Fix All Oculus Quest 2 Problems

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Fix All Oculus Quest 2 Problems

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Oculus Quest 2 is one of the best virtual reality (VR) headsets. However, it encounters varied problems sometimes. Most of the users including me faced such issues recently, some say the headset started overreacting after the firmware update.

However, I fixed these glitches by applying some simple hacks. I am sharing them for the benefit of my readers. First of all, we will look into the common problems that occur with Oculus Quest 2 and then we will troubleshoot them.

Common Solutions to All Problems

New users especially face a tough time with their Quest 2. If any issue arises, the user wonders how to resolve it.

Today, I am telling you the simple and most effective tricks, these are applicable to all problems. After this, we will discuss individual problems and their respective solutions.

1. Update Firmware      

Updating the firmware can resolve multiple issues. Most of the problems arise when you keep on running your headset on outdated firmware. Follow these instructions to update the firmware:

  1. Connect the power to your Quest 2 and turn it ON.
  2. Enter into the “Home Environment” and click the oval “Oculus” button. It is located at the right-hand corner of the “Touch” controller.
  3. On the menu, a clock will appear, hover the cursor/finger over it.
  4. Choose “Quick Settings” and then “Settings”.
  5. Now, select “System” and “Software Update”.
  6. Download the latest available updates by following the on-screen instructions.

2. Perform A Full Reset

Sometimes, you cannot understand the issue or the root cause behind any glitch. A full reset will help in such situations. Here is how to fully restart your headset:

  1. You need to perform the full restart through the power menu.
  2. Hold the “Power” button and you will see two options.
  3. Choose “Shut Down”, it will power off the device completely. You can also select “Restart”.
  4. In case of “Shut Down”, wait until the headset goes off fully.
  5. Leave it for 30-60 seconds and then turn ON again.
  6. If this method does not work, hold down the “Power” button until your Quest 2 shuts down. Then, turn it ON after a few moments.

Problem 1: Tracking or Guardian Lost

“Tracking lost” error occurs many a time. When you start up the headset, the screen is stuck on this error. Thus, you cannot reach the home environment.

When you switch ON the headset, a “Guardian lost” error occurs. It can also happen as soon as the device wakes up from sleep mode. The Guardian may be the latest one or the old one.


The first and foremost solution is to restart your headset. Sometimes, the issue is resolved after restarting once. However, you may have to attempt to reach the home environment several times. Some other fixes are as follows;

  • Clean the guardian’s history, it will resolve the issue in many cases.
  • Direct sunlight should not enter into the room where you are playing Oculus Quest 2. Because this headset is not designed to function under direct sunlight.
  • Use curtains or blinds to avoid the sun rays. However, you should maintain good lighting in the room.
  • Turn OFF additional lights such as fairy, Christmas, or LED lights. Because they can interfere with and confuse Quest 2 controllers. Likewise, move away from mirrors to avoid tracking problems.
  • The headset tracks accurately with the help of small lights on the controllers. They are not visible to the human eye but can be misguided by other lights.
  • Thoroughly clean the camera tracking. Wipe all four cameras that are located in each corner. Fingerprints on the cameras cause the issue of lost tracking.
  • Another solution is to factory reset your headset. But, do it if no other trick works. Because it will remove all the data and games. So, it is advisable to create a backup first.

Problem 2: Incorrect Date and Time

Often the time and date appear incorrect in the home environment. This issue happens when the headset is not connected to the internet or is not updated.


You must have installed the Oculus Quest app on your smartphone. Connect that smartphone with your headset. You should connect both devices to the same Wi-Fi network.

Another way is to link through your phone’s hotspot. After pairing the devices, launch the headset. If the date and time do not correct automatically, adjust it through settings.

Problem 3: Applications and Games are not Visible

The headset does not show you the applications and games installed. You cannot launch any or some of the games. Moreover, they cannot be uninstalled or reinstalled.


The solution to this issue is to restart your headset. Another troubleshooting hack can be performed via your smartphone.

Pair the smartphone with Oculus Quest 2 through Wi-Fi or hotspot. Now, log off from the Oculus app on your phone. After a while, log in again and check the device.

Problem 4: Blurry Images

Another frequently reported problem is blurry or inaccurate images on the screen. In this case, adjust the IPD settings on the device.


The physical distance between the lenses will be changed thus ensuring a vivid image. Maintaining an optimal eye distance is necessary to get clear pictures. The right settings can be selected after trial and error.

Oculus Quest 2 comes with three preset distances IPD. You can adjust them by varying the distance between the lenses; move closer or farther. The issue should be resolved after adjusting the IPD settings.

Wear your headset properly to avoid blurry or inaccurate images. Sit the Quest low on your head and adjust the tension with the side straps.

In some cases, the new users feel nausea or discomfort that causes the images to appear blurry. It may not be the fault of the device but you have been affected by VR technology.

Take a break to comfort your eyes and brain. Then, try the headset again.

Problem 5: Controllers Cannot be Found

Another common issue is that the headset cannot find one of the controllers. Moreover, the tracking quality of the controller is reduced in some cases. The problems related to controllers can be fixed as follows;

  1. Open the cover of the battery compartment to remove them.
  2. Make sure the batteries are in place. Take them out and insert them again.
  3. The battery may be weak or expired. So, replace the old AA batteries with the new ones.
  4. Choose compatible and high-quality batteries.

Maintenance Tips for Oculus Quest 2

Using your VR headset properly is a significant factor in determining the quality of the content displayed on it. If you use it roughly, the device will get small damages leading to bigger problems. Hence, I would recommend you follow the best practices as mentioned below;

  • Sunlight proves very harmful to your device. If the rays fall on the lens, the pixels are increased and the screen is burnt. It will cause irreparable damage.
  • So, avoid using your headset in direct sunlight or keeping it outdoors.
  • Likewise, dust can also damage the lens of your headset. Although you can clean the lens, dust can cause small scratches. They are not fixable and appear on the screen while using the headset.
  • People often tend to clean the lens or camera through their hands, sleeves, or shirts.
  • But, you must avoid doing this, because tiny scratches look giant in Virtual Reality scenes. It will ruin your gaming experience, so, be very careful.
  • Charge your device with proper charging instructions and if you have any issues charging your Quest 2, just fix them as soon as possible.
  • Always use a clean microfiber cloth to remove any dust from your device.
  • Store it in a cool place and an enclosed box when not in use.

Frequently Asked Questions

You might have some other questions in your mind regarding Oculus Quest 2. Here are the answers to your most common queries:

Why my Oculus Quest is lagging?

The lagging issues are caused by various factors including poor connectivity, software glitches or incorrect device settings. Moreover, problems in hardware also lead to lagging.

What to do if my Oculus Quest 2 feels uncomfortable?

Many users report that they feel Quest 2 is uncomfortable. In fact, the fault is in the design, particularly in the default head strap. Its weight is not compatible with the headset thus you feel it squeezing over your head. The headset may slide on moving your head even if you have fitted it perfectly. The solution is to replace the head strap.

Do Oculus and other VR headsets make you feel dizzy?

In VR technology, you feel yourself a part of the scene. In actuality, you are not moving, but your brain is tricked to perceive that it is moving. Because your eyes are receiving visual input of movement. Hence, a misconception and disconnection occurs in your body and brain, it leads to motion sickness and dizziness.

Final Words

This comprehensive guide explains various problems that may happen with your Oculus Quest 2 VR headset. The troubleshooting tips for each issue as well as common solutions for all problems have been explained in this article. Surely, you will find them very useful for fixing various problems at different times. So, keep this guide with you and also follow the maintenance tips.