The Sackboy: A Big adventure may seem like a watered-down version of the other LittleBigPlanet games, but it has much more to offer in terms of refined mechanics. The game has a withstanding gameplay style that allows the players to jump around, run, find collectibles, climb walls, craftoutfits, experience energetic background music, and destroy enemies with cute little weapons.

Not to mention, the animated assets inside the world of the Sackboy are very aesthetically pleasing. It makes the game more visually inviting, especially when you have an eye for art. To sum it up, anyone can enjoy Sackboy regardless of their age. It’s a versatile title with a myriad of puzzle-induced areas that would keep you on your toes.

It Takes Two

Release date: March 26, 2021 | Developer: Hazelight | ESRB Age Rating: Teen 13+ View on PlayStation

It Takes two is another fantastic game developed by the same studio, Hazelight, that brought us a masterpiece known as “A Way out.”In the world of somewhat repetitive titles, their ideas are quite innovative and refreshing. It Takes two follows a couple, Cody and May, who are out of nowhere turned into pea-sized humans, small enough to be trampled on. But what’s the Co-Op element to the game? Did you just assume that you would be playing with either of the characters? No, you definitely need a friend alongside you (you’ll be controlling either May or Cody and your friend, the other one), which is something you could’ve presumed based on the title’s name.

What made the game more exciting was its on-point essentials like gliding, jumping, and air-dashing. You can even ridicule your other partner while doing puzzles. Anyways, you do need to remember that the key element of It Takes Two is shared responsibilities. You need to work as one to overcome all the obstacles ahead of you.

Destiny 2

Release date: September 6, 2017 | Developer: Bungie Inc | ESRB Age Rating: Teen 13+ View on PlayStation

The predecessors shouldn’t identify sequels, and this is what Destiny 2 has taught the gaming community. After the remarkable failure of Destiny, Bungie decided to ingrain the second title with more activity in terms of public events and a riveting narrative. The players can catapult themselves into the ever-expanding space and fight for the light. For what it’s worth, the gamers can choose from three different classes, namely: Warlock, Hunter, and Titan. Each of them is laid out with a unique set of skills and gameplay style.

If you love playing from the shadows, then the hunter class is for you. If barging your way inside and surprising your enemies is what excites you, then the Titan class will suit your taste buds. In comparison, the warlock class tests your endurance. Whatever be the case, Destiny 2 is a game that should be played on Co-Op because alone, you won’t be able to successfully clear all the Play strikes. To get exotic equipment, you need a solid team to clear dungeons teeming with enemies.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Release date: November 13, 2020 | Developers: Treyarch, Raven Software, Beenox, and High moon studios | ESRB Age Rating: Mature 17+ View on Amazon

Call of Duty has only recently started pitching in battle royale titles like Warzone and Cold War. As far as the Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold war is concerned, it’s a game that gives the player a choice to enjoy a single-player campaign, multiplayer rooms, and a mode where you kill waves of zombies. At the moment, the Zombie mode has morphed into a game of its own, where players around the world hold back the undead onslaught by teaming up and devising innovative plans.

It’s worth mentioning that you might find the Cold War alien to the previous titles, but there’s still a kinship when weapons and maps are concerned. In other words, you get to play the same Call of Duty, but more mechanized this time. Don’t forget to buy the Battle Pass for exciting rewards!

Borderlands 3

Release date: September 13, 2019 | Developer: Gearbox Software, and Gearbox Studio Quebec | ESRB Age Rating: Mature 17+ View on PlayStation

Borderlands 3 had been in development for around 7 years but, when it finally came out, it made quite an impression on gamers. The title made a profound impact on FPS fans because of the number of weapons available. Each weapon and power brought in fabulous changes that made the gameplay more exciting and engrossing.

The game motivates players to tag along with others because this is the only way to reach advanced bounties, bandits, weapons, and monsters. The gameplay is so fast-paced that it can leave you exhausted, but it has its own advantages. For example, when you are thrust with hundreds of enemies at once, you call for arms and combine your powers to blast your way through. It’s a title you must try if the looter shooter genre is your cup of tea.


Release date: March 25, 2013 | Developers: Digital Extremes, and Panic Button Games | ESRB Age Rating: Mature 17+ View on PlayStation

This game rewards its players for the grind. By burning the midnight oil, you can get some amazing legendary weapons and armor. A player can have a complete experience without ever spending a dime! Apart from this, Warframe will keep you on your toes because of its inherent ninja-induced gameplay style. You can dash, jump, slice through the air, and perform various other acrobatics to hit your enemies. The best part about the Warframe is that it allows you to wall jump, which is a somewhat rare feature in these kinds of games.

Despite the fact that it’s been around for 8 years, the game is still very popular. For what it’s worth, Warframegets updated ahead of every new season with a lot of new unlockable items and dungeons. You even get to traverse through many planets (either Solo or Co-op, depending on the matchmaking). In short, it is a great choice for those who love spending hundreds of hours with teammates to get their desired weapon/armor. You can even customize your weapons and armors and shower them with a potpourri of colors! Cool, right?


