12 Best PS5 Controller Chargers of 2021

With the release of Sony’s Playstation 5, a lot of people are looking for a PS5 DualSense charging station to charge their DualSense controllers. If you’re one of them, below we have curated a comprehensive list of the best PS5 controller chargers.

We’ve got a few different PS5 controller charger stations/docks to take a look at, some of which are more expensive, while others are on the cheaper side. We also included alternatives to the PlayStation 5 DualSense Charging Station. Each of these PS5 wireless chargers is unique in its own right. But at the end of the day, if you’re getting the PS5, you’ll want one of them.

1PlayStation DualSense Charging Station

If you’re looking to get a fast, reliable, and aesthetically pleasing charger for your PlayStation 5, Sony is probably your best bet, which is why we’re recommending the official DualSense Charging Station. It’s a rather simple and compact variant that allows you to charge up to two controllers at the same time, without the need to use cables, at all.

On the outside, the design is definitely something we love. Aesthetically, it is very similar to both the console itself, and it comes in the same white and black colorway that fits the PS5 like a glove. It is also very small, and when put next to your console, for example, it takes up little to no space.

On top, you have the slots for two controllers. You can charge them at the same time, and the best thing is that there is zero impact on charging speeds compared to charging from the console itself. The controllers click in on the station, and you can leave them to charge.

If you’re looking to not abuse the USB ports on the controllers themselves and to keep your PS5’s USB ports free for other things, this is an excellent choice for a charging station.

2NexiGo Upgraded PS5 Controller Charger with Thumb Grip Kit

NexiGo’s PS5 Controller Charger is an excellent choice for people who want fast charging on two controllers at the same time. This kit comes with a charging stand and makes use of the port at the bottom of your controller to charge. There is fast charging, but you’ll want to use the included 5.3V/3A power adapter if you want to charge both controllers in under 3 hours.

On the outside, the design is beautiful. You have a white and black cradle with an LED at the bottom and an LED ring at the top, both of which are used as indicators. They’ll let you know if the controllers are charging and will turn off when fully charged.

To add to this, in the box, you also get a thumb grip kit. The kit consists of two rubber replacements for your thumbsticks, which add more grip and make things a bit more comfortable. To add to this, you also have trigger extenders with double-sided adhesive tape, which do make the triggers easier to reach and more comfortable to use. Overall, an excellent charging kit at a more than reasonable price.

3OIVO PS5 Controller Charger Station

OIVO has some excellent PS5 accessories, and if you only need a base that’ll charge two controllers, and do that quickly, this is the one to go for. The design is great, with colors that match the DualSense controllers very well, and a single cable operation that you just plug into a wall outlet and voila, you have fast charging.

You can put two controllers at the top, and they use the charging pins at the inside of the controller for charging. This means that you aren’t potentially damaging the USB-C port at the rear, and you still get fast charging – the station can charge up two controllers in less than two hours, which is impressive.

We also like the addition of an anti-slip material at the bottom, so you don’t have to worry about the station moving around. Also, there’s an On/Off switch at the back, so you can turn it off and have the controllers just sit there. Paired with the front LED indicators, this is a great choice.

4OIVO PS5 Dual Controller Charger Station Stand

When it comes to PS5 controller chargers, most of them do just that – charge your controller. But if you want more functionality, something like OIVO’s PS5 Stand is a great choice, because it does a lot more than just charge your PS5.

This is a complete docking station that includes a base to put your PS5 in the middle, charging places for two controllers on one side, and a nifty shelf to put a couple of games at. But even then, that’s not all. That PS5 base has a fan inside it, which draws hot air from the console itself, helping reduce temperatures during extended gaming sessions. There’s an On/Off switch, so if you don’t want to use it just switch it off. It also connects via a single cable to the PS5, although it splits into two at the console, taking up two of its ports.

The controller chargers themselves take about two and a half hours to charge up two controllers from zero, and there are LED indicators to tell you whether the controller is charged or not. Overall, if you want more than just a controller charger, this is a great choice.

5BEBONCOOL PS5 Charger Stand

When the PS5 initially came out, the docks that were available had somewhat of a rudimentary design – sharp angles and shapes that didn’t really match the controllers. BEBONCOOL’s Charger Stand aims to change that, with a beautiful design that brilliantly matches the controller and console.

