10 Best Smart Bulbs for Alexa in 2021

Amazon Alexa’s Smart Home ecosystem has grown exponentially over the past few years. It has helped integrate products from multiple manufacturers and standards, making homes more intelligent. Smart lighting, more specifically smart bulbs have also become one of the most essential parts of any smart home. Adding smart bulbs is one of the best, quickest, and energy-efficient ways of making your home a smart home. Therefore, we have curated this comprehensive list of the best smart bulbs for Alexa.

Smart Assistants like Amazon Alexa have the fantastic ability to allow automation of the lighting within your home. Connecting these Alexa compatible light bulbs with your smart home network will allow you to control them via your voice, phone, or tablet. You’ll also gain a host of convenient functionalities including dimming, color adjustments, setting routines, grouping, scheduling when your bulbs go on/off, creating lighting profiles, and much more.

Best Smart Bulbs for Alexa

Phillips Hue High Lumen Smart Bulb

Philips Hue White A21 High Lumen Smart Bulb, 1600 Lumens, Bluetooth & Zigbee compatible (Hue Hub Optional), Works with Alexa & Google Assistant

Verdict: Best overall

The best overall smart Bulb for Alexa, Phillips Hue’s powerful A21 bulb provides extended compatibility and functionality packed into a robust and aesthetically pleasing design. It is fairly priced, durable, and easy to set up. The only caveat is that you need a Hue hub to utilize its full feature set, though it will work fine without one.


Compatible with: Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple Homekit(via Hue Bridge), Microsoft Cortana (via Hue Bridge) | Bulb Type: A21| Hub Required: Only for additional features| Lifetime: 25,000 hours | Brightness: 1600 lumens | Color temperature: 2200K – 6500K | Power consumption: 17 watts


  • Ample brightness
  • Setup is fairly easy
  • Can use two specifications: Zigbee and Bluetooth


  • Requires Hue hub for extended features

Phillips Hue’s High Lumen Smart Bulb offers great brightness, several functionalities, as well as compatibility with Alexa, all packed into a sleek and smooth design. This smart bulb uses Zigbee and Bluetooth as its communication protocols, both of which should provide ample connectivity within your smart home devices.

But while the Bluetooth option is great if you’re just starting out with features such as voice commands and dimming, if you want the full set of features such as setting routines, grouping, and scheduling, you’ll need the hue hub as well.

As mentioned above, it is very powerful in terms of brightness at 1600 lumens. Though you have the ability to tone down its brightness as to your preference. This bulb also has a wide range of feature sets you can fiddle with, such as voice commands, scheduling for turning on/off, being dimmable, and much more all at a fairly reasonable price. Simply put, this a great smart light bulb that works well with Alexa.

Sengled Smart Color Changing Light Bulb

Sengled Smart Light Bulb, Color Changing Light Bulb, WiFi Light Bulbs No Hub Required, Smart Bulbs that Work with Alexa & Google Home, Smart LED A19 RGB Light Bulbs, 1 Pack

Verdict: Best value

The best value Smart Bulb for Alexa, Sengled’s multicolored Smart Bulb offers a wide range of colors to set different moods, is energy-efficient, lightweight, and durable. Connect it to several Smart Home assistants to get extended functionality in the mobile phone app.


Compatible with: Alexa, Google Assistant, IFTTT, Samsung SmartThings | Bulb Type: A19| Hub Required: No| Lifetime: 25,000 hours | Brightness: 800 lumens | Color temperature: 2000K – 6500K | Power consumption: 9 watts


  • Multicolor RGB Lighting, up to 16M colors
  • Extended functionality from Mobile App
  • Lightweight


  • Not compatible with Cortana
  • Some users have had problems setting it up

Sengled’s Multicolor Bulb is a natural mood-setter that’ll translate what you feel into your smart home lighting. This bulb offers a broad palette of 16 million colors to chose from, has above-average brightness, and provides good value.

It utilizes the Zigbee protocol and can be connected to Alexa, Google Assistant, IFTT, and Samsung SmartThings. this bulb also has a wide range of functionalities such as changing colors and shades, scheduling, voice commands, and custom-designed color lighting profiles. You can keep tabs on how energy efficient your lighting is via the app as well.

