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The Xbox Series X and Series S have released. As a result, there are many gamers who are fans of the shooter genre looking for such games to play on these next-gen consoles. Therefore, we have rounded up this list of the best Xbox Series X shooter games.

This includes FPS (first-person shooter), TPS (third-person shooters), and other shooter genre games that you can play on the Xbox Series X. Moreover, it is important to mention that these are also the best shooter games for the Xbox Series S. These Xbox Series X shooter games are mostly available to play now or are releasing within the next month.

Call Of Duty: Vanguard/ Warzone

Release date: September 10th, 2021 | Developer: Sledgehammer Games | ESRB Age Rating: Mature 17+

Call of Duty Vanguard/ Warzone will have you chasing and running from Nazis once again. Sledgehammer Games have meticulously constructed a nerve-wracking war setting to complement the next-gen graphics. Vanguard offers multiple main storylines where you’ll complete missions with not one but five leading protagonists: Richard Webb, Lucas Riggs, Polina Petrova, Wade Jackson, and Arthur Kingsley. All four of which have been chosen to be a part of the world’s first special forces unit— belonging to the nationalities of Britain, the Soviet Union, Australia, and the USA. 

The visuals and sounds are top-notch, and unimpeachably, Vanguard feels better than Call of Duty WWII. The game certainly lacks innovation in its multiplayer but at the same time, every multiplayer mode is fast-paced and immersive.  Campaign mode sheds a light on each protagonist’s past that assists us in understanding the characters on a personal level. Overall, Vanguard is a fitting addition for the year 2021.

Halo Infinite

Release date: November 15th, 2021 | Developer: 343 Industries | ESRB Age Rating: Teen

Halo Infinite has come to overwrite the wrongs of Halo 5—serving as a spiritual reboot of the double decade old, legendary gaming series that took the gaming industry by a storm. Halo Infinite repolishes all of the unsatisfactory loose ends that were felt strongly by the community in Halo 5. 343 Industries have worked tirelessly indeed, to innovate new aspects while keeping the fan-loved nostalgic features alive as well. 

For the first time in the Halo trilogy, players will be able to transition from a linear experience to a more open world dynamic. The Zeta Halo ring can now be freely explored and fought in. The combat of the game brings back the versatility of iconic weapons that felt lost after Halo 3 alongside a brand new grappling feature that helps close in on targets and assists in retreating when your shields need recharging. As for the main storyline, the campaign orbits around the plot of Halo 5 where Master Chief has been chosen once again as humanity’s champion to retaliate against the Banished. 


Release date: July 25, 2017 | Developers: Epic Games, People Can Fly | ESRB Age Rating: Teen 13+

Fortnite remains one of the most popular games in the world, despite the recent lackluster updates. The game was recently released on the Xbox Series X platform, and it received almost unanimous praise from the community. At any moment in time, there are more than 3 million people playing this title.

For those who are unfamiliar, Fortnite is what you’d get if you gave Minecraft shooter mechanics with a colorful aesthetic. This makes it stand out from the more realistic and grim battle royale titles out there. A fast-paced shooter that rewards creative play as much as excellent shooting mechanics, Fortnite is able to attract both old and young players with its ever-changing landscape and a constant stream of new content(especially in the single-player Campaign). What sets this game apart is the ability to construct, which gives the players numerous tactical advantages.

All these features should continue making it popular well into the era of the Xbox Series X.

Resident Evil Village

Release date: May 7, 2021 | Developers: Capcom | ESRB Age Rating: Mature 17+

After two successive reboots, the Resident Evil franchise sees its eighth installment in Resident Evil Village. The story revolves around Resident Evil VII’s protagonist, Ethan, who starts a family in a remote area with his wife Mia and their daughter Rose. However, things take a turn for the worse after the sudden appearance of a villainous Chris Redfield. To top off it all, there is a mysterious evil aura in the area that started causing weird paranormal disturbances. The background music is just out of this world and plays a major role in the Resident Evil Villagegloomy atmosphere.

Like all other installments, the game features numerous interesting creatures. The players will have the opportunity to fight werewolves, gigantic vampire ladies, and even a phantom fish. Initially, you are given the task of exploring the village at your discretion, but as you unravel the narrative, things become quite perverse inside the village. Many zombies will spawn out of nowhere, and a large hunky wolf will shred you open if you are not able to kill it on time. In short, Resident Evil Village is a game of fast-paced decisions as time is of the essence.


Release date: May 24th, 2019 | Developer: 1047 Games | ESRB Age Rating: Teen

Splitgate brings something new to the multiplayer gaming market. In very simple words, 1047 Games have fused Splitgate with the gameplay of Halo and at the same time, added their special touch to make it stand out— the ability to create portals and traveling through them has a rush of its own. Splitgate comes packed with many entertaining and fast-paced modes where you’ll continuously find yourself creating and shutting down portals to either flank the enemy or to diminish their reach towards you. 

