10 Best PSUs for RTX 3060 Ti in 2021

The RTX 3060 Ti is Nvidia’s latest addition to the Ampere-powered line of graphics cards. Designed to offer the same amount of performance as the last-gen RTX 2080 Super, this GPU almost makes the entire 2000 series obsolete. At half the price of an RTX 2080 Super, we get the RTX 3060 Ti, which resembles its bigger brother, the RTX 3070. But there are still some differences between the two graphics cards, such as the 3060 Ti requiring slightly less power. Therefore, we have reviewed the best PSUs for RTX 3060 Ti based PC builds.

With the abundance of AMD’s Zen 2, Zen 3, and Intel processors, important to identify the ideal power supply watt for your particular build. So before we discuss PSUs for the RTX 3060 Ti, we need to understand its power requirements.

RTX 3060 Ti PSU Requirements

According to Nvidia, the RTX 3060 demands 200W of power on its own, and therefore it’s recommended to use at least a 600W power supply. Compared to the rest of the 3000 series lineup, this GPU uses less power. But it all comes down to PC configuration and the CPU in particular.

Take note that Nvidia’s PSU recommendation is based on a configuration using the Intel Core i9 10980XE. If you plan to overclock your system or use a Threadripper, you’re going to need at least a 750W PSU instead. As for the power supply itself, if the budget allows, you should aim for a modular one with a Gold-rated efficiency rating and a solid 5-10 year warranty. Quality often beats quantity.

1EVGA SuperNOVA 650 P2

Form factor: ATX | Capacity: 650W | Efficiency rating: 80 Plus Platinum | Modularity: Full | Warranty: 10 years
Key features:
  • Up to 94% efficiency
  • 140mm Double Ball Bearing cooling fan
  • Fully modular
  • SLI and Crossfire ready
  • High-quality Japanese capacitors

EVGA’s P2 series is famous for its high quality and performance. Rated with Platinum for efficiency, this entirely modular PSU is hands down one of the best ones. As long as your PC builds include a modern i7/Ryzen 7 or i9/Ryzen 9 at stock clock speeds, this 650W PSU will offer all the power you need.

As for colling, the P2 is equipped with a silent 140mm double ball bearing cooling fan. The size of the fan is important because smaller ones tend to be louder. Fortunately, this power supply has a large fan, so no need to endure any noise or worry about overheating.

Finally, EVGA offers a 10-year warranty with the P2, so you shouldn’t even think about the PSU until it’s finally time to upgrade it.


Form factor: ATX | Capacity: 600W | Efficiency rating: 80 Plus Bronze | Modularity: Semi | Warranty: 3 years
Key features:
  • 85% efficiency
  • Honeycomb ventilation design
  • Single +12V rail design for high amperage
  • ECO switch

If you’re on a tight budget and 600W is enough to power your system, the VP-600 from Gamemax will suffice. This Bronze-rated PSU isn’t the most efficient product, but it will get the job done if you don’t overclock the RTX 3060 Ti and your processor. It’s also semi-modular, which is often a rare feature in this price range. Therefore, you’ll have some control over your cable management and can ensure adequate cooling inside the case.

The downside is that the VP-600 comes with a small 120mm fan. At light to medium loads, it will indeed be as silent as advertised. But if you plan to regularly push your system to full load, it may cause an unpleasant noise. But that’s generally the case with small fans.

As for support, the manufacturer offers a short 3-year warranty. This is somewhat out of the ordinary, even for budget PSUs, because most of them will have a 5-year warranty at least.

All in all, the VP-600 will power your system, but you should make an upgrade in the near future.

3Corsair RM 650x

Form factor: ATX | Capacity: 650W | Efficiency rating: 80 Plus Gold | Modularity: Full | Warranty: 10 years
Key features:
  • Up to 90% efficiency
  • Zero RPM fan mode
  • Low noise at full load
  • Compact design for modern cases
  • High-end Japanese capacitors

The RMx series from Corsair is a mainstream line of PSUs that you’ll find in a variety of PC builds. In particular, the RM650x is a Gold-rated power supply that offers 650W of power, which is enough for an RTX 3060 Ti build. Furthermore, it’s entirely modular, so cable management is a breeze. You won’t have any cables sticking out and suffocating your hardware.

As for interesting features, the RMx comes with a Zero RPM cooling mode that turns on the fan only when the power supply goes beyond light operation loads.

Finally, Corsair backs their RMx line with a 10-year warranty, so no need to worry about replacements any time soon.

4NZXT C650

Form factor: ATX | Capacity: 650W | Efficiency rating: 80 Plus Gold | Modularity: Full | Warranty: 10 years
Key features:
  • Optional Zero RPM fan mode
  • Fully modular design
  • 120mm fluid bearing fan
  • Sleeved cables

The C650 is a power supply that offers a lot of performance and functionality for the price. Rated Gold for efficiency, this PSU is quiet, reliable, modular, and resilient enough to operate under heavy load regularly. The 10-year manufacturer warranty is evidence of the company’s trust in the C650’s performance.

Additionally, the C650 has the Zero RPM cooling mode included, thus staying completely silent at low operation loads. And if you’re worried about connectors and cabling, have no fear, because this PSU includes everything you need and more. The only downside here is that the SATA connectors will feel a bit crowded.

All in all, the C650 is a budget-friendly power supply that will power any midrange RTX 3060 Ti setup.