Wyze Labs WLPA19 Smart Bulb

Wyze Labs WLPA19 Smart Wyze Bulb, 1 Count (Pack of 1), White

Verdict: Best budget

The best budget Smart Bulb for Alexa, Wyze’s WLPA19 Bulb offers instant connectivity, dimming, and multiple Smarthome Assistant-enabled features at a lower price than its competitors. It does have slightly less lifetime and temperature range, but the cost is still impressively low.


Compatible with: Alexa, Google Assistant, IFTTT | Bulb Type: A19| Hub Required: No| Lifetime: 20,000 hours | Brightness: 800 lumens | Color temperature: 2,700K – 6500K | Power consumption: 9.5 watts


  • Low cost
  • No hub required (connects to 2.4 GHz WiFi)


  • Not as durable
  • A smaller temperature range

Wyze Labs’s WLPA19 is an excellent option for someone on a budget who still wants to use smart lighting. This low-cost bulb connects with Google Assistant and IFTTT in addition to Alexa and offers voice commands, grouping, scheduling, and dimming through the Smart Home Assistant. You don’t need a hub, just a 2.4GHz WiFi connection for the bulb to hook up to. All control is done via the Smart Assistant.

The bulb’s temperature range is slightly less than other bulbs on our list, but it still offers 800 lumens of brightness using 9.5W of power. Though it doesn’t last as long as Phillips Hue or Sengled, but that is expected in this price range.

Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance Smart Bulb

Philips Hue 548610 CFH Smart Light A19, 2 Count (Pack of 1), White and Color Ambiance (16 Million Colors)

Verdict: Best color changing

The best color-changing bulb for Alexa, Phillips Hue’s Color Ambiance Smart Bulb has a wide range of colors and temperatures to light up your home. You can get started with standard functionality using the Bluetooth app and connect to a Hue Hub for remote connection and additional features. The bulb is durable, energy-efficient, and sharp in design.


Compatible with: Amazon Alexa Google Assistant Apple HomeKit (Via Hue Bridge) Microsoft Cortana (Via Hue Bridge) | Bulb Type: A19| Hub Required: Only for additional features| Lifetime: 25,000 hours | Brightness: 800 lumens | Color temperature: 2,000K – 6500K | Power consumption: 9.5 watts


  • Up to 16 million colors in lighting
  • Wide temperature range for dimming
  • Additional Cortana connectivity to pair with your Windows Laptop


  • Needs to be connected to a Hue Hub for additional features.
  • Expensive

Phillips Hue is one of the high-end manufacturers in the smart lighting world, and its Color Ambiance Smart Bulb fits that description. This bulb can be connected to Alexa and Google Assistant. It also conveniently communicates via Bluetooth and Zigbee. With just Bluetooth, you can get the complimentary Hue app on your phone and use it to control the bulb without needed a smart hub or smart assistant. This method offers dimming, voice commands, and color adjustments. However, if you want additional features such as setting routines, grouping, and scheduling, you’ll need to get a Hue Hub.

The bulb offers a wide range of dimming temperatures, is durable, and has a very sleek and smooth design. Its range of 16m colors is more than enough for setting up any mood in your home.

Sengled Flood Light Bulb with Motion Sensor

Sengled Smart Flood Light Bulbs work with SmartThings Hub, Echo 4th, Echo Plus, Alexa, Google, Zigbee Hub Required, PAR38 Led Bulb Motion Sensor Light Outdoor, Dusk to Dawn, 3000K, 1200LM, 1 Pack

Verdict: Best outdoor

The best outdoor Smart Bulb for Alexa, Sengled’s Floodlight provides light and motion detection, good illumination, decent power consumption, and a decent lifetime for a reasonable cost. The light requires a hub to pair up, though.


