8 Best Samsung Phones for Gaming in 2022

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If you love Samsung phones and you love gaming, you may be wondering what are some good Samsung phones for gaming. Therefore, in this article, we have reviewed the 8 best Samsung phones for gaming that will allow you to play the latest mobile games such as PUBG, CoD, and much more.

Moreover, we have made sure to include some higher-end as well as some budget gaming phone options. You’ll also find information pertaining to the four major factors that make up an excellent gaming phone to guide you in your selection of a Samsung gaming phone.

Best Samsung Phones for Gaming

1Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G


OS: Android 11 (One UI 3.1) | Screen size: 6.8-inch | Resolution: 3200×1440 | Refresh rate: 120Hz | CPU: Snapdragon 888 (U.S.) / Exynos 2100 (Global) | RAM: 12/16GB | Storage: 128/256/512GB | Battery: 5,000mAh | Rear camera: 108MP+10MP+10MP+12MP | Front camera: 40MP | Weight: 229g | Dimensions: 165.1 x 75.6 x 8.9 mm

The Samsung S21 Ultra is the latest flagship to launch from Samsung, featuring a ton of tweaks and upgrades over last year’s model, making it one of the best Samsung gaming phones you can buy right now. Featuring the Snapdragon 888 SoC, it guarantees the best performance in the latest mobile games. The smartphone comes with 12GB of RAM in the base model, ensuring apps load quickly from memory.

The stunning 6.8-inch AMOLED display features minimal bezels for an immersive viewing experience. The screen’s refresh rate of 120Hz should make apps and games feel smoother and fluid, while the 1440p resolution should make even fine details appear crisp. The variable refresh rate screen also helps reduce battery consumption.

The 5,000 mAh battery in the S21 Ultra is ideal for extended gaming, especially with the beastly internals and screen consuming a lot of power. It supports 25W wired as well as 15W wireless power delivery options. It comes with the latest UFS 3.1 storage spec, which will help apps and games download and launch faster. However, the SD card slot for expandable storage from last year’s model has been removed.

Connectivity on the S21 Ultra is what you would expect from a flagship in 2021. WiFi 6e, mmWave 5G, and Bluetooth 5.2 will ensure that you get the fastest speeds possible for lower latency in games like online shooters and lower your download times.

The S21 Ultra 5G is the best Samsung gaming phone in the market right now. Launching for $100 less than last year’s model, it is the best choice for those with the budget to spend on a high-end, no-compromise smartphone for gaming.

2Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G


OS: Android 10 (OneUi 2.5) | Screen size: 6.9-inch | Resolution: 3088×1440 | Refresh rate: 120Hz | CPU: Snapdragon 865+ (U.S.) / Exynos 990 (Global) | RAM: 12GB | Storage: 128/256/512GB | Battery: 4,500mAh | Rear camera: 108MP+12MP+12MP | Front camera: 10MP | Weight: 208g | Dimensions: 164.8 x 77.2 x 8.1 mm

The latest flagship in Samsung’s lineup, the Note 20 Ultra continues the legacy of the feature-packed Note lineup and, for anyone with deep pockets, is one of the best smartphones out there. The powerful Snapdragon 865+ can easily handle the latest mobile games while the 12 GB of RAM allows for faster game loading times. 

Add to this the sizeable 6.9-inch AMOLED QHD display, which is excellent for playing slow-paced games in the adventure genre, for example. If you love action shooters, then the 120Hz refresh rate will aid you and allow for faster and intense gameplay, though at FHD due to Samsung’s restrictions. The phone also features UFS 3.0, which will let you download and load games much faster, and a microSD card slot for expandability. 

 The 4,500 mAh battery, though large, might not last you as long as other smartphones, but supports 25W quick charging for a quick top-up. Network connectivity also includes WiFi 6 and 5G for next-gen connectivity, which in the future will enable you to stream games seamlessly on your smartphone. No headphone jack also means you will need a dongle or Bluetooth earphones.

Samsung’s OneUI 2, an Android 10 skin, although not perfect for gaming, should not be much of a hindrance. Samsung’s store also includes games like Fortnite for easier installation compared to other Android phones. The S-pen does not have any in-game advantages but can serve you if you also use your smartphone for productivity tasks.

