8 Best Samsung SmartThings Smart Plugs: Indoor and Outdoor

Smart Plugs, which are also known as Smart sockets or Smart outlets, have revolutionized home automation because they allow you to control your home’s appliances and lighting through a mobile device (smartphone or tablet)from anywhere at any given time. Simply put, smart plugs give you the ability to turn normal devices and appliances in your home smart. Though there are many smart plugs brands on the market, Samsung SmartThings Plugs have created quite a positive reputation. They have been described as changing the concept of a “wired home” into a “Smart home”. Therefore below we have curated this list of the best Samsung SmartThings Smart Plugs.

With these SmartThings compatible smart plugs, you can control and monitor wall plugs and appliances via the SmartThings app. Another thing to note is SmartThings hardware, like the Hub v3, will be rebranded as Aeotec hardware while the SmartThings platform, including the app, will continue to be branded SmartThings.

With that being said, there are numerous smart plugs from many different brands that claim to be compatible SmartThings. As a result, it can be difficult to identify which of those smart plugs is ideal for your home. So to help you choose the right SmartThings plug to automate, improve energy consumption, and increase the convenience of your home, we have provided this list of the top smart plugs that work with SmartThings. We have provided both indoor and outdoor options.

Best Indoor Samsung SmartThings Smart Plugs

Aeotec Smart Switch 6 Smart Plug

Aeotec Smart Switch 6, Zwave Switch Z-Wave Plus Plug 15A for Home Security Automation Z-Wave Power Monitor, Without USB Port


With SmartThings hardware now becoming Aeotec hardware, this smart plug was made to be compatible with the SmartThings platform. It offers everything you can expect: convenience, cost-saving, surge-protection, and an amazing wireless range.


Compatible with: Aeotec Smart Home Hub, Samsung SmartThings, HomeSeer, Home Assistant, Vera, and Wink | Number of Sockets: 1 | Hub Required: Yes | Current Rating: 15 Amps | Operating Voltage: 125 Volts


  • Surge protection ensures a longer lifetime
  • The wireless range can reach 492 ft.
  • Has a dedicated reset button


  • Not compatible with Apple Home Kit

Sleek design, surge protection, and wireless automation are the words that best describe this indoor SmartThings Plug. It is portable, weighing just 3.52 ounces and it can power devices that can draw up to 15 amps of power. Its Z-Wave technology guarantees a long wireless range of up to 492 ft. Even though it features just one socket and does not have a USB port, you can control, schedule, and automate your home’s lights and appliances with ease.

If you want an affordable and cost-effective Smart Plug with a reliable connection for indoor use, here it is. It is also designed to not block the outlet that is plugged next to it. It is also worth mentioning that you’ll need a Z-wave hub to use it. It can be controlled with a remote control or voice commands. It is super easy to pair with the SmartThings App.

Sengled Smart Plugs

Sengled Smart Plugs, ZigBee Hub Required, Works with SmartThings and Amazon Echo with Built-in Hub, Voice Control with Alexa and Google Home, 15Amp Smart Socket, ETL Listed, 2 Pack


If you are a fan of compact and sleek designs, you’ll appreciate this small but very effective Smart Plug by Sengled. It has all the necessary features, will save space and energy, and comes as a 2 pack.


Compatible with: Alexa, Google Assistant, Samsung SmartThings, Apple Homekit, Wink, Hubitat, and IFTTT | Number of Sockets: 1 | Hub Required: Yes | Current Rating: 15 Amps | Operating Voltage: 120 Volts


  • Easily connects directly to SmartThings
  • Energy monitoring via the smartthings app
  • A cheaper alternative to most SmartThings Plugs


  • Does not work with 5GHz wifi

This Sengled Smart Plug has a compact design that makes it very portable and lightweight. It saves on electrical energy and somewhat protects the environment. As expected, it also allows for remote schedule and monitoring of your Smart home. Once you are done installing it on the SmartThings app via your mobile device, you can start voice automation from anywhere within range via either Alexa or Goggle Assistant.

It will not support any appliance that draws more than 15 amps and 120 volts. This Energy-saving Zigbee Smart Plug does require a Smart hub, though a hub is not necessary when using this with SmartThings. It won’t take the whole day to set up or to pair with the SmartThings App. It is affordable and you will get 2 smart plugs to boot. Have we mentioned too that it is super affordable?

3Minoston Z-Wave Plus Outlet Smart Plug

Z-Wave Plus Outlet, Mini Plug in Socket, Z-Wave Hub Required, Built-in Repeater/Range Extender, Work with SmartThings, Wink, Alexa, Google Assistant, FCC & ETL Listed(MP21Z)


This is one of the smallest and thinest z-wave outlets. It has a built-in Z-Wave Plus signal repeater to extend network range up to 150ft. And is perfect for lamps and small appliances.


