Best PS5 Racing Games in 2021

With the release of the PlayStation 5, many gamers are in search of great racing games to play on this next-gen console. While racing fans were spoiled for choice for the PlayStation 4, there have not been many notable PS5 racing games released so far. Therefore, below we have curated this list of the best PS5 racing games available for you to play now.

Hardware-wise, these PS5 driving games will benefit from the PS5’s much-improved performance that allows it to support 4K graphics at a whopping 120Hz refresh rate and even 8K graphics as well as 3D audio.

Dirt 5

Described by developers as a “bold new-off road racing experience”, Dirt 5 looks to re-establish the franchise as one of the premier racers out there. To do this, they brought in plenty of help to make the narrative of the single-player experience something of a high point for the series after previous attempts fell flat.

Featuring real-life auto enthusiast content creators, Donut Media, as well as characters played by industry staples Nolan North and Troy Baker, Dirt 5 will also feature guest appearances from Jamie Chadwick, the 22-year-old British racing driver that competes in the W series and the Formula Regional European Championship.

The career mode will also include a very real situation with players vying for sponsorship. Dirt 5 will feature multiple chapters for progression, with the game throwing a couple of one-on-one events known as Throwdown for some variety.

Of course, Dirt 5 will feature a multiplayer component. In fact, it will bring back split-screen racing. Four players can compete against each other on a single screen now. Meanwhile, there are reports it will have a creativity-based game mode and global online battles where players can compete against each other for racing supremacy.

World Rally Championship 9

KT Racing’s other racing simulator is World Rally Championship 9 and is already available on current-gen consoles.

A more modest improvement over the previous title, WRC 8, WRC 9 focuses on making subtle changes to the gameplay. In particular, it focuses more on making driving feel more organic, as previously, it had felt like cars didn’t really give off an authentic feeling when driven across gravel.

Speaking of satisfying, WRC 9 brings with it a new English man serving as your co-driver, as well as a much-improved chase cam that doesn’t feel like a GoPro awkwardly attached to the rear side of your car and more like an actual back cam used by professionals.

Of course, the main highlight remains the tracks. To that end, WRC 9 delivers. You’ll be taken to rally locations in Japan, New Zealand, and the standout, Kenya, with its Safari Rally offering a much-needed breath of fresh air. The backdrop changes from the cramped stages in Germany and Monte Carlo as the Safari Rally takes you through the wide-open African countryside.

We’re not lying if we told you that you’ll be seeing curious animals and massive baobab trees as you drive past the wide-open roads.

All in all, WRC 9 retains the authenticity that KT Racing brought to the franchise when they took over. At the same time, the latest title makes some superb additions. This includes the return of last year’s overhauled career mode, but with noted improvements.

With the PS5, expect WRC 9 to only look and play better with the DualSense’s haptic feedback and adaptive triggers.

F1 2021

The official game of the Formula One and Two championships will also be Codemasters’ first game under the EA umbrella with a next-gen version available from the get-go. In addition to the obvious graphical enhancements, F1 2021 has a lot more going on for it under the proverbial hood.

On top of the wide assortment of upgrades to F1 2021 includes a single-player campaign titled “Braking Point”, which reportedly takes inspiration from Netflix’s documentary series, Drive to Survive. F1 2021 will also be getting a more robust multiplayer experience, complete with a two-player co-op Career mode, as well as “Real-Season Start” that will launch players straight into a career mode that has the results from the ongoing season with simulated R&D development.

F1 2021 will also have head-to-head split-screen racing and a ten-year “My Team” Career mode for those who like to see if they have what it takes to achieved sustained excellence.

Destruction All-Stars (Exclusive)

Looking like a more cartoonish and colorful version of the iconic Twisted Metal franchise, Destruction All-Stars is a vehicular combat launch title that’s exclusive to the PS5.

Very little of the game has been revealed so far. However, judging by the trailers, it might be a simple and straightforward game. Highly likely, your only goal will be to destroy as many cars as you can and emerge the winner. But, then again, there could be some variety. The trailer did also show players being able to play their characters outside of their cars.

Ride 4

Ride 4 is the latest installment in the Ride franchise. It lets players compete against machine learning AI-controlled bikers and other high-speed riders from all over the globe with hundreds of officially licensed bikes and more than a dozen incredibly detailed tracks to choose from for some two-wheel racing. It features everything from endurance races and pitstops to a day/night cycle, as well as dynamic weather.

Moreover, the PS5 improved hardware allows gamers to better enjoy Ride 4. It’s capable of 60 frames per second with 4K resolution. It also supports the Haptic feedback from the DualSense controller for an even deeper sense of immersion.

MXGP 2020

The newest installment in the MXGP franchise is just a re-skinned version of MXGP 2019. However, on the PS5, the reskin looks more magnificent. It supports everything from DualSense’s Advanced Haptic Feedback to the PS5’s much better hardware. This allows the game to run at 60 frames per second at up to 4K resolution.

A single-player career mode revolves around working your way up from MX2 level to look for sponsors or the right team. The better you perform, the more likely you’ll make it to the MXGP. From there, things only get more competitive and interesting. But, if you’re looking for something else, you can also try your hands at creating your own waypoint race or racing against others via online multiplayer.

Final Thoughts

These racing games look absolutely incredible on the PS5. The jump in hardware performance might not be like what it was from the PS3 to the PS4, but it remains significant nonetheless. The PS5 is capable of pushing out much more immersive and beautiful driving game content than the already-powerful PS4 Pro.

Not to mention, most of today’s games receive constant updates and refinement. So, it doesn’t matter what your inclinations are. You can be a racing fan or someone who loves to compete with others who have a similar thirst for speed. You’re bound to find the right racing game for your PS5 on this list.

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