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The highly anticipated console, the PlayStation 5 has finally been released. As a result, many are wondering what the top games are for Sony’s PS5 next-gen console. Therefore, in this article, we have created a comprehensive list of the best PS5 games you can play now.

We have made sure to include a wide and diverse variety of great PS5 games covering many different gaming genres. This list is a resource for those looking for the best PS5 games they can play now and will be updated frequently as more games are released.

Demon’s Souls (Exclusive)

Release date: November 12, 2020 | Developer: Bluepoint Games | ESRB Age Rating: Mature 17+

Demon’s Souls makes dying look great. The remake of the classic action-adventure game, 2020’s Demon’s Souls faithfully recreates the original’s unforgiving challenge and unapologetic difficulty to make it feel like you’re always fighting for your very life with each encounter.

As a remake, 2020’s Demon’s Souls adds newer stuff to the game as well. This includes a laundry list of improvements such as more loot, better textures, audio, and brand new motion capture. These combine to make you look forward to every trip to the land of Boleteria.

Speaking of improvements, Demon’s Souls biggest upgrade is in its visuals. The Cinematic Mode is arguably the best way to enjoy the game as it ups the resolution to a native 4K while maintaining it at 30 frames per second.

Elden Ring

Release date: February 25th 2022 | Developer: FromSoftware Inc. | ESRB Age Rating: Mature

Elden Ring puts sheer amounts of exhilaration and escapades in an excruciating walkthrough of insurmountable difficulties. FromSoftware’s finest masterpiece yet has invoked a massive positive chain reaction in the community of Dark Souls, Demon Souls, and Bloodborne fanatics. By coalescing the core aspects of the mentioned games with its unique selling points, Elden Ring is here to make a dramatic difference via its alluring open world experience, and nerve-racking boss fights. Commence your enigmatic journey with the label of the “tarnished,” from the plains of Limgrave and unravel a rather vague storyline with memorable characters. Game progression is handled tastefully, and the presence of the vast side game content will keep you engrossed in conquering it all.

The game, Elden Ring, expands on the versatility of mini foes whose threat levels are not at all scaled with your in-game level. Unpredictable, meticulously designed, and scattered all over the various regions, Elden Ring’s enemies will have you tackling non-boss fights tactfully too. The difficulty of bosses is up to par with Souls games and in some ways more chaotic and troublesome when it comes to deciphering their movements— your combat skills will make you rely on acute timing to perform guard counters and to have a keen eye to spot weak points in the attacking patterns of the bosses. Every arduous effort in Elden Ring comes with the satisfaction of receiving distinctive rewards. And once you are done with the main content, thrilling PVP awaits you. With all that said, Elden Ring has inevitably made strides in the genre of Dungeon crawling— the credit of which we hand solely to FromSoftware.

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart (Exclusive)

Release date: June 11, 2021 | Developer: Insomniac Games | ESRB Age Rating: Everyone 10+

Rift Apart is a technical showcase through and through. The first new adventure of the titular duo in almost a decade utilizes every square inch of next-gen nicety afforded to it by the PS5. This includes the proprietary SSD that eliminates any transition as you travel in between dimensions and the DualSense, which helps immerse you in a game where everything you do feels different and unique.

The decision to open up the world of series filled with linear action platformers allows Rift Apart to stand out in a franchise with more than its fair share of quality games.

The best part here is that Rift Apart lets you choose how to experience it on your PS5. It comes with multiplayer gameplay settings. Each one caters to gamers of particular tastes, regardless of whether you prefer more eye candy or better framerates or if you like a little bit of both.

Final Fantasy VII Remake: Intergrade (Exclusive)

Release date: Feb 5, 2021 | Developer: Team Ninja | ESRB Age Rating: Teen

Final Fantasy VII Remake: Intergrade is arguably the first PS5-exclusive “director’s cut” to be released. This next-gen collection improves on the base game by a significant margin. It reworks all the important textures and even the subtle ones, adds more effects for better graphics, and drastically improves loading times to the point that they become close to non-existent.

With an all-new photo mode, as well as an optional 60fps performance mode and a 4K30 graphics option, Intergrade is the definitive way to experience 2020’s remake of the classic Final Fantasy RPG.

In addition to the aforementioned improvements, Intergrade also comes with a Yuffie-centric DLC episode. It puts players in the shoes of the fan-favourite character, Yuffie Kisaragi. The story runs parallel with Cloud Strife’s adventures with the rest of the gang and comes with a slightly reworked battle system.

