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Whether at home or at the office, you mostly like spend a large majority of your time at your desk. Be it for work, gaming, etc., your desk is an important factor when it comes to maintaining productivity and focus. Therefore, in this article, we have provided 5 ways to improve your computer desk / gaming setup. You can also check out our article on cheap, yet excellent accessories to further improve your computer desk setup.

Ways to improve your computer desk setup:

Desk placement:

The Fung Shui of your desk is very important. Positioning your desk opposite or next to a window may be more ideal than facing the window directly. For productive, your back should be to the window with your desk facing the room perpendicular to the door. The reasons for positioning your desk this way are:

  • You will have greater phycological and visual control of your space
  • You will focus more on your tasks and goals at hand rather than wonder out of the window
  • The lighting from the window behind you will better eliminate your desk placing less strain on your eyes
  • You will be less likely to feel boxed in

When your tasks are completed and you are ready to game, browse the web, and so on, you can simply close the blinds or shades of your windows. The bottom line is that where you place your desk can be extremely important when it comes to your focus, mental state, and productivity.

Regularly clean your desk:

A clean clutter free desk can improve productivity, creativity, and decrease stress. Therefore, cleaning your desk once or twice a week can have a positive effect on you in a multitude of ways.

Research has indicated that our physical environments significantly influence our cognition, emotions, and behavior. There is also a negative correlation between a cluttered desk and productivity. As a result, it is important to maintain a clean desk.

Additionally, cleaning will improve the overall look and feel of your desk or gaming set up. utilizing a monitor stand(s) and removing any unnecessary items will also provide a more spacious and clutter free environment.

Do not eat or drink at your desk as this can cause a gradual build up of trash and dirt. It can also lead to damage of your PC components and peripherals. If you do drink at your desk, be careful of where you place it and use a coaster.    

Cable management:

Cable management is another great way to improve your desk or gaming setup. Simple cable management methods such as utilizing cable sleeves, clips, and wire covers to manage the cables of your PC or laptop and peripherals can make a noticeable difference in the look and feel of your setup. You can also rout the keyboard cable using the monitor behind it and rout cables under the PC case as well.

To further manage the cables of your peripherals, you can get a magnetic headset stand such as the NXZT Puck. It will stick to the side or front of your PC allowing for easy storage of your headset. And if you have a wired mouse, consider getting a mouse bungee.

Coordinated color and lighting scheme:

Color selection is a is a great way to enhance the visual aesthetics of your desk / gaming setup. Color affects psychology can influence actions, mood, physiological reactions. Therefore, it is important that you seek PC components and peripherals with colors that positively influence you.

Moreover, an all-white, all-black, black and RGB, etc. themed setup is much more visually pleasing than having a mismatch colors of gaming components sitting on your desk. When selecting the color and lighting scheme of your setup, you should also take in to account the color of your desk and the color of the walls within your room.

Utilizing RBG lighting strips, bars, and or bulbs to enhance the ambiance of your desk or gaming setup may also be a great idea.

Add some plants:

Be it real or artificial, adding a plant(s) somewhere in or around your desk is another great way to improve your setup. Research has shown the importance of indoor plants in correlation to the health and comfort of humans. Having plants around can psychological effect your performance, health, and levels of stress.

We prefer utilizing a live plant due to more positive benefits, however if you a bit clumsy or don’t want to risk wasting water on your components, you can go with an artificial plant. However, do not go overboard with this one.

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