Tesla Cybertruck Price, Release Date, Pre-order, and Specs

The Tesla Cybertruck was one of the most popular automobile announcements of 2019. Elon Musk, the technological genius behind the Tesla brand and SpaceX sent the internet into an uproar with the unveiling of this futuristic-looking pickup truck. While the release party was pretty standard for Musk’s Tesla brand, the odd shape of the truck sent waves of confusion and excitement throughout the automotive world. While the Cybertruck is certainly unique, the design, performance, and prices are huge topic points on this new truck.

If you didn’t catch the unveiling party, you missed one of the most interesting unveilings in the history of automobiles. As the truck hit the stage, millions of people around the world were shocked by what they saw. How could the same team who designs the sleek Model S, 3, and Xs come up with something so unorthodox? Before you write this truck off as a joke, let’s take a look at what makes the Cybertruck so special.

Tesla Cybertruck Design

As with any automobile, the design of the car is going to be what most people fall in love with. After all, it is what you are going to be seeing every day. For most people, a car is a reflection of their personality and is one of the reasons why there is such a large industry in aftermarket automotive accessories. The unique design of the Cybertruck is what makes this pickup truck so popular.


At first glance, the Tesla Cybertruck is not your average pickup truck, let alone your average vehicle. In a world where vehicle manufacturers are turning to smoother lines and curvy bodies, Tesla’s designers have created a boxy, sharp-edged exterior that looks like a cross between a futuristic vehicle and a drawing a young child would put together.

All jokes aside, the Cybertruck’s exoskeleton exterior is built as a shell to provide the ultimate durability and passenger protection. Each part of this Tesla truck’s exterior is designed for endurance and superior strength. Made from Ultra-Hard 30x cold-rolled stainless-steel and Tesla armor glass, this exoskeleton is nearly impenetrable. This exoskeleton helps to eliminate dents, damage, and long term corrosion and helps to give you and your passengers a safe vehicle.

As with any truck, you will also get a fully functional bed that is covered by an electronic top that can be opened for larger items and closed to keep more sensitive objects out of the elements. It features a fully functional tailgate that will telescope into a loading ramp to load ATVs, dirtbikes, and small recreational vehicles. You will also get towing capacities of up to 14,000lbs, which rivals most leading truck manufacturers.

The lights on this truck are rather unique as well. It features two LED light bars that can be used for both headlights and spotlights for off-road adventures. The rear of the truck also sports a rectangular LED multifunction taillight that adds to the truck’s sharp lines. LED fog lights are also mounted at the front of the truck for additional on and off-road lighting.

Lastly, the wheels are another unique piece that adds to the rugged looks of the Cybertruck. The 7 spoke, closed-back wheel design makes for a perfect off-road wheel. It is wrapped in all-terrain tires to conquer any road or trail you decide to take it on. While the exact measurements of the wheels and tires have not been released, we can only expect them to be listed closer to the production dates.


The interior of the Cybertruck is going to offer never before seen features that make this truck even more unique. When taking your first look into the truck, you will notice the simplistic dashboard. Much like other Tesla models, you will get a large 17” touchscreen display that will allow you to control most of your interior and exterior functions while displaying your real-time driving metrics like speed, distance, and GPS. The marble-esque dashboard is rather bleak, but it follows the same design trends seen in the exterior with shape, flat lines.

The seating in the Cybertruck looks comfortable and also sport a sharp line design with a darker hue color. You can seat up to six comfortably in this truck and will have additional storage space under the second-row seats.

Perhaps the most talked-about and interesting pieces of the interior is the steering wheel or lack of. The steering wheel in this truck is less of a wheel and more of a steering grip as the wheel’s shape resembles a wheel with the top and bottom cut off of it. This is something that I feel will not make it into mainstream production, but rather be an add-on for higher-end models.

Photo by Tesla

Tesla Cybertruck Performance (and efficiency):

With any type of truck, you are going to want great performance capabilities. After all, a truck is meant to perform when towing or hauling just about anything. The Tesla Cybertruck offers an all-electric design which makes this truck perform on par if not better than most modern gasoline vehicles.

When choosing your Cybertruck, you get to pick from three different drivetrains – a single motor RWD, a Dual Motor AWD, or a Tri-Motor AWD setup. The basic dimensions of the truck are not going to change like many trucks when you get different packages, but you will be able to get quicker 0-60s, better range, and greater towing capacities. Let’s take a closer look at each setup to give you a better idea of what you can expect.

The Single Motor Rear Wheel Drive option is going to offer a less than 6.5 second 0-60 time, which is faster than most standard pickup trucks. You will get an EPA estimated 250+ mile range from this model as well as a 7,500 lb towing capacity. This is going to be perfect for light to medium-duty use and will include adaptive air suspension and autopilot.

The Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive option will offer a much quicker 0-60 at an estimated less than 4.5 seconds. This puts this model right in line with many performance vehicles which is pretty impressive for a pickup truck. Your range gets upgraded from 250+ miles to 300+ miles for an extra 50 or so miles per charge up. You will also get an increased towing capacity at 10,000lbs.

The Tri-Motor All Wheel Drive option is going to set the standard for pickup trucks with a less than 2.9 second 0-60, a 500+ mile range, and 14,000lbs of towing capacity. Of course, you will get the same great adaptive air suspension and autopilot features seen on the other drivetrain options.