Guilty Gear -STRIVE-

Release date: June 8, 2021 | Developer: Arc System Works | ESRB Age Rating: Teen

Guilty Gear – STRIVE- is the best fighting game for both casual fans and hardcore players. The former is especially important as it is what lands it on our list of the best PS5 games that are available right now.

What separates -STRIVE- from its predecessors is how it makes the gameplay more accessible than ever. It’s still a very technical game with tons of nuances. However, -STRIVE- might just be the first game in the franchise where you can take anyone that has little fighting game experience and they’ll still have a good time. Perhaps the best part here is that -STRIVE- has fully functional online multiplayer right from the start.

Horizon Forbidden West

Release date: February 18th 2022 | Developer: Guerrilla Games | ESRB Age Rating: Teen

Aloy’s destiny has once again paved her path towards a life-endangering mission whose outcome will be the sole decider of everyone’s fate around her. This sequel brings along a new threat and its repercussions will land a detrimental impact on the vitality of the land itself; therefore, by putting on the harness of necessity, Aloy ventures to the destination wherein lies the chance of exterminating the growing evil: the Forbidden West. There, Aloy will be met with conflicts after conflicts in the shape of newer war machines and rebellious tribes. All such little and major impediments add up to an enriching storyline and overall gameplay that successfully builds upon the existing fan-loved aspects of the Horizon Zero Dawn.

Guerrilla Games has impressively curated the good bits of Horizon Zero Dawn concurrently with the embedment of the much needed refinements to the pacing of the storyline, cutscenes, and other similar imperfections that came to surface after the release of the first part. All of this is then evolved to a whole new mesmerizing level when optimized for a next-gen console. The graphics are a sight for sore eyes that intensify the feeling of combat. Especially with the retouch to the difficulty level and the addition of newer weapons/ammunition to widen the scope of how you choose to enter and exit a hostile encounter. Horizon fans will also be delighted to see the return of familiar old faces who’ll accompany you from time to time as you progress in the main story. The journey will undoubtedly be challenging but with companions by your side, you will feel a sense of belonging and sincere support.


Release date: November 12, 2020 | Developer: Epic Games | ESRB Age Rating: Teen

At this point, Fortnite isn’t just a sandbox open-world battle royale shooter. It’s a complete gaming experience that has its own game-creation modes for the more creative players. There are also the occasional concerts held in-game by popular artists like Travis Scott and Ariana Grande, among others.

On the PS5, this experience is truly next-level. The PS5 update for Fortnite improves the game’s textures and eliminates the loading screens. There’s also the option to play the game at 120 frames per second at 4K resolution.


Release date: September 14th, 2021 | Developer: Arkane Studios | ESRB Age Rating: Mature 17+

To say, Deathloop has received a head start ever since its launch will be an understatement. Arkane Studios, who brought us the games Dishonoured and Dishonoured 2, have unerringly brought forth another masterpiece. Deathloop follows Dishonoured’s similar yet more innovative action-adventure genre path when we talk about its main storyline and overall gameplay mechanics. Having already won prestigious gaming awards, Deathloop’s creditability as a well-rounded game is unquestionable— stats do not lie! In the heat of battle and adrenaline-driven assassination missions, you’ll feel like an experimentalist when contemplating how to take out your next target. Deathloop comes with fun and exciting gadgets to aid you in eliminating targets with utmost style and panache.

What truly acts as the pinnacle of success for this game is its fast-paced and meticulously outlined plot. Enter the main character Colt, an assassin, who is stuck in a time loop and has a ticking deadline to complete in order to achieve one and only one thing—freedom. To break free from this loop it is crucial to take down all eight visionaries, including the antagonist, Julianna Blake. But be warned, she is equally well-equipped and competent as an assassin.

Hitman 3

Release date: January 20, 2021 | Developer: IO Interactive | ESRB Age Rating: Mature 17+

Hitman 3 gives the World of Assassination trilogy a proper conclusion. It is a polished sandbox shooter game that literally gives you the gun and points you to a target but couldn’t care less about how you take the said target out.

Because there are literally dozens if not hundreds of ways to accomplish each mission, Hitman 3 potentially has limitless replay value. This is especially true on the PS5. The chance to play the game in 4K resolution with 60 frames per second support is life-changing. Hitman 3 also features DualSense support to make every time you pull the trigger on your target feel as much like the actual thing as any game could.