The Note 20 Ultra makes for a reliable gaming smartphone, but it is expensive for its features. Unless you use the S-pen, the S20 Ultra offers the same features, but a better battery performance, at a lower price. Also, avoid the variant with the Exynos processor, since it performs worse while costing the same.



OS: Android 10 (One UI 2) | Screen size: 6.9-inch | Resolution: 3200 x 1440 | Refresh rate: 120 Hz | CPU: Snapdragon 865 (U.S.), Exynos 990 (International) | RAM: 12GB | Storage: 128GB | Battery: 5,000mAh | Rear camera: 108MP+48MP+12MP+0.3MP | Front camera: 40MP | Weight: 220g | Dimensions: 166.9 x 76 x 8.8 mm

The S20 Ultra is Samsung’s latest flagship in Samsung’s S series lineup of premium smartphones. Equipped with the powerful Snapdragon 865, this phone is sure to take on any game you throw at ease. Adding to the power, the fast 120 Hz WQHD AMOLED display will ensure smooth gameplay, but keep in mind that the screen will scale down to an FHD resolution at 120Hz. The 240 Hz, touch response rate, will allow for an almost negligible touch latency, allowing you to respond much faster. The massive 6.9 inches of screen real estate will allow for a larger viewing area in games.

The 5,000 mAh battery is necessary for powering the large screen for extended gaming sessions and can top up with the fast 45W charging compatibility. The 12 GB RAM paired with UFS 3.0 storage should ensure quick loading times for your games, and the added benefit of expandable storage will enable you to add an SD card when your phone runs out of space. The added WiFi 6 support is excellent if you plan on streaming games, and for fast connectivity on the go, you can upgrade to 5G for $100.We recommend the S20 Ultra if you want the best possible experience Samsung can offer, especially with the large screen, though, you will have to keep in mind the $1200 price tag.



OS: Android 10 (One UI 2) | Screen size: 6.2-inch | Resolution: 3200 x 1440 | Refresh rate: 120 Hz | CPU: Snapdragon 865 (U.S.), Exynos 990 (International) | RAM: 8GB | Storage: 128GB | Battery: 4,000mAh | Rear camera: 12MP+64MP+12MP | Front camera: 10MP | Weight: 163g | Dimensions: 151.7 x 69.1 x 7.9 mm

The S20 is the base model of Samsung’s S20 lineup. It retains many of the S20 Ultra’s features like the 120Hz screen and Snapdragon 865 or Exynos 990 SoC, which will get you the same gaming performance and smoothness associated with the Ultra. The S20 has a smaller screen, at 6.2-inches, along with excellent colors and deep blacks. The phone has a 4,000 mAh battery that will give you a decent amount of gaming time considering the smaller screen and the 25W fast charging support will top up your battery pretty quickly. As for cameras, the S20 employs a triple camera system with excellent picture and video quality with exceptional low light shots.

The 8 GB RAM will enable quick loading times and multitasking while the UFS 3.0 storage will ensure a faster data transfer along with the bonus of an SD card slot for expandability. The S20 also comes in at 163g and 7.8 mm of thickness, making it quite ergonomic to handle compared to the S20 Ultra. The WiFi 6 and optional 5G support again makes it great if you are looking for streaming games in the future. 

The S20 is an excellent option if you are looking for a compact smartphone to suit your gaming needs while providing an all-around package. Also, the $1000 price tag for the 5G model makes it a great choice over the S20 Ultra if you are comfortable with the smaller screen size.

5Samsung Galaxy S21 5G


OS: Android 11 (One UI 3.1) | Screen size: 6.2-inch | Resolution: 2400×1080 | Refresh rate: 120Hz | CPU: Snapdragon 888 (U.S.) / Exynos 2100 (Global) | RAM: 8GB | Storage: 128/256GB | Battery: 4,000mAh | Rear camera: 12MP+64MP+12MP | Front camera: 10MP | Weight: 171g | Dimensions: 151.7 x 71.2 x 7.9 mm

The S21 5G is the most affordable member of Samsung’s recently launched S21 lineup. While some might consider it to be more of a mid-range smartphone due to the features Samsung has omitted, it still features powerful internals and a fast screen that make it a great gaming phone. The S21 features the 5nm Snapdragon 888 processor, found in the latest flagships. The SoC paired with 8GB of RAM should load games quickly and allow for lag-free gameplay.