Compatible with: Google Home, Alexa, SmartThings and IFTTT | Bulb Type: PAR38| Hub Required: Yes| Lifetime: 25,000 hours | Brightness: 1200 lumens | Color temperature: 3000K (dimmable) | Power consumption: 12.5 watts| IPS Rating: IP44


  • Built-in Daylight sensor
  • Good illumination (1200 lumens)
  • Mobile notifications for motion sensing


  • Sengled Hub required to pair with some smart assistants

Sengled’s Motion Sensing Floodlight has an excellent motion sensor, provides decent illumination, and will last 25,000 hours, according to the company. This bulb uses the Zigbee protocol thus it should work well with Alexa. Once you’ve paired this bulb, you can use voice commands to control it (turn on/off, dim, group), in addition to the variety of features you get from the Sengled app (like mobile notifications and scheduling)

This smart bulb has a light sensor, so you don’t need to turn it off manually during the day. The motion sensor detects motion on a parabolic range of 100 degrees at heights of up to 40 feet. Then the bulb turns on for 90 seconds before turning off again if there is no motion.

Geeni LUX Amber ST19 Edison WiFi LED Smart Bulb

Geeni LUX Amber ST19 Edison WiFi LED Smart Bulb, 2700K - 6500K 8W, E26 Base, Dimmable, Tunable White Light, Compatible with Amazon Alexa & Google Home - No Hub Required- 2 Pack

Verdict: Best Edison

The best Edison Smart Bulb for Alexa users, Geeni’s product offers instant connectivity through WiFi without a hub, excellent energy efficiency, and a decent range of wireless features. The bulb has a decent life and temperature range and is your best option if your heart is set on Edison.


Compatible with: Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant | Bulb Type: ST19| Hub Required: No| Lifetime: 15,000 hours | Brightness: 800 lumens | Color temperature: 2,700K – 6500K | Power consumption: 8 watts


  • Consumes less power for an 800 lumens bulb
  • Complete functionality through 2.4GHz WiFi (No hub required)


  • Not compatible with Homekit or SmartThings

Geeni’s Edison Smart Bulb is a viable option for those wanting that Edison-style smart bulb for Alexa. This bulb offers a decent temperature range, 800 lumens of brightness, and is more energy-efficient than most 800-lumen bulbs. It might not be as durable as Phillip Hues or Sengled, but 15000 hours is still enough for most users.

You can connect the bulb to a 2.4GHz WiFi setup and use the mobile app (iOS and Android) to manage an assortment of features such as scheduling, groupings, voice commands, etc. This bulb does not require any additional hub, simply plug it in and download the app to use it.

LIFX Mini White (A19) WiFi Smart LED Light Bulb

LIFX Mini White (A19) Wi-Fi Smart LED Light Bulb, Dimmable, Warm White, No Hub Required, Works with Alexa, Apple HomeKit and the Google Assistant

Verdict: Best mini bulb

Best mini Smart bulb for Alexa (for desk lamps and other small light fixtures): LIFX mini white Smart LED bulb offers excellent brightness and temperature range along with a nice beam angle, making it an intelligent choice for desktop lamps and other smaller fixtures. WiFi connectivity makes the bulb easier to use and personalize too.


Compatible with: Alexa, Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant | Bulb Type: A19| Hub Required: No| Lifetime: N/A | Brightness: 800 lumens | Color temperature: 1500K – 9000K | Power consumption: 9 watts


  • Small and portable, it can be used in a desktop setting as well
  • A good dispersion profile OF lighting (250 degrees of beam angle)
  • Extensive temperature range


  • Some users find it hard to set up with WiFi

LIFX’s Smart mini-bulb is one of the best portable bulbs out there and can be used efficiently for table lamps and other smaller fixtures. This bulb connects to WiFi and is compatible with Alexa, Apple Homekit, and Google Assistant. It also provides an extensive temperature range making it ideal for desktop settings.

Moreover, this bulb has a larger beam angle than most which helps disperse light better to avoid irritation in the eyes. 800 lumens of brightness is quite impressive for a mini-Bulb too. It also has multiple features such as scheduling, routines, and dimming profiles that can be adjusted via the mobile app.

Philips Hue White LED Smart Candle

Philips Hue White 2-Pack LED Smart Candle, Bluetooth & Zigbee Compatible (Hue Hub Optional),Works with Alexa & Google Assistant – A Certified for Humans Device

Verdict: Best candelabra

The best Candelabra bulb for Alexa, Phillips Hue’s LED Smart Candle, can connect with Alexa and Google Assistant, is easy to set up, durable and can be controlled using the Hue app as soon as you plug it in. The bulb provides just the right amount of light and temperature needed to give that candlelight experience.