No matter which drivetrain option you choose, you are going to get a high performance, efficient truck that is ready to take on whatever you have to throw at it.

Tesla Cybertruck Price:

With all of the given features of the new Cybertruck, one may think that the prices are going to be sky-high, especially seeing the prices of today’s trucks with fewer features. Tesla has made this truck very affordable and is right in line with the prices of many fully loaded pickup trucks that could rival the Cybertruck.

For the lowest level, the Single Motor Rear Wheel Drive version, you can expect a retail of only $39,999. For all of the futuristic technology and features that you get on this truck, the price is nothing short of affordable.

For those who are wanting the Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive option, you can expect to add about $10,000. At a retail of $49,999, this version is going to be in the neighborhood of most mid-level pickup trucks from the top manufacturers.

For a cool $69,999, you can have yourself the biggest and baddest Tesla Cybertruck with all of the best options. This price level is still cheaper than many of the high class, fully loaded pickups currently on the market making it a great contender for those who are searching for a new truck.

You can also get Tesla’s famous self-driving technology added to your Cybertruck for an extra $7,000. This technology has become famous over the past years in many other Tesla models and seems to be the future of automobile driving. This price will increase in the future, so securing your price now is important.

Tesla is currently allowing a fully refundable $100 deposit to reserve your Cybertruck and allow you to complete your configuration when the release date approaches.

Tesla Cybertruck Release Date:

Speaking of release dates, the Cybertruck release date is one of the most highly discussed topics surrounding this new truck. After what seemed like either a publicity stunt or an embarrassing mistake, Elon smashed the window of a Cybertruck at the unveiling party as he was trying to demonstrate the shatterproof windows. While many viewed this as an embarrassing mistake, many suggested that it was a publicity stunt to garnish more free marketing.

While Tesla has not given a definitive release date on its new Cybertruck, they do mention that with a $100 down payment, you can complete your configuration as production nears in late 2021. They also state that by late 2022, the Single Motor RWD trucks will begin. While this is a ways off, we saw similar timelines with many of the early Tesla models as well. We just hope that we see these trucks on the road sooner than later.

Tesla Cybertruck Specs:

While the exterior and interior features of the new Cybertruck can make or break a potential buyer, the specs on this truck are not to be taken lightly. Offering up three different motor configurations, you can pick and choose the perfect Cybertruck for your needs. The Single RWD model is going to be the case model with pretty impressive features for being the lowest level on this truck. For a little more performance and a little more range, you can opt for the dual-motor AWD version. If you are wanting the fully loaded Cybertruck, the Tri-Motor AWD will offer a 0-60 in less than 3 seconds, 500+ mile range, and up to 14,000lbs of towing capacity. Here is a quick and easy table to help show you the differences between each drivetrain level and how it stacks up to the levels above it.

Motor Configuration Single (RWD) Dual Motor AWD Tri Motor AWD
Range 250+ MILES (EPA EST.) 300+ MILES (EPA EST.) 500+ MILES (EPA EST.)
Storage 100 CU FT 100 CU FT 100 CU FT
Vault Length 6.5 FT 6.5 FT 6.5 FT
Towing Capacity 7,500+ LBS 10,000+ LBS 14,000+ LBS
Ground Clearance UP TO 16″ UP TO 16″ UP TO 16″
Approach Angle 35 DEGREES 35 DEGREES 35 DEGREES
Departure Angle 28 DEGREES 28 DEGREES 28 DEGREES

Tesla Cybertruck Pre-order:

To reserve your Tesla Cybertruck, you can secure your spot with a mere $100 pre-order down payment. This fully refundable pre-order allows you to ensure you are one of the first to receive a Cybertruck and it will allow you to configure the exact truck you want in late 2021.

This pre-order has gained massive media attention due to the over 250,000 pre-orders received in just the first week. With such a massive response to the pre-order, Tesla had to push to production times back to suit these larger than expected numbers.

Now that we have looked at all of the specs, details, and configuration options of the Tesla Cybertruck, the question still remains “Will it be a hit or a miss?”. While the pre-order numbers are quite impressive, a few of the $100 fully refundable down payment has most likely been taken advantage of by those who are either impulsive or wanted a way to impress their friends. Either way, the numbers are still pretty strong for a truck that isn’t even available yet and has not been test-driven by anyone but Tesla engineers and Elon himself.

Once this truck enters the production phase, we are sure that more intricate details, and possibly more features, will be released to the general public. As a consumer, I would hope that there will be more wheel and interior upgrades to make the Cybertruck a little more attractive to the everyday consumer.

While the truck already has great features that one may deem as “good enough” there are always going to be those who are wanting to take it one step further, so the modification of these trucks should be very interesting. Can you imagine this boxy truck lifted on aftermarket wheels and tires? I am sure someone has already dreamt up plenty of aftermarket and optional parts to deck this truck out.

As these trucks start to hit the street, I am sure that we will see more and more get purchased and reviewed. It will be interesting to see how people will be using these trucks due to their odd shape and unorthodox drivetrain. Will they be used as a performance truck, worksite trucks, a show truck, or simply a daily driver? Only time will tell and we are excited to see what the future holds.


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