PS5 RAM Specs: What You Need to Know

The PS5 RAM is one of the least talked about hardware components of the next-generation console.

Yet, it’s just as important as the other more hyped components, including the PS5 GPU and the PS5 SSD.

Here’s everything you need to know about the PS5 RAM.

What Type of RAM is Used in the PS5?

Like the PlayStation 4 before, the PlayStation 5 uses a single common physical memory pool for both its processor and graphics card.

Because of this, Sony chose to use GDDR6 instead of DDR4. The latter is more prevalent in desktops and laptops because it’s better for CPU access, which isn’t nearly as important in consoles, where GDDR6 gives a huge advantage when it comes to GPU memory access, and hence, gaming performance.

How Much RAM Does the PS5 Have?

A lot, if we’re to be honest.

In comparison, the PlayStation 4 released with only 8GB of RAM and many considered it to be plenty enough. Many still do. But, apparently, Sony thinks that this won’t be enough, especially in the future, which is why they equipped the PS5 with 16GB of RAM.

PS5 RAM Specs

  • Memory: 16GB
  • Interface: GDDR6
  • Bandwidth: 448 GB/s

PS5 RAM Performance

Back in 2018, Cradle Games technical director, Marc-André Jutras, went into detail about how the RAM aspect in the PS5 will play a crucial role in future games in an interview with Gaming Bolt.

He explained that more VRAM becomes necessary as we move on from 1080p to 4K and eventually, 8K.

With the PlayStation 5 set to support 8K resolution, it only makes sense that it comes with 16GB of RAM.

Final Thoughts

Hardware isn’t a barometer of a good console, let alone good games.

The best video game development studios will always find a way to work around limitations. However, it can also be said that developers can excel better knowing that they have far more hardware at their disposal.

The highly-improved PS5 RAM should allow developers to create better-looking and more picturesque worlds at much higher resolutions.

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