At the front is a black section with two LED-backlit controller icons. Not only does this look neat, but it’s also an indicator that shows you whether or not your controller is charged or not. Then there’s the base itself, which is all-white, save for the black bottom section, but the white and black design does look like Sony themselves designed it, which is pretty neat.

In terms of charging, the base uses the pins at the front of the controller, and you do get fast charging. Two controllers can be charged up in less than two and a half hours, and the dock is made in a way so you can’t miss the charging pins – just drop the controllers and you’re good to go. All things considered, if you want a (somewhat basic) controller charging stand that does a great job at keeping your controllers fully charged for the next gaming session, this is the one you want.

6OIVO PS5 Controller Charger

There are a couple of chargers that will offer you the option to get those magnetic USB-C adapters to extend the durability of the port itself. Instead of plugging in the controller all the time, you plug it in once, and then it starts charging automatically when you put it on the stand. The difference between the OIVO, and those chargers, is that unlike the other options that only give you two magnets, OIVO includes four. If you’re using more than two controllers, this is something you’ll definitely appreciate.

But even aside from this, the OIVO charger is pretty neat. At the rear is a USB-C port that you use to connect it to a wall outlet, or your console, as well as an On/Off switch. This is a neat addition that might come in handy. At the front, you have two LED lights, one for each controller, which tell you whether the controller is charging, or is full. The black and white design fits right in with the console itself.

When you want to charge, you just put the controller on top and the magnets set it right into place. Unfortunately, there is no fast charging, but aside from that this is a great choice.

7VOYEE PS5 Charging Station

Whoever said cheap isn’t good hasn’t seen the VOYEE Click-In PS5 Charger for the DualSense controller. This is an extremely wallet-friendly charging station that can charge two controllers at the same time and checks all the boxes for a great experience while keeping the price low.

The station itself, while bulky and large, is pretty well thought out. The click-in design ensures the controller can’t go anywhere while charging. There is a bit of room between the two controller cradles for ease of access, and the front comes with LEDs, two rows of them. They’ll indicate whether or not the controller is fully charged, which is neat. While we’re at this, it takes about an hour and a half to fully charge one controller, which is decent.

What you wouldn’t expect from such a value proposition is protection – you have overcharging, overvoltage, overheating, and short circuit protection, which means this is a rather reliable charger that won’t damage your controller. Overall, while the VOYEE Click-In Charger doesn’t excel at any one particular thing, it’s a great overall choice for people who want to save money. It does everything you need it to, and at a great price!

8BEJOY PS5 Charging Station Dock

Where most charging docks make use of the DualSense controller’s connector that’s on the front side, BEJOY takes a slightly different approach with their dock. It still works just as well, though, and charges your controllers in under four hours.

On the outside, the design is an all-white solution with LEDs at the front. There is a red light for when the controller is still charging, and a green one for when it’s full. Since it’s at the front, it is easily visible and you won’t have to guess whether or not your controller is full.

We mentioned a different approach earlier, and the BEJOY dock comes with two magnetic USB-C adapters. They plug into the DualSense controller’s USB-C port at the front, and when you put the controller on the dock, they magnetically connect to the charging port, so the controller starts charging. The benefit is that you’ve got a fast connection, but the downside is that the small USB-C plug is constantly in your controller. If you want to connect it to something, you’ll have to get it out.

If that doesn’t bother you, though, this is a great choice that also won’t set you back too much either.

9Auarte Dual Charge PS5 Controller Charger

Most of the docks you’ll come across try to fit with the PlayStation 5’s color scheme, and some even follow the design language. Auarte does away with all that, instead opting for a combination of black and transparent plastic to create what is a very functional and nice-looking dock.

The dock itself, as we mentioned, is all black and comes in two pieces. The first one is the vertical stand, which you plug your controllers into, while the other one is the horizontal platform that keeps things stable. At the back is the USB-C port for your charging cable.

Now, the transparent plastic does admittedly look cheap, but it’s there for a functional reason, too. The LED lights are right behind it, which means when the controller is charging, the entire section glows red. When it’s full, it changes to blue light, and both are impossible to miss. You’ll know when your controllers are charged pretty easily.