The 6.2-inch AMOLED display is compact by today’s standards and features a 120 Hz refresh rate for a smooth experience in games and animations like scrolling. While the FHD screen is a downgrade from last year, the difference it makes in games should be minimal, with improved performance and battery life being the lower resolution’s advantages.

The fast UFS 3.1 storage should load apps and games quickly, though there is no SD card slot for expandable memory. The 4,000 mAh battery should provide a day’s charge and tops up quickly via 25W fast wired charging. Samsung also omitted the bundled charger to keep costs low. The smartphone supports a suite of connectivity options like WiFi 6, Bluetooth 5.0, and mmWave 5G for fast downloads and low latency while playing online multiplayer games.

Launching for $800, the S21 5G certainly makes for a good gaming smartphone. The powerful internals and fast screen will guarantee the best performance. However, the plastic back and lower screen resolution make it expensive when compared to the competition.

6Samsung Galaxy A51


OS: Android 10 (One UI 2) | Screen size: 6.5-inch | Resolution: 2400 x 1080 | Refresh rate: 60Hz | CPU: Exynos 9611 | RAM: 4/6/8GB | Storage: 64/128GB | Battery: 4,000mAh | Rear camera: 48MP+12MP+5MP+5MP | Front camera: 32MP | Weight: 172g | Dimensions: 158.5 x 73.6 x 7.9 mm

The Galaxy A51 is Samsung’s foray into the mid-range smartphone segment, providing features like an excellent screen and sizeable battery, though the performance is not up to the mark. The Exynos 9611 is best compared to the Snapdragon 712, though it still falls behind in  efficiency and performance.

The 4 GB of RAM on the base model should be strictly avoided, considering that this is a mid-range option and the performance hit is not worth the money saved. The 6.5-inch AMOLED display provides an excellent color reproduction and inky blacks thanks to Samsung’s panels, though support for high refresh rates is sadly absent. The UFS 2.0 storage, pretty much outdated by now, will take quite a while to load apps and games. The phone also features expandable storage for those who tend to run out of space on the lower storage options frequently.

The 4,000 mAh battery will manage to last a day, though if you use your smartphone frequently, you should expect much less considering the inefficient chipset. A 15W adapter, lower than the more standard 18W chargers of the current smartphones, will charge your phone, albeit slowly. The latest One UI 2 comes preinstalled, and you can expect a few years of software updates.

The Galaxy A51 is an excellent midrange Samsung phone that doubles up as a gaming smartphone with a sizeable battery, which might not last long due to the Exynos processor. Nevertheless, the vivid screen still provides a viewing experience at a price of just $392.

7Samsung Galaxy A71


OS: Android 10 (One UI 2) | Screen size: 6.7-inch | Resolution: 2400 x 1080 | Refresh rate: 60Hz | CPU: Snapdragon 730 | RAM: 6/8GB | Storage: 128GB | Battery: 4,500mAh | Rear camera: 64MP+12MP+5MP+5MP | Front camera: 32MP | Weight: 179g | Dimensions: 163.6 x 76 x 7.7 mm

Samsung’s budget offer, the Galaxy A71, is an excellent option if you are looking for a decent gaming phone in a well-rounded package. The Snapdragon 730 inside will handle games well, although not to the extent of the flagships. The standard FHD Super AMOLED display lacks a high refresh rate but is much better in terms of image quality than the other offerings in this price range and should do well in gaming and content consumption.

The 6.7-inch size screen, with a small camera cutout, and thin bezels will enable you to play games in a larger area. It comes loaded with 128 GB of UFS 2.1 storage, which might not be that fast, but provides enough space for all your games combined with the option of increasing capacity via the microSD card slot. The 6 or 8 GB of RAM is sufficient for your multitasking needs and is standard in smartphones in this range. The camera system is also excellent, sharing many features with the S20 series, with unparalleled low-light photography in this price range.

It comes loaded with One UI 2 running Android 10 offers Samsung’s unique features for both gaming and productivity, though you might find many identical apps. The added headphone jack is also useful for use with earphones while gaming and watching videos. The 4,500 mAh battery will last you easily through power-hungry tasks, and the 25W fast charging can quickly top it up in a pinch.

