13 Best Xbox Series X, Series S Games for Kids

Keeping kids entertained is not easy, even with video games. You’ll have to worry if they will even like the video game first. Then, if they like it, you might want to check if it’s both fun and educational at the same time. This is why we decided to round up the best Xbox Series X games for kids.

These games work for both children and adults alike. However, due to how they’re designed, they’re better suited for younger audiences. So, without further delay, here are our top picks for the Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S games for kids.

Just Dance 2021

Just Dance 2021 is a dance rhythm game and will play similarly to the previous two installments. It’ll come with a “Co-op Mode” for multiplayer fun and a “Kids Mode” complete with child-friendly songs. It’ll also come with 1-month free access to “Just Dance Unlimited”, which is an on-demand subscription streaming service.

Unique to Just Dance 2021 is the addition of a new “Quick Play Mode” where players will be given a new song to dance to at random and a “World Dance Floor”, which is a 3-song competitive tournament. Players also no longer need a camera or a Kinect to dance. They can use the Just Dance Controller app available on all smartphones.


If you can’t bring your kids to the soccer field, then why not bring soccer to them?

The next-gen version of FIFA 21 sports the prettiest graphics that any version of the critically-acclaimed sports video game franchise has ever had. However, FIFA 21 isn’t just all looks and no substance. It’s set to also give players the most control of the players and the highest level of customization ever in a FIFA game.

With FIFA 21 bringing back FIFA Ultimate Team with FUT co-op, FIFA 21 could very well be a staple for many family nights to come.

Rocket League

More than a decade since its release, Rocket League has only aged well like fine wine. In fact, the game has only continued to grow after already becoming a full-fledged esport for years.

Proof of this is how the Rocket League Championship Series league has changed to take on an events-based circuit approach, which will culminate in a $1 million event at the end of the season.

With that said, this esport title should only continue to grow popular as it arrives on the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.

The game’s premise is simple. It’s soccer, but with a twist. You don’t kick the balls around with your foot. You do it with high-powered vehicles. However, the developers sweeten things up by including powerups, changing and improving the physics-based mechanics with updates, as well as introducing different game modes.

A constantly evolving game with a low entry-point, Rocket League could very well be your child’s next favourite game.

NBA 2K21

Let your child live his wildest hoop dreams in the latest iteration of the famed basketball sports sim franchise.

NBA 2K21 has been described by many as the best NBA 2K game yet, and it’s not just because it’s the most beautiful one ever. It’s also because of the return of NBA 2K17’s shooting mechanics, but with minor improvements to make shooting feel more natural. Also, the story of MyCAREER will now follow the player from their time in high school up until they go to college.

With cameos from celebrities like Michael K. Williams and Djimon Housou, NBA 2K21 will only feel more relatable to younger audiences.

Speaking of younger gamers, those who don’t have access to a lot of money won’t feel as underpowered anymore. It is possible to build teams in MyTeam without spending too much money if any at all. This means that you can grind things out now. This isn’t that hard to do when you’ve got all the time in the world as kids often do.

Overcooked! All You Can Eat    

Both Overcooked! titles will release for the newest Xbox console in the form of Overcoked! All You Can Eat.

This compilation will feature both games, along with new additions. This includes additional levels, cosmetics, and chefs, and more achievements for players to unlock. It also includes cross-platform for its online multiplayer, in addition to the four-player local co-op. Players can also choose to have a mix of both online and local players in co-op mode if they want.

As a remaster for the Xbox Series X, Overcooked! All You Can Eat will be able to run at 4K resolution at 60fps.

Overcooked!: All You Can Eat will also come with additional features aimed towards helping out beginners. This can be especially useful for kids. Like, for example, the “assist mode” where the game helps out players who find themselves a bit too overwhelmed by the chaos resulting from managing their own restaurants.

While the phrase “if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen” indeed applies literally to the Overcooked! Titles, a chance to tone things down a bit should make Overcooked! All You Can Eat a much more attractive title for younger audiences.

Immortals Fenyx Rising

Finding something genuinely enjoyable for both kids and adults alike isn’t easy. It’s either the kids have to compromise and put up with mature themes or that adults have to adjust to the more basic gameplay of kids games. Immortals Fenyx Rising feels like an appropriate middle ground.

While violence is never an answer, it pays to teach kids that you can always defend yourself when you’re in the right. That’s something no more evident when you’re featuring a younger male protagonist named Fenyx who’s been tasked to take out a literal titan who’s out to destroy the world.

Its cartoony aesthetics pairs well with its intuitive gameplay. Not to mention, the narrative duo of Zeus and Prometheus should create the sort of humor that both children and adults can relate to.