Pair this with a charging time of fewer than four hours for both controllers, and you’ve got yourself an excellent budget pick that charges two controllers, looks great, and takes up little to no space.

10RegeMoudal Charger Station

With a slightly more modern design and a few premium features, it’s easy to see why the RegeMoudal Charger Station is a great pick for people who want a high-quality charger at a wallet-friendly price. The updated design comes with a few extras compared to the original, so let’s take a closer look at it.

To begin with, you’re looking at two charging slots, as well as two LED indicators at the front that look rather nice. What you don’t see with many other stations in the click-in design, which ensures that the controller remains securely on the charging station, and doesn’t move around. With 5V/2A charging, you can expect to charge both controllers in less than three hours, which is pretty good.

RegeMoudal also took care of another big thing – protections. Not only do you have gold-plated contacts, but you also get both overvoltage and overcurrent protection, so a sudden surge in power doesn’t damage your controller. This is neat, and we’d like to see more manufacturers implementing this.

At the end of the day, if you don’t need extremely fast charging or any extra features, this is a great charging station for your controllers.

11A-VIDET Controller Charger

A-VIDET might not be the first brand that springs to mind when it comes to PS5 accessories, but this charging dock is a must-have. It’s made to be a budget option for users who don’t want to spend too much, and it checks all the boxes.

The charger uses the bottom ports of your controller and allows you to charge two controllers at the same time. The manufacturer quotes under 3 hours for both controllers to charge, and that’s with a 5V/3A charger, which is pretty fast. A-VIDET has also included chip safety which ensures no overcharging or short can occur, and your controllers won’t get damaged while charging.

You get a nice design, too, which is in line with the DualSense controller design language. A black and white charger that comes with an LED indicator at the front is just perfect. And that indicator can be used to indicate whether your controller is charged or not, which is neat. At the bottom is an anti-skid base, so the controller doesn’t move around – another nice addition. A great choice for users who want to charge two controllers safely.

12innoAura Portable Charging Station

A lot of people tend to take their console with them when they’re traveling, and if that’s the case with you as well, you’ll love the innoAura Portable Charging Station and how compact it is. This is one of the smallest charging docks that still gets you decent charging speeds.

innoAura has paid attention to Sony’s design language with their dock – black and white design, smooth and elegant lives, and curves rather than edges. The back of the dock comes with a USB-C port, which means you can have this connected to your console and not use extra power adapters.

On top, you have the slots for both controllers. The dock makes use of the controllers’ USB-C ports, and it comes with a detachable, magnetic plug that slots right into the charging port when you put the controller on the dock. Now, you don’t have fast charging, especially if you put two controllers at the same time. But on the other hand, it’s not slow either.

If you care about how compact your entire PS5 setup is, you’ll love the innoAura charging dock. It’s compact, it works great, and it looks really nice, too.

How Do You Charge Your PS5 DualSense Controller?

With Sony including both the EXT port and a USB-C port, you actually get two ways to charge your PS5 controller. But not both of them are equal.

The first way to do so is to keep it plugged in and use the USB-C port with a suitable cable to charge it. Now, yes, in some situations that might get you slightly faster-charging speeds. But that’s only the case if you compare it to slow charging docks. On the other hand, constantly plugging in the controller puts unnecessary stress on the USB-C port, which isn’t ideal.

The second way, and the better one, is to use a charging station that either utilizes the USB-C port or even better, one that makes use of the EXT port of the controller. This is basically wireless charging since there is no port to be damaged, and it has zero impact on the overall durability of the controller. To make things even better, a good charging dock will also get you fast charging this way, and you’ll have the controller (or both) charged in no time.

Why a Charging Station is the Way to Go

Now, which one you go for is completely up to you. But using a charging dock is not only better for your controller, but it also keeps the USB ports on your console free. You can use them to plug in something else, like an external drive. And the best thing about them is that if you plug it into the wall, your controllers will charge even when your console is turned off. This way, you’re always ready to game.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, some might argue that buying a charging station is just spending more money, but honestly, we would disagree. You’re buying protection for your controller, convenience, and the ability to always have a fully charged controller even with a switched off the console. This will also allow you to better maintain longer battery life as your DualSense controller will be less likely to completely run out of charge. When you factor in all of these things and then add the reasonable prices, it’s really a no-brainer.

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