Spider-Man: Miles Morales

Release date: November 12, 2020 | Developer: Insomniac Games | ESRB Age Rating: Teen

Miles Morales trimmed down on the filler content from 2018’s Marvel’s Spider-Man, which resulted in a more relatable and emotional story that’s filled with interesting characters. Also, by doing so, the sequel had fewer repetitive tasks and missions that did little to nothing in terms of world-building nor connected to the main storyline.

The more streamlined approach to Miles Morales might have cut down on playing hours, but it made up for it in sheer quality. On top of this, Miles Morales had a more nuanced combat system and was released on a more powerful console. The resulting product has been nothing short of amazing.

Miles Morales can run at 60 frames per second with ray-tracing and 4K resolution on the PlayStation 5, which, if nothing else, makes the game look more spectacular when compared to its older brother while also playing better at the same time.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Release date: November 12, 2020 | Developer: Ubisoft | ESRB Age Rating: Mature 17+

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla builds on the gameplay systems introduced in the last two games, implementing some welcome improvements and refinements. All of these subtle changes result in Valhalla being one of the most polished Assassin’s Creed games to date.

As far as anything major, Valhalla doesn’t try to change the formula much. However, it does boast one of the series’ largest maps to date. The game is filled with so much stuff to do that it’s become a pain point. Many are criticizing Valhalla for having far too much content for its own good.

On the PS5, this isn’t as big of a problem. The PS5 version of Valhalla makes the open-world look and feel so much more amazing. The resolution is sharper (4k resolution) and the frame rates are higher (60 frames per second). The lack of loading screens is also a nice touch that creates a grossly engrossing gaming experience that should be feeling overly familiar for fans of the franchise.


Release date: April 30, 2021 | Developer: Housemarque | ESRB Age Rating: Teen

Trying to enjoy Returnal as a standard third-person shooter game is an exercise in futility. It’s a full-on roguelike dressed as a AAA title. The game comes complete with all the eye candy with next-gen graphics at 4K resolution and 60 frames per second. It even supports the DualSense controller. Yet, indie game fans will feel familiar with how the game plays.

As a challenge and atmospheric gaming experience, Returnal checks all of the right boxes. However, to fully enjoy it, you’ll need to drop all your preconceived notions of how to enjoy the game. You’re not playing it to get to the end. You’re playing Returnal for its cyclical nature that’s made so much more enjoyable by its satisfying combat system and movement.

Returnal isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. It’s different and every time you play Returnal is a brand-new experience as well. It’s this nature that makes Returnal one of the most divisive and best PS5 games in 2021.


Release date: February 6th 2022 | Developer: Sloclap | ESRB Age Rating: Mature 17+

Sloclap, the independent studio behind Absolver delivers a riveting hand-to-hand combat action game that truly lives up to its name, “Sifu.” From your very first fight encounter, Sifu will conjure a sense of mastery in the player, as you start to familiarize yourself with the art of Bak Mei style martial arts. Every movement and sway of muscle feels natural and effortlessly captures the quintessence of remarkable animation; whether you are pulling off an impactful punch, a mid-air kick, a last-second counter, or leaping over objects to create space for yourself. None of us felt bereft of a top-notch Kungfu game until Sifu made its appearance in the gaming market and immediately scored high ratings/scores.

As far as the main storyline is concerned, Sifu’s plot is a rather basic one. The main character is relentlessly set out on a path of vengeance after having his master and father murdered by five mysterious men at a young age— murderers that you’ll hunt down by gathering various clues throughout the campaign and by pushing waves of mobs. What sets Sifu apart from any other games you might have played is the notion of aging. Every time death has you in its clutches, you will be reincarnated a few years older than before. The physical appearance changes alongside increasing age and it also affects your overall health meter and damage output. Should you surpass the age of seventy, the level’s progression will reset concurrently with the skills upgraded along the way. Sifu is an epitome of the beat-em-up genre, and one easily learns to acknowledge the cardinal reasons behind its high ratings. 

The Pathless

Release date: November 12, 2020 | Developer: Giant Squid | ESRB Age Rating: Everyone 10+

The Pathless is an open-world action-adventure game that feels and looks awfully familiar. But, in a market full of similar open-world titles, The Pathless separates itself by taking notes from the genre greats and doing something unique with it. Case in point, it does away with everything that you’d expect from an open-world game.