Compatible with: Wink, Vera, Google Assistant, SmartThings, Amazon Alexa | Number of Sockets: 1 | Hub Required: Yes | Current Rating: 10 Amps | Operating Voltage: 125 Volts


  • Easily connects to Smartthings hub
  • S2 security and 500 Z-Wave chip for reliable wireless communication
  • Small therefore doesn’t block both outlets


  • Its compact size only allows for 10 Amps

From the mini design of this Minoston smart plug to its good performance, there is nothing much to hate about this Samsung compatible smart plug. It is fairly easy to set up and can power most appliances in a home. Just as you would expect, it allows you to schedule and monitors your lights and electronics from anywhere as long as they don’t draw more than 10 amps and 125 volts. It has a grounded 3-wire power connection for added protection.

The SmartThings plug also supports hands-free voice control for more convenience, allows you to schedule or time when you want to power on your devices, is compatible with Z-wave hubs, and it features a built-in signal repeater for a longer wireless range. It is easy to pair with the SmartThings App and easy to use even for beginners.


SYLVANIA Smart ZigBee Smart Plug, Works with SmartThings, Wink, and Amazon Echo Plus, Hub Needed for Amazon Alexa / Google Assistant - 1 Pack


Great quality and a proven SmartThings compatible smart plug with easy installation and pairing. It is also great for larger appliances as well as smaller ones. Though it is quite large.


Compatible with: Amazon Echo Plus, Google Home, Samsung SmartThings, and IFTTT | Number of Sockets: 1 | Hub Required: Yes | Current Rating: 15 Amps | Operating Voltage: 120 Volts


  • Integrates well with SmartThings
  • Requires no complex setup instructions
  • Highly rated by its users


  • Very large and covers two outlets

With a maximum load of 15 amps and a  3.2 ounce of weight, you can turn any electrical appliance or outlet in your home into a Smart device or outlet the moment it is connected to this SmartThings outlet. With a simple tap on your phone, or with a voice command vis Google Home or Amazon Echo, you can control every appliance at home remotely. It also features smart switches and motion sensors.

Its timer function lets you schedule when you’ll either turn an appliance or light on or off at designated times, which you’ll expect from an ideal Samsung Smart Plug. It is one of the best Smart Plug that works with the SmartThings App. It is recommended for holiday decorations because those Christmas lights need to come on and off at consistent times, which can only be effectively done with a Plug like this.

Best Outdoor Samsung SmartThings Smart Plugs

GE Enbrighten Z-Wave Plus Smart Plug

GE Enbrighten Z-Wave Plus Smart Outdoor Switch, 1-Outlet Plug-In (2nd Gen.), Weather-Resistant, Works with Alexa, Google Assistant, for Landscape & Seasonal Lighting, ZWave Hub Required, 14298,Black


A rugged yet functional Smart Plug designed for outdoor use with a greater wireless range. This is one of the best z-wave outdoor smart plugs for SmartThings as it is not in any way devoid of the expected extra features.


Compatible with: Alexa, Google Assistant, Google Home, Vivint, Nexia, and Samsung SmartThings | Number of Sockets: 1 | IPS Rating: IP64 | Hub Required: Yes | Current Rating: 15 Amps | Operating Voltage: 125 Volts


  • Compatible with all generations of Z-Wave devices
  • Z-Wave Plus 500 series with S2 security
  • Two mounting tabs for secure longterm installation


  • A bit expensive
  • Only one outlet for an outdoor smart plug

Easy and fast automation of your outdoor surroundings is guaranteed with this Smart Plug that features a Z-Wave Plus 500 series with S2 security that provides enhanced protection and ease of use. It offers a 50% greater wireless range, improved internal memory, easy pairing with the Smart Things App, and backward compatibility with all generations of Z-wave devices.

Its design is rugged, suggesting that it was built to withstand any unfavorable weather conditions. It is water-resistant, making it ideal for use near swimming pools and fountains. When properly mounted, the grounded outlet faces down.

This protects it from direct raindrops and other debris. It offers the same extra features you’d expect from an indoor Smart Plug like voice control, automatic scheduling, and so on.

Meross Outdoor Smart Plug

meross Outdoor Smart Plug, Outdoor Wifi Outlet with 2 Grounded Outlets, Remote Control, Timer, Waterproof, Works with Amazon Alexa, SmartThings and Google Assistant, FCC Certified


Designed to withstand unfavorable outdoor weather conditions. A strong network, cost-effective, and easy to pair with the SmartThings App for easy voice integration.


Compatible with: Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Samsung SmartThings, and IFTTT | Number of Sockets: 2 | IPS Rating: IP44 | Hub Required: No | Current Rating: 15 Amps | Operating Voltage: 125 Volts


  • Rugged design can withstand harsh outdoor weather
  • Equipped with fire-retardant housing and overload protection circuit


  • Meross app can sometimes be a little glitchy

Powered by MediaTek IoT chipset, this Samsung Smart Plug will give you a longer connection range like no other brand. At first glance, you’ll notice its weatherproof housing and socket cover, suggesting that it is designed to be used outside even when the weather is not favorable. It features two sockets that can function independently of each other, You can control and monitor your devices from anywhere, and you’ll save some electrical energy and outlet space.