Release date: April 1, 2021 | Developers: People Can Fly and Square Enix | ESRB Age Rating: Mature 17+ View on Amazon

Outriders is a third-person shooter adventure game you can enjoy with online friends. What makes the game enticing is its RPG elements. As you progress through the story, things might not make sense initially due to its idiosyncratic narrative. But don’t worry because, after a while, you will catch up with everything. The most inviting thing about the Outriders is its post-apocalyptic setting. You get to play with an outsider who embarks on a journey to unravel the reasons behind the already broke-out civil war on the planet.

The compulsory course of action required by the Outrider was to not let the new planet face the same faith as the ruined Earth. Perhaps the most interesting thing about the game is its sub-class system that allows you to pick from a myriad of playstyles, including pyromancer and devastator. As previously mentioned, the story is probably its biggest flaw. At times, it can be extremely skewed and unreasonably irrational. Outrider is a great pastime for a group of friends. Let them join in and have fun together as the game is more rewarding on Co-Op due to its lackluster single-player narrative.

Marvel’s Avengers

Release date: September 4, 2020 | Developers: Crystal Dynamics, Eidos-Montreal, Crystal Northwest, Nixxes Software BV, Eidos Interactive | ESRB Age Rating: Teen 13+ View on Amazon

Marvel’s Avengers is a quite dynamic game because of its plethora of heroes. Co-Op, in particular, is a great experience, especially on the PS5. Not to mention, the game sheds light on the very peculiar concept of perfectionism. The ideal heroes are, in reality, not so perfect and thus, we get to experience the story from a very different perspective. You get to play with Kamala Khan, a to-be superhero that aids the avengers in fulfilling their goals. On your way, you encounter hordes of new villains, areas, and a thrilling campaign that will constantly require you to level up your skillset to for competition.

With Marvel’s Avengers, the grind is real, and it’s totally worth it if you are playing the game with your friends or peers. It’s also true that the endgame quickly becomes repetitive and is a major disappointment, but the merits of finding better equipment are overhauling. So, it sorts of balances out.

No Man’s Sky

Release date: August 9, 2016 | Developer: Hello Games | ESRB Age Rating: Teen 13+ View on PlayStation

When initially launched, No Man’s Sky was one of the worst titles of all time, but with constant updates and tweaks, the game has become incredibly fun. No Man’s Sky is a title that will keep you thrilled and ravenous for the new content. Imagine surfing through space and countless planets. No Man’s Sky’s map has around 18 quintillion planets on a 31,7000,000,000,000,000,000,000 km2.This makes it one of the largest video game worlds. It will take you months and even years to search every nook and cranny.

The sheer size of the world is exactly why you should play No Man’s Sky with your friends on the PS5. Not only it allows collective exploration, but it also gives freedom to the players to choose a planet randomly from the solar system. You can find exotic animals, and new species, build your civilization from scratch, and even farm and unearth extraordinary metals from the ground.


Release date: November 12, 2020 | Developer: Gearbox Publishing | ESRB Age Rating: Teen 13+ View on Amazon

Godfall was the first PS5 exclusive title and had mixed reviews. Regardless, the game is still fun if you play it cooperatively with your friends. Godfall has three large maps, and all of them are stipulated with a variety of chest loots, enemies, and pathways. You can traverse through these maps and kill your enemies in various fashions. For the story part, you get to play with Orin, who was betrayed by his brother Macros. As you go a progress through levels, you will try to restore Orin’s honor and prevent the destruction of the world.

Along the way, you can master new tactics and wield extraordinary weapons. With friends, you can combine your powers, and butcher the enemies together. This is what Godfall is all about. Also, if you are into challenges, Godfall offers a unique content known as “Tower of Trials,” where you can put your skills to the rigorous test.

Overcooked! All You Can Eat

Release date: November 12, 2020 | Developer: Ghost Town Games | ESRB Age Rating: Everyone View on Amazon

Although you can play this game solo, it’s not recommended because Overcooked! All you can eat requires high analytical skills, on-point time management, and multitasking. Because of that, it is much better to play the game with a friend. Get your apron and start working in the kitchen that’s bustling with countless orders. This title is the combination of both Overcooked 1 and Overcooked 2, which means now you can experience both the masterpieces released years ago in a single package.

Initially, it might seem like an easy title where you have to get the orders, cook the food, and serve them to the awaited customers. But it’s quite the opposite. With each ticking tock of the clock, your customers become grumpy, and for a high success rate, you need positive reviews. How would you manage all of this alone? Well, call in your friend, and start polishing your cooking skills together. As the game progresses, the orders will get overwhelmingly difficult to follow, but this is what the game is about.

Final Thoughts

There you have it, these are the best PS5 co-op games you can currently play with your friends and family. We have made sure to include a variety of options to choose from spanning several PS5 gaming genres. Now all you have to do is pick the co-op game the most interests you and your friends or family, and let the fun ensue.

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