Weapons of Splitgate come in all types: assault rifle, pistol, plasma, shotgun, sniper, etc. Personal favorite game modes include Shotty snipers, Split ball, Team Deathmatch, and VIP. What begins as casual gameplay, swiftly shifts to competitive and addictive. Splitgate is a must recommend.  


Release date: April 1, 2021 | Developers: People Can Fly and Square Enix | ESRB Age Rating: Mature 17+

Outriders is another shooter set in space. Albeit, the main difference is that its looting mechanics are not as prominent as the ones in Destiny. People Can Fly’s studio used Outriders to prove they can create serious and dark narratives. For those that don’t know, People Can Fly was formerly known as Epic Games Poland. They had a hand in many of Epic Games’ most memorable titles. This includes, among others, the Gears of War franchise and the original Fortnite: Save the World.

The storyline has many loopholes because of the post-apocalyptic settings used, but it sorts of balances out at a later stage when you start playing the title with your friends on Co-Op. Furthermore, multiplayer is the core idea and main selling point of the game. Usually, what people do is a traverse through the narrative on their own, but the game really gives you the chance to experience the narrative, somewhat out of place, with your friends and peers. Last but not least, the title exclusively offers access to different classes and abilities, which you can choose from to match your gameplay style.  Gather the arsenal (a copious number of weapons available) you yearn to have, and start butchering your enemies in action!

Control Ultimate Edition

Release date: August 27. 2019 | Developers: Remedy Entertainment | ESRB Age Rating: Mature 17+

The game features part utilitarian Jesse Faden as a newly appointed FBC director in an adventure that takes her to and back from a supernatural realm. Remedy Entertainment is one of the best developers out there when it comes to manipulating gamers’ sense of reality (their titles dabble in quantum replication, time-lapse event, and time travel). Although Control is just another clone to the Quantum Break, it provides much more refined features and gameplay mechanics. You get to fly around, use your psycho-telekinesis powers to throw reachable objects on your enemies, and gun down hordes of pesky monsters.

The Ultimate Edition gives the 2019 title an unnecessary but welcome fresh coat of paint for what it’s worth. It includes the base game and two new expansions in one single package. In addition to this, players are also given a choice between improving frame rates to a steady 60 fps and better graphics. So, keep shuffling between different presets to get the best version of the game on your screen. Also worth noting is that the game is available on Microsoft Game Pass.

Gears 5

Release date: September 6, 2019 | Developers: The Coalition | ESRB Age Rating: Mature 17+

Gears 5 is the sixth installment in the long-running Gears of War franchise, a series of third-person games widely credited for perfecting the shooting mechanics prevalent in many of today’s shooters, as well as making a lasting impact on co-op gameplay and how games are marketed. Set following the events of Gears of War 4, the latest Gears of War title put players in the shoes of Kait DiazMeanwhile, other series mainstays, such as Marcus Fenix, also return. Additionally, Marcus’ son, Dominic “JD” Fenix and Delmont “Del” Walker, also have prominent roles in Gears 5.

Narrative-wise, Gears 5 is praised for delving deeper into its lore and allowing players to experience the brutality of its combat at a more intimate level. A player can hack and slash, gawk enemies’ eyes out, and spill blood throughout various, luscious levels. What makes the game so riveting and inviting is its gameplay. You swiftly dash across, perform takedown actions, and use a myriad of guns to assert your dominance on your enemies. To spice things up, Gears 5 lets you join up to 3 more people in the Co-Op session of the Campaign.

Although it had fewer sales compared to its predecessors and was initially plagued by numerous bugs, Gears of War 5 is still a great game to have in your collection.

Rainbow Six Siege

Release date: December 1, 2015 | Developers: Ubisoft Montreal, Ubisoft Milan | ESRB Age Rating: Mature 17+

Ubisoft’s persistence has paid off. Because of their efforts, Rainbow Six Siege recovered from a lackluster first few years and has become one of the top-notch Shooter games of all time. Rainbow Six Siege tests every player’s wit and cunning with its 20 playable maps and 7 different game modes. Of these game modes, three are considered competitive. There is also a single-playable option (Situations) and a shift to PvE gameplay (Outbreak) that will keep you hooked for years to come.

Apart from this, you get to participate in seasons which come in every 3 months. During the seasons, a player can get some awesome rewards, depending on the challenges completed on both Co-Op and Single-player. Moreover, Rainbow Six Siege is not a rudimentary shooting game that will starve out its players on the basis of limited gunplay. You basically get to devise plans, create distractions, and use your cute little drone to scrutinize the areas teeming with enemies. Although reflexes are still important, a player can get the upper hand based on superior tactics and cunning.

Doom Eternal

Release date: March 20th,2020 | Developer: id Tech Software | ESRB Age Rating: Mature 17+

Doom series has been the very edifice on which the future of 3D first-person shooter games has been established. When the hack n slash genre meets guns, chainsaws, and a meat hook attached to a double-barrel shotgun, you get Doom Eternal. The Doom Slayer has geared up once again to stand against the odious forces of hellspawn and to tear down the nefarious scheme of the alien, Maykr. 

