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Implementing smart home systems, devices, automation, and security efficiently was once considered too advanced, or too expensive for the average home. But today, those smart home features can now be easily integrated as part of the increasingly popular yet high accessible suite of services provided by modern smart home companies such as Google, Amazon, Apple, etc.

While these smart home features may at a glance seem similar, the level of implementation, automation, and quality efficiency in the numerous smart home solutions offered by various smart home companies can differ greatly. Therefore, we have created this curated list of the best smart home companies that have the most optimized set of smart home solutions and services.

Best Smart Home Companies

1. Google

After acquiring Nest Labs, Google set about developing its smart home ecosystem and services by creating Google Nest. The result is a line of fantastic smart home products with a very high level of integration with many smart systems seamlessly connecting to the wider network of features related to Google’s online services.

Google Nest Top Products

  • Nest Learning Thermostat – home environment control system that adapts to the user’s schedules and preferred settings. It will, for example, automatically go into an energy-saving mode if nobody is at home.
  • Nest Protect – a smoke and CO detector that analyzes, and provides appropriate notifications for possible concerns or alerts on any compatible system-integrated device.

2. Amazon

Amazon’s smart home division is powered by a virtual assistant technology called Alexa which is capable of connecting and integrating a wide variety of Amazon smart home devices and solutions. With very advanced, yet intuitive smart home system coordination and control options, Amazon stands as one of the most prominent names within the smart home industry.

Amazon Alexa Top Products

  • Alexa – the primary voice-activated interface hardware for the Alexa smart home ecosystem. Responds to all sorts of different command requests depending on whatever hardware is available on the device network.
  • Amazon Echo Dot – a slightly reduced version of Alexa that is mostly limited to voice interaction and receiving voice commands.

3. Apple HomeKit

Built on the philosophy of user-friendliness since the inception of the company, Apple HomeKit continues this trend by being adequately secure, easy to set up, and highly intuitive to use. This is also while still allowing any system built with its compatible devices to be as integrated and as simple as possible.

Apple HomeKit Top Products

  • Level Lock – a smart lock that automatically locks itself even if the user forgets to engage the lock. Can be opened using the HomeKit system (Siri), phone, key card, or even a traditional twist key.
  • iHome Smart Plug – a plug that provides toggling control either via remote or the HomeKit ecosystem.

4. Ecobee

Ecobee has been in the field of home automation in Canada ever since the very first iPhone was released. Thus, combining the company’s smart devices with any available central interfacing hub is both easy and somewhat hassle-free. Even after the Generac Holdings acquisition, the quality of Ecobee smart home devices is still superb with competitive design warranties in check.

Ecobee Top Products

  • Smart Thermostat with Voice Control – automation is focused on maximizing overall use efficiency, though it can still emulate the adaptation features of other smart thermostats quite a bit. Siri and Alexa integration are available by default.
  • Smart Camera with Voice Control – a 180-degree FOV smart camera that auto pans and auto zooms in on (motion) targets of interest. Also built-in with smoke and CO sensor.

5. Samsung SmartThings

Speaking of third-party interoperability, Samsung has also marketed itself within the smart home industry sphere via SmartThings with compatibility and system flexibility in mind. So aside from the technological sophistication of its individual smart devices, multiple interfaces could also be set up simultaneously.

Samsung SmartThings Top Products

  • Samsung Fridge with Family Hub – basically a smart refrigerator that can provide automated item inventory, as well as allow remote access to see its contents.
  • Samsung smart washing machine – washing machine models that can interface directly with the SmartThings hub, or be controlled indirectly via a smartphone app that acts as a remote.

6. Philips Hue

Philips Hue is a smart home company that interfaces with a wide variety of smart home ecosystems. Many of their smart home products and services involve lightning and integrating the company’s smart light bulb connectivity features into a single, seamless, and centralized control center for ease of use and efficiency.

Philips Hue Top Products

  • Single PAR38 Outdoor – a mostly weatherproof outdoor smart bulb floodlight that can sync directly with the Hue Bridge app, providing basic features such as dimming, and color temperature adjustment.
  • Play Light Bar Double Pack – heavy-duty and rated for 25,000 hours, this 530-lumen light bar can create a mix of colorful lights as desired by the user, with basic features like dimming to match.

7. Bosch

Bosch has a wide range of smart home solutions and has taken corporate strides into the smart home system territory over the last decade. This smart home company provides numerous smart home products such as a smart home controller/hub, smart security cameras, motion detectors, thermostats, and more.