The Pathless doesn’t give you a minimap, fast travel, player death, normal enemies, NPCs, and vehicles. It’s just you, a bow and arrow, your eagle companion, and the occasional bosses, as well as a world filled with interesting and clever puzzles.

Control: Ultimate Edition

Release date: February 2, 2021 | Developer: Remedy Entertainment | ESRB Age Rating: Mature 17+

When it was first released in 2019, Control treated fans to a unique atmospheric third-person shooter title that had satisfying shooting and combat with some supernatural horror elements. Two years later, Control: Ultimate Edition takes that very same game and gives it an unnecessary but very welcome facelift.

Part sci-fi and part horror adventure, Control: Ultimate Edition removes all the technical issues that made Control unbearable to play in last-gen consoles at times. It replaces those problems with lighting fast loading times, better-looking textures, and smoother frame rates. The addition of Ray Tracing is also a nice touch.

With two post-launch DLCs bundled together with Control: Ultimate Edition, this is the best way to experience Control.

Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition

Release date: November 12, 2020 | Developer: Capcom | ESRB Age Rating: Teen

Devil May Cry V was one of the best hack & slash games ever. The next-gen Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition makes it even better. The stylish action game gets a lot of superficial upgrades for this next-gen release. This includes the ability to play the game at 4K resolution and at 120 frames per second.

The Special Edition isn’t just pure eye candy either. It also adds several new modes for fans. It even brings long-time series baddie and hesitant-ally, Vergil, as a playable character.

Sackboy: A Big Adventure

Release date: November 12, 2020 | Developer: Sumo Digital | ESRB Age Rating: Everyone

In a world full of mature and gory titles, Sackboy: A Big Adventure delivers a more child-friendly take on platformers. It features one of the most recognizable PlayStation mascots in Sackboy and takes him through a wonderfully crafted world.

Gamers looking for a challenge will find none of that here. This is a more relaxing experience geared towards younger gamers. It’s colorful, fun, and non-violent. The only real flaw here is that it doesn’t support DualSense as much as you’d think it should.

Resident Evil Village

Release date: May 7, 2021 | Developer: Capcom | ESRB Age Rating: Mature 17+

Resident Evil: Village builds on what Biohazard did, which was to take a rather bland protagonist, take a risk, and build a colorful (albeit horrific) world around him. However, unlike its predecessor, Village eschews the survival-horror bit for more action sequences. Thankfully, it has none of those boulder-punching shenanigans.

With just a tiny bit more action to it and a much more open world for players to explore, Village is a slow-burner that goes full throttle by the time that you get to the halfway point of the game. Add the harder difficulties for maximum replay value, New Game+, as well as Mercenaries mode, and Village becomes an instant classic.

On the PS5, Village is a no-brainer. Even though it’s well-optimized to run well on older consoles, it is on the PS5 where it really shines. The game runs beautifully at 4K resolution and 60 fps on the PS5, allowing you to feel the full breadth of the game’s horror elements.

Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1+2

Release date: November 12, 2020 | Developer: Vicarious Visions | ESRB Age Rating: Teen

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2 was a successful 900 on the last-gen consoles. On the PS5, it’s no different, except that it’s prettier and smoother.

The subtle PS5 improvements solidify the game’s hold on the fictional title of the best skateboarding game of all time. The cleaner next-gen visuals, support for 120 frames per second, and support for the DualSense, as well as virtually nonexistent loading times, warrant a replay on the PS5.


Release date: November 12, 2020 | Developer: Codemasters | ESRB Age Rating: Everyone

DIRT 5 on the PS5 is the final release build to the PS4 version’s beta. The game was designed with the PS5 in mind and it shows. It takes the enjoyable arcade racing simulation game and gives it much more polish. Although you’ll need to have a 4K 120Hz television to really see the difference, DIRT 5 on the PS5 is also the kind of game that warrants such an investment.

In case you’re more of a casual gamer who only wants to enjoy the game’s entertaining career mode and run a few laps, that’s okay too. The DualSense features make racing in DIRT 5 on the PS5 feel much more immersive.

You’ll feel every bump in the road as you try and race through the game’s ten racing environments that were inspired by real-life locations.

Final Thoughts

There you have it, these are the best PS5 games you can play now. At this moment, gamers have many titles to choose from when it comes to the PS5. They also have a fair share of noteworthy PS5 exclusives to choose from as well. This list will only continue to grow as the PlayStation 5 supplants the PlayStation 4 as the go-to gaming console for Sony’s avid fans.

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