Compatible with: Alexa, Google Assistant | Bulb Type: Candle| Hub Required: Only for additional features| Lifetime: 25,000 hours | Brightness: 450 lumens | Color temperature: 2,700K(dimmable) | Power consumption: 5.5 watts


  • Can control via a Hue app(free) connected through Bluetooth.
  • Durable
  • Easy to set up


  • Needs a Hue hub for additional features

Phillips Hue’s LED Smart Candle provides durability, decent brightness, and easy-on-the-eye color temperatures, which is what we’re looking for in a Candlelight bulb. It can be connected via Bluetooth to your phone, and the complimentary Hue app can be used for controlling the bulb. You can use this basic app for turning the bulb on/off, the dimmer, scheduling, and interconnect up to ten bulbs.

This bulb easily connects with Alexa and Google Assistant. If you want more functionality and want to control the bulb remotely, you’ll need to get a Hue hub.

Nanoleaf Rhythm Edition Smarter Kit

Nanoleaf Rhythm Edition Smarter Kit - NL28-2003TW-9PK

Verdict: Best light panels

The best Smart Light Panels for Alexa, Nanoleaf’s Rythem Smarter Kit offers a wide color pallet and temperature range, customizable profiles, and music detection, all in a sleek and stylish design. The panel is compatible with most Smart Home assistants and simply needs a WiFi connection.


Compatible with: Amazon Alexa,Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, IFTTT, physical controller, Nanoleaf Remote, Razer Synapse, SmartThings, Homey | Bulb Type: N/A| Hub Required: No| Lifetime: 25,000 hours | Brightness: 100 lumens | Color temperature: 1200K – 6500K | Power consumption: 2W per panel


  • Rythem kit can detect sound and music to change the lighting
  • Compatible with a wide range of Smart Home assistants
  • Intelligent color animations based on panel layout


  • Requires 2W of power per panel
  • It cannot be used outdoors or in humidity (like above the stove or in the bath)

Nanoleaf’s Rythem Lighting Panel is a customizable lighting panel/strip used to create a more intense and stylish environment for work, gaming, or simply everyday use. The kit has 30 panels that can be interconnected. The panels can detect sound and music to change lighting (these profiles are customizable too). The kit is also compatible with most Smart Home assistants and does not require an additional hub; it simply needs a 2.4GHz WiFi connection.

Each panel gives about 100 lumens of light at 2W power consumption. This light can be adjusted to a wide range of temperatures and 16 million RGBW colors.

Govee Smart LED Strip Lights

Govee Smart LED Strip Lights, 16.4ft WiFi LED Lights Work with Alexa and Google Assistant, Bright 5050 LEDs, 16 Million Colors with App Control and Music Sync for Home, Kitchen, TV, Party

Verdict: Best lighting strip

The best smart lighting strip for Alexa, Govee’s Smart LED strips are compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant and provide a customizable lighting experience with more than 16 million colors and a wide temperature range. The lighting strip is perfect for setting up different lighting moods instantly and is easy to install.


Compatible with: Amazon Alexa,Google Assistant | Bulb Type: N/A| Hub Required: No| Lifetime: N/A | Brightness: N/A(adjustable in app) | Color temperature: N/A (adjustable in app) | Power consumption: 24W/16.4f


  • Lighting is sensitive to sound and can adjust with music
  • Easy to set up
  • Multiple lighting on a single strip


  • Not very flexible
  • Power consumption is a bit higher than expected

Goove’s lighting strips provide a broad color palette and temperature range. In the RGBIC strip, each light contains its own IC, which means a single strip can display multiple colors instead of connecting different strips together. It can detect sound and adjust accordingly.

This lighting strip is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, so you can use voice commands to control the lights. Each strip needs a 12V/2A power adapter, and multiple strips can be connected together using splitters sold separately by the manufacturer.

Final Thoughts

We have included a large assortment of Alexa compatible smart bulbs available, but the exact Alexa bulb you buy will depend on what kind of setting you’re using it in. You can create a mesh containing different combinations of the various smart bulbs above and use them to light up your home the way you want!

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