Planet Coaster

Planet Coaster is a management simulation video game that revolves around constructing roller-coasters, as well as other theme park rides.

In the game, players can create their avatar and choose between either “Sandbox Mode”, where they have unlimited resources, “Challenge Mode”, which has different difficulty levels, and “Career Mode”, which has voice acting and a story.Planet Coaster: Console Edition will also come with a tutorial, an improved career mode, as well as a counter for players.

Call of the Sea (Exclusive)

If you want to tease your kid’s brains and make them work hard in a game, Call of the Sea is a good start.

Call of the Sea is a rare modern puzzle adventure title that stars a woman in search of his long, lost husband. It has a retro vibe to it, complete with cartoony graphics, albeit one that’s been tweaked to look good on the next-gen console.

Considering that the game should focus more on the narrative and exploration, it should appeal to a lot of kids.

Hello Neighbor 2 (Exclusive)

Hello Neighbor was one of the more popular releases back in 2017. This was thanks to its interesting take on the classic stealth-horror gameplay. Basically, it involved players trying to sneak into their neighbor’s house. The only problem was that, if they ever got caught by the neighbor, the AI would then adapt to make sure that the same tactic never worked again.

This made for a challenging and fun game that made many children and adults alike fear for their lives.

In Hello Neighbors 2, the same AI returns, albeit, the story is a bit different. Instead of trying to sneak into the neighbor’s house, it now revolves around you tracking the same neighborhood after his sudden disappearance. But, at the same time, a mysterious figure with the same self-learning AI from the first game will be following you throughout.

With the hunter now being the hunted, the potential for scares and fun in Hello Neighbor 2 just increased exponentially.

Echo Generation

Most kid’s games can be too child-friendly to the point that they’re boring. Echo Generation shouldn’t be one of those. It actually feels more like a game for older gaming audiences albeit featuring kids as the protagonists.

In Echo Generation, kids will band together to save the day in a turn-based combat adventure game after aliens crash in their hometown and decide to take it for themselves.

Psychonauts 2 (Exclusive)

Heads up Illumination Entertainment and Universal Studios. If you guys ever thought of making a full-fledged game based on Despicable Me (and not just your average run-of-the-mill movie tie-in game), then you might want to check out the classic title, Psychonauts, and its upcoming sequel, Psychonauts 2.

It’s a game that looks like it was based on a children’s show. It’s got the humor and language down pat. This includes the occasional adult jokes that would completely go over most children’s heads.

If the first game is any indication, Psychonauts 2  should also be a typical platformer in terms of difficulty. This means that the game should be challenging enough to make your child work hard to progress. At the same time, it should not be too challenging that it’ll make them give up on totally clearing levels.

Puyo Puyo Tetris 2

Puyo Puyo Tetris 2 is Sega’s highly-anticipated sequel to their hit puzzle game mashup of Puyo Puyo and Tetris.

Similar to the original title, Puyo Puyo Tetris will have a story-based single-player adventure mode. The said mode will include many returning characters, but it will also introduce new ones. It’ll also introduce a new mechanic where players will have access to character-specific skills and item cards that lets them customize how they want to play the game.

Puyo Puyo Tetris 2 will also include other modes like Bing Bang, Party, Fusion, Versus, Swap, and a tournament mode, as well as tutorials to help get you acquainted with how this unique game works.

Worms Rumble

Long-time fans of the Worms franchise will have to wait before they get their next turn-based title. However, if it’s any consolation, there will be a new Worms title, but it will be a Battle Royale kind of game.

Worms Rumble will let players choose from three different game modes. The first, “Deathmatch” is a solo gameplay experience, while “Last Worm Standing” lets you play on your own in a Battle Royale setting against 32 other players. Lastly, it has a “Last Squad Standing” mode, which, as the name suggests, lets you and 2 other friends band together to try and outlast everyone else.

What makes Worms Rumble unique from other Battle Royale contemporaries is that it will force you to think more strategically with a “Stamina” bar that will only regenerate if you stop moving and expose yourself to enemy fire.

With customizable player skins, real-time combat, as well as cross-platform play, Worms Rumble is a must-play for kids and kids at heart on the Xbox Series X.

Final Thoughts

And, there you have it, the best Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S games for kids. If you’ve pre-ordered an Xbox Series X or S already, these child-friendly games would make for nice purchases that you and the younger gamers of the family can enjoy.

Just keep in mind, the Xbox Series S and X are both backward-compatible with previous-gen titles. This includes games for the Xbox One, Xbox 360, and the original Xbox. Thus, while there might not be as many child-friendly games available at launch, there’s a wide selection of older games from previous consoles.

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