5Thermaltake TR 2 600W

Form factor: ATX | Capacity: 600W | Efficiency rating: 80 Plus Bronze | Modularity: None | Warranty: 5 years
Key features:
  • Up to 85% efficiency
  • Elongated cables
  • Japanese main capacitor
  • Powerful +12V rail

The TR2 from Thermaltake is another 600W budget entry on our list. This Bronze-rated power supply is simple in design. All it has to offer is power. So if you think you won’t miss any features, like modularity, then this is a solid option for the RTX 3060 Ti. It does what it’s supposed to do. And despite not being modular, Thermaltake included longer cables to make cable management easier and tidier.

On the downside, this PSU model is from 2011 so we can expect the technology to be somewhat aged. The manufacturer is still confident enough to offer a 5-year warranty, but you might want something newer.

6EVGA 600 BQ

Form factor: ATX | Capacity: 600W | Efficiency rating: 80 Plus Bronze | Modularity: Semi | Warranty: 3 years
Key features:
  • Up to 85% efficiency
  • Fluid dynamic bearing fan
  • Heavy-duty protections
  • Powerful +12V rail

The BQ series is EVGA’s budget line of PSUs. This 600W power supply comes with a Bronze rating for efficiency and it’s semi-modular. While we can’t expect full modularity at this price, we at least have the freedom to remove the cables we don’t need and keep the interior of our case tidy.

As an entry-level power supply, the BQ is good enough for midrange RTX 3060 Ti builds that don’t involve any overclocking or very demanding CPUs. And despite being backed by a short 3-year warranty, EVGA is famous for offering good quality hardware that has gone through a rigorous quality check.

Therefore, while this PSU isn’t anything special, if you’re limited by your budget it’s safe to go with EVGA’s 600 BQ.

7Cooler Master V650

Form factor: ATX | Capacity: 650W | Efficiency rating: 80 Plus Gold | Modularity: Full | Warranty: 10 years
Key features:
  • Up to 90% efficient operation
  • DC to DC technology
  • Semi-fanless switch
  • 16 AWG PCI-e cables

The V650 is a budget-friendly PSU that comes with all the premium features we need. It’s Gold-rated for efficiency, which is the sweet spot, and it’s entirely modular. The 650W of power it provides is enough for most RTX 3060 Ti builds, as long as you’re not planning to buy a Threadripper or overclock an i9, of course.

What’s interesting about the V650 is the semi-fanless mode. First of all, the switch is optional, so if you don’t feel comfortable keeping the fan off, then simply keep it on. Secondly, the PSU will stay cool enough without the fan up to 40% load. That’s impressive. That means we can have a dead silent PSU up to medium loads.

As for support, the Cooler Master offers a 10-year warranty, so the V650 is a safe purchase.

8Apevia ATX-PR600W

Form factor: ATX | Capacity: 600W | Efficiency rating: 80 Plus Gold | Modularity: None | Warranty: 3 years
Key features:
  • Gold-rated at a low price
  • 135mm low-noise fan
  • DC to DC converter design
  • Powerful Single +12V rail

The PR600 from Apevia is an interesting PSU because it’s one of the cheapest on this list, but it’s rated Gold for efficiency. Most budget-level PSUs have a Bronze rating, or worse. So this is a big plus for this power supply.

Other than that, the PR600 isn’t modular, so cable management will be a nuisance. As for the manufacturer’s support, this PSU comes with a short 3-year warranty. But all of this is to be expected when the PR600’s price hovers just above $50.

All in all, if you’re tight on your budget, the PR600 will serve a midrange RTX 3060 Ti setup. Just don’t push it too hard with overclocking, and upgrade it in the near future.

9EVGA SuperNOVA 650 GM

Form factor: SFX | Capacity: 650W | Efficiency rating: 80 Plus Gold | Modularity: Full | Warranty: 7 years
Key features:
  • Up to 92% efficiency
  • 92mm double ball bearing cooling fan
  • Automatic ECO mode
  • Fully modular
  • High-quality Japanese capacitors

In the SFX form factor category, we have the SuperNova GM series from EVGA. This power supply offers 650W of power despite being so small. Furthermore, it’s impressively affordable when considering its specifications because SFX PSUs tend to be on the expensive side.

Despite being small, the 650 GM is entirely modular, silent, and it comes with a generous 7-year warranty from the manufacturer. Additionally, it has an ECO mode to keep the fan offline during light operation loads.

If you’re a fan of small, sleek PC cases, then EVGA’s 650 GM is for you. It offers plenty of power for a standard RTX 3060 Ti build and it won’t take much space.

10Aresgame AGV650

Form factor: ATX | Capacity: 650W | Efficiency rating: 80 Plus Bronze | Modularity: None | Warranty: 3 years
Key features:
  • Up to 85% efficiency
  • DC to DC circuit design
  • Honeycomb ventilation design

The AGV650 is a Bronze-rated PSU designed to power midrange setups. It provides 650W of power, which is enough for most RTX 3060 Ti systems, but it doesn’t come with any interesting features. It’s a budget-grade power supply meant to power your system safely, and that’s about it.

As for support, the AV650 is backed by a 3-year warranty, which is fairly short. Most PSUs in this price range come with a 5-year warranty. If you’re limited by your budget, this power supply will be enough, but you’ll probably want to get something better in the near future.

Final Thoughts

The RTX 3060 Ti requires a 600W PSU, assuming your build doesn’t include power-hungry CPUs, like the Threadripper, or several generations of Intel processors. All PSUs on this list offer enough power for any midrange setup. However, if you’re looking for high-end builds and you want to overclock your hardware to its limit, you should get more headroom. Remember that 600W is the minimum requirement.

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