As a result of id Software’s sincere efforts, Doom Eternal manifests everything we praise and uphold about the Doom games. It takes it all in and makes it two times better. The waves of positive criticism and high ratings say it all. Lastly, the all-new multiplayer modes: Battle mode and Horde mode have proved to be a smooth success as well. 

Borderlands 3

Release date: September 13, 2019 | Developers: Gearbox Software, and Gearbox Studio Quebec | ESRB Age Rating: Mature 17+

Borderlands 3 is considered a high point in the Borderlands franchise, as the title completely revolutionizes the looter-shooter genre. Combining the frantic combat of Doom and Quake and the RPG elements of titles like Diablo, the Borderlands 3 effectively morphed into a game of liberty and choices. For what it’s worth, Borderlands 3 perfects that formula by giving players a 30-hour campaign with tons of replay-ability. Mind you, this doesn’t include its must-have DLCs, which feature its entirely own Campaign with new weapons and powers.

Right from the get-go, Borderlands 3 will have you putting your foot on the proverbial pedal. It is a rather straightforward formula where you kill harder and harder enemies to get better and better loot. However, as mentioned earlier, it helps that it actually has a proper plot revolving around the four new Vault Hunter recruits tasked to stop a cult of followers and their leaders, Troy and Tyreen Calypso. It’s not deep, and often the game often doesn’t take itself too seriously, but it provides just the perfect backdrop for the chaotic gameplay that Borderlands 3 offers.

Apex Legends

Release date: February 4, 2019 | Developers: Respawn Entertainment and Panic Button Games | ESRB Age Rating: Teen 13+

Apex Legends is a battle royale game with a number of playable characters at your disposal. Currently, the game is on Season 10 with a newly released character that became widespread in the Apex community. Apex Legendswas initially planned for 11 seasons, but the count will probably surpass that given its overwhelmingly positive feedback.

It’s worth mentioning that the title is equally reputable on the Xbox series X, with all the editions available for the players. The game is characterized by its fast-paced combat, unique mechanics, and movements. Unfortunately, unlike some other battle royals on the market, it seriously lacks game modes and maps. This is especially noticeable when you compare it to giants such as Fortnite. Although it feels like every other arcade, the gun skill really matters.


Release date: March 25, 2013 | Developers: Digital Extremes and Panic Button Games | ESRB Age Rating: Mature 17+

In a nutshell, Warframeis a looter shooter in space. This is arguably why it has drawn many comparisons to another looter shooter, Destiny, and its sequel, Destiny 2. But, at the same time, Warframe couldn’t be any more different from these games.

Warframe is, most of the time, all about the grind. Also, the gameplay of Warframe isn’t just solely based on your abilities and gunplay. Rather, it’s about both and how timely you are able to pull off the right equipment. Occasionally, people are unable to get even one legendary item after spending days in the game. It’s all about perseverance and how you are able to manipulate the embedded intricacies and use them against your enemies. The competitive nature of the title has allowed many players to call in their peers and friends, so they can sojourn together to find the best of the equipment available for completing the game (as if there’s any end to it; the game gets updated every 3 months for a major season).

Destiny 2

Release date: September 6, 2017 | Developer: Bungie Inc | ESRB Age Rating: Teen 13+

Destiny 2succeeds where the original title failed and is paving its path to bring into the limelight a whole bunch of new playable DLCs. Having said that, Destiny 2 reincarnates the remnants of the original game and molds them into something formidable and worth your time. As already mentioned, the game has numerous similarities to Warframe, but it does things in a more restricted manner. The players get to choose from three different classes, including Solar, Arc, and Void. The beyond light DLC adds up a new class known as Statis, and it’s one of the abundantly put to use classes by the purchasers of the DLC.

Last but not least, the success of Destiny 2 on the Xbox series X is a milestone and a symbol of hope for the games that are still dwindling in between and have no chance to be shipped on the next-gen consoles.

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition

Release date: May 14, 2021 | Developers: BioWare and BioWare Corporation | ESRB Age Rating: Mature 17+

The legendary edition features the Mass Effect trilogy. For the genre explanation, it’s an action-adventure game with sprinkled RPG elements. You get to confabulate with a lot of candidates on the ship and reason with NPCs to get the conclusion you need. It’s a super fun-to-play game because it gives a player numerous and often contradictory choices.

Apart from this, the players can travel to different planets and wipe out enemies by relying on various weapons and abilities. The game promotes inter-race societal values, and thus you will be seeing a lot of aliens living with the humans. In many ways, it resembles sci-fi classics such as Star Trek in terms of its ideas and presentation.

Although geared towards RPG fans, it will be fun even for FPS players. The game is very nuanced, and you can feel getting stronger as you progress through areas.

Final Thoughts

With the way things are, Microsoft is going to arrive guns blazing (pun intended). Our list of the best Xbox Series X shooters is proof that you won’t be left wanting for games to play on Microsoft’s next-gen consoles with more to be released in the future. Some of these are available on other platforms and some are also exclusives. If you’re a previous Xbox One owner, the Smart Delivery feature is also useful too.

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