The Galaxy A71 is a great all-around Samsung smartphone that happens to be great for gaming. With a cost of $350, it provides excellent value and is a recommendation if you want a capable gaming phone with also good cameras and a better screen.

8Samsung Galaxy Note 20 5G


OS: Android 10 (OneUi 2.5) | Screen size: 6.7-inch | Resolution: 2400×1080 | Refresh rate: 60Hz | CPU: Snapdragon 865+ (U.S.) / Exynos 990 (Global) | RAM: 8GB | Storage: 128/256 GB | Battery: 4,300mAh | Rear camera: 12MP+64MP+12MP | Front camera: 10MP | Weight: 194g| Dimensions: 161.6 x 75.2 x 8.3 mm

The Note 20, a more toned-down version of the Ultra variant, proves to be quite expensive for the features it brings but is the right choice for those looking for using it as a productivity device along with gaming.

The Snapdragon 865+ inside is exclusive to the Note 20 series for Samsung phones and provides a significant amount of horsepower for gaming. The 8 GB of RAM, a standard for most smartphones, will let you load games quickly when paired with the fast UFS 3.0 storage, which will also allow for quicker download and installation speeds.

The 6.7-inch FHD AMOLED pane does not have the bells and whistles like a high-resolution or fast refresh rate but depicts vivid colors and is the best display compared to most smartphones. The 4,300 mAh battery should easily last you through your day or a couple of gaming sessions, considering the screen won’t chew much of it. The 25W quick charging should also let you charge you quickly charge your phone when your battery dies on you.

Connectivity-wise, you get WiFi 6, 5G, and Bluetooth 5.0. With streaming services like GeForce Now becoming popular, these technologies can allow you to play PC games on your smartphone soon, providing a fair amount of future-proofing. The missing 3.5mm audio jack means that you will have to do with a dongle or Bluetooth earphones.

OneUI 2, although resource-heavy, should not slow you down by much, but provides features that might be helpful, like the option to download games like Fortnite natively from Samsung’s store. The skin is also great for productivity tasks, like taking notes with the S-pen and more.

The Note 20 5G makes a decent gaming package, but at $800, it does not make a point by taking it over smartphones like the S20 5G, which offers a better screen and build for a small price difference. However, if you are sure you need the S-pen, it’s a fair deal considering the specs. Again, the international variant of the Note 20 with the Exynos 990 is not worth the price for its performance.

What to look for in a good gaming phone


The first factor is the SoC or System on Chip. The SoC will significantly determine the quality and smoothness of your gameplay. Samsung phones come with two types of processors, depending on your market. The US market sees the Snapdragon processor in use while other markets have to do with Samsung’s own Exynos series of processors. Exynos chips have recently come under fire for being less efficient and powerful than their Snapdragon counterparts while costing the same. If you live in an area that sells the Exynos chip, it’s best to avoid it altogether.


The next factor is the screen. Samsung makes one of the best displays in the market with excellent color reproduction and inky blacks, thanks to the AMOLED technology. As far as gaming goes, the latest Samsung smartphones employ high refresh rate screens that let you respond quicker in games like Fortnite while also making the smartphone appear smoother and snappier. Also, most panels support HDR and high brightness levels allowing for better-looking graphics. Furthermore, a bigger screen would help in displaying more content for games like Clash of Clans. 


The RAM present on the smartphone is also essential as more RAM means faster loading of games and eliminates the lag while using the system. It achieves this by storing open games and applications in memory when you leave them, making it easier to start from where you left off.

Battery life

Finally, a crucial aspect is the battery life. Gaming, being an extremely resource-heavy workload, will drain your phone’s battery before you even know. High refresh rate and resolution screens will also be major contributing factors making larger batteries and quick charging crucial deciding factors. Make sure your smartphone supports fast charging if you want to quickly top it up between gaming sessions.

Final Thoughts

While there are plenty of viable options outside of the Samsung lineup, these are currently the best options if you are looking specifically for a Samsung gaming phone. These phones all offer great performance for their price, therefore, you can use this guide to help you choose the right Samsung gaming phone based on your mobile needs and available budget.


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