In terms of safety, it has been FCC/ETL certified and guarantees a reliable connection. If you need to power an appliance in your backyard, garage, basement, or balcony, you have it in this brand.

Meross Outdoor Wi-Fi Outlet Smart Plug

Outdoor Smart Plug, meross Outdoor Wi-Fi Outlet with 3 Sockets Independently Compatible with Alexa, Google Home and SmartThings, IP44 Waterproof, Voice & Remote Control,Timer, FCC and ETL Certified


If you need more SmartThings outlets but less space, this outdoor Plug can connect up to 3 devices at once and operate them independently. It can withstand harsh outdoor weather conditions.


Compatible with: Amazon Alexa,Google Assistant, and Samsung SmartThings | Number of Sockets: 3 | IPS Rating: IP44 | Hub Required: No | Current Rating: 10 Amps | Operating Voltage: 125 Volts


  • Features three sockets that can work independently of each other
  • Easy to setup and easy to integrate with SmartThings
  • Weatherproof housing and sockets cover for added protection


  • Meross app may be buggy at times

Meross is a name to be reckoned with when discussing Smart Plugs that work with SmartThings App. Just like the preceding outdoor Smart Plug also features a maximum output of 12V and a 10 amps power. The only difference is that it features 3 sockets that can all function independently.

It will face down when mounted properly to prevent direct raindrops and debris from disturbing its smooth operation. Its wireless range, technology (Mediatek IoT chipset), and effectiveness where the home’s WiFi connection may not be too great are a few of the reasons why you need this SmartThings outlet.

Z-Wave Plus Smart Plug

Z-Wave Plus Smart Plug, Outdoor On/Off Outlet Switch, ZWave Hub Required, Weather-Resistant, Built-in Repeater, Work with SmartThings, Wink, Alexa, Black(MP22Z)


A compact outdoor smart plug that works well with SmartThings. It has a long network range and is IP65 weather-resistant. Great for outdoor events and family functions.


Compatible with: Alexa, Google Assistant, Samsung SmartThings, and IFTTT | Number of Sockets: 1 | IPS Rating: IP65 | Hub Required: Yes | Current Rating: 15 Amps | Operating Voltage: 120 Volts


  • AES-128 encryption provides a more secure network
  • Built-in signal repeater for long-range connection
  • Z-wave technology can accommodate recent changes to newer products


  • Only one outlet for an outdoor smart plug

This last Samsung SmartThings Plug is not in any way inferior to the ones we’ve discussed so far. It looks compact yet robust with socket housing and a waterproof design. This portable design also makes it one of the most flexible outdoor SmartThings outlets currently available in the market.

Be sure to mount it properly to face down so that it is always protected against dust, water splashes, and debris from every direction. Its wireless range is amazing because of its built-in signal repeater and it is compatible with voice and remote controls and monitoring. Suitable for swimming pools, sprinkler systems, fountains, landscape lighting, outdoor electric appliances, backyard, and so on.

One remarkable thing about all the Samsung Smart Plugs we’ve examined is that they all work best with the SmartThings App. Keep that in mind when you are contemplating buying them.

SmartThings Smart Plug Information and  FAQ

What is a Samsung Smart Plug?

Samsung Smart Plug is a Wi-Fi enabled Plug that enables you to control all the devices and appliances you use daily at home from the SmartThings App on your mobile phone or tablet via a simple tap on your phone or voice commands. This way your home becomes a ‘Smart home’.

How do I connect SmartThings Smart Plug?

  • Gently unbox the Smart Plug then connect it to the plug outlet (usually 3-pronged) at home. Wait until the indicator on the SmartThings Smart Plug starts blinking.
  • On your mobile phone or tablet, open the SmartThings App. Tap on Add or + icon. After that, tap ‘device’.
  • In the device option, tap Outlet then SmartThings.
  • Select Wi-Fi Smart Plug and tap Start.
  • At this point, the indicator in the Smart Plug will change from blinking to a solid light. When this happens, your SmartThings Plug is now connected successfully.

How do I use the Samsung SmartThings outlet?

The Samsung SmartThings outlet is used to control and monitor the lights, electronics, and other appliances in your home. It can also be used to schedule when the lights, electronics, and your home’s appliances will turn on and off every day.

What devices can you plug into a SmartThings plug?

Lights, Small thermostats, TVs, Computers, Game consoles, Coffee makers, Refrigerators, Washing machines, Heaters, Electronics, Blenders, and Toasters are just some of the home appliances that you can plug into a SmartThings outlet.

What is the difference between indoor and outdoor plugs?

Even though they function the same way, outdoor SmartThings Plugs are more rugged and have been tested to withstand outdoor weather conditions. They usually receive an IP rating to prove this. Indoor Plugs on the other hand should not be used outside the home. In most cases, it will be indicated on the package that a plug is either weatherproof or not. If it is weatherproof, it means that it is meant for outdoor use.

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