Bosch Top (Smart) Products

  • Premium Room Climate Starter Kit – includes one smart home controller, radiator thermostat, door/window contacts, and a universal switch flex. Individual control of every room is available and can interface with Amazon Alexa.
  • 360-degree Indoor Camera – a 360-degree FOV smart camera that can record in fairly high definition, and also has infrared lighting options for nighttime capture. Also interfaces with Amazon Alexa.

8. Tuya Smart

Tuya Smart is a modern global IoT developer based in China. Naturally, the company’s product catalog also includes smart home automation. Its wide variety of smart products includes features such as lighting control, fire alarm, or home security. App control, voice commands, and even command gestures are available with their smart home products.

Tuya Smart Top Products

  • Tuya Cleaning Robot – essentially a Roomba that can integrate itself into the bigger Tuya Smart ecosystem. Automation features include the standard fare of auto-recharge and pre-set cleaning modes.
  • Tuya Smart Sensor – a smart sensor slapped onto a door or window that simply records instances of when it opens or closes.

9. Belkin-Wemo

Belkin is a well-known consumer electronics company selling miscellaneous electronic items such as power banks, power strips, and chargers. Its product list eventually included smart plugs, which are then introduced into the company’s bigger smart home system, known as Wemo. Thus, any smart home-based item is often attributed to/as Belkin-Wemo.

Belkin-Wemo Top Products

  • Wemo Switch – the company’s primary smart plug product that can be remote controlled via an app, or set with various pre-set load modes.
  • Wemo Motion Sensor – a smart sensor that can be combined with other Wemo devices for feedback-based function. For example, toggling a connected switch when motion is detected.

10. General Electric (GE)

General Electric is one of the most popular, and one of the biggest known companies that specialize in electronic appliances around the world. They have branched out to every technologically applicable electronics field, and it continues with its robust and very reliable smart home systems.

General Electric Top Products

  • GE Z-Wave Smart Fan Speed Control – one of its most popular smart products, it provides granular control to compatible GE smart fan models via its Z-Wave controller. Can interface with Amazon Alexa and Echo products.
  • GE Z-Wave Smart Plug – a smart plug that can be toggled using the Z-Wave controller. Supposedly has better energy efficiency and a more stable wireless range.

11. Wink

Like Tuya Smart, Wink is also another modern company (this time U.S.-based) specializing in smart home devices controlled by a centralized system. Their products provide wide compatibility with available popular mobile operating systems and smart interfaces, including iOS, Android, and smartwatch-based Apple Watch and Android Wear.

Wink Top Products

  • Wink Hub – the primary smart home gateway. Provides integration with all its related Wink smart devices via a specialized app.
  • Wink Relay – a wall-mounted screen that functions as an extra access panel for the Wink Hub. Compatible with devices using the Zigbee protocol.

12. Legrand

French-based Legrand originally started with mostly switches and sockets. The company eventually spun off to offer the next technological step: lighting control. Apart from the typical automation and remote control of light bulbs, Legrand’s integrated smart lighting solutions offer the best of both worlds by combining both natural and artificial lights to their optimal advantages. All without direct user input!

Legrand Top Products

  • Automated, motorized shades – smart shades built around lighting can be programmed to follow a specific schedule, or automatically detect sunlight to dynamically adjust light capture. Both eco-friendly and chemical-free fabrics are available.
  • Vantage LHuman – this is a lighting control system that smartly combines both the home’s artificial lighting and motorized shades. While mostly touted as an automated tool, users can also set their color temperature gradients involving both artificial and natural lighting correction.

13. Sengled

Another company that specializes in lighting control solutions, Wireless connectivity, remote control, tracking, and overall system integration are its products’ best features. Again, wide compatibility with different interfaces is available (Alexa, Google, Siri, SmartThings). It provides some rough competition with other similar services like Philips Hue in certain parts of the world.

Sengled Top Products

14. Savant

Savant Systems started as a home automation company right at the very onset, with even somewhat similar foundation periods as Ecobee. They’ve managed to cut through the competition by offering advanced smart home controllers that integrate seamlessly with compatible home devices.

Savant Top Products

  • Pro Remote X2 – a custom (physical) controller that offers tweaking options for your smart home
  • Savant MultiStat – mainly a climate control device front interface, but can also be used for smart home lighting, and fire control.

15. LG

Very popular South Korean electronics company. Its line of LG appliances eventually also received the smart automation evolution as its competitors. At the core of these updated products is the LG ThinQ app, connecting all of them into a single control hub